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    is anyone building an automated trading system?

    hi foquant, i guess this is one big reason we've all these opportunities: "The use of hypothetical element typically leads to an immediate boom in..." http://www.matrixreasoning.com/pdf/inductiondeduction.pdf Again, plenty to take from this paper like the previous article. Enjoy! Shakti
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    is anyone building an automated trading system?

    For general ideas Hi, An interesting article: http://www.cs.brown.edu/research/ai/dynamics/tutorial/Documents/CrackingWallStreet.html Thanks, Shakti
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    Need Input Please - Weather SEA application

    Hello Everyone, Please provide your thoughts on the following "Weather SEA" application that I plan to implement. My goal with this application is to develop an options-trading rules engine that adapts to the dynamics of weather projections, price movements, and mother nature. It is possible...
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    Simons at Renaissance

    Hi Everyone, There's a lot to learn from this article: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601109&sid=ayjImYcoCiH8&refer=news 1. Know your mathematics well. 2. It's never too late to start as a quant. 3. A good business model is very important. Enjoy! Shakti
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    Weather, Energy, and Emissions

    Hello Christian, I read about the state of voluntary carbon markets http://www.newcarbonfinance.com/download.php?n=NCF_2007_07_VoluntaryCarbonMarket.pdf&f=fileName&t=NCF_downloads --- The Driving Force: Customer Motivations If we are to truly understand the driving forces behind the voluntary...
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    Weather, Energy, and Emissions

    Hi Bastian, Thank You for all this info. I think a combined expertise in weather, energy and emissions could provide great career opportunities? Thank You, Shakti
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    Paul & Dominic's Guide to Quant Careers Version 2.0 Now Available

    Requesting Guide Hi Dominic, Please send me a copy of the guide. My email id is srsaran1 at g m a i l . c o m I've sent you my CV. Thank You, Shakti
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    Is this real - mzhou 10,000,000.00?

    Hi, Is this real - mzhou 10,000,000.00? If so, does this site record trading history and that could we learn from it? Thanks, Shakti
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    Weather, Energy, and Emissions

    Hello, I'm studying on Weather, Energy, and Emissions markets. Could you please discuss potential career tracks working in all of them together? I'm also studying Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives by Hull. I've thought to prepare myself in a focused way within the next six months to...
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    MS Finance vs MBA vs MFE?

    Hi Chris, This is a good read: http://www.princeton.edu/~bcf/MFinMBAArticle.pdf Shakti
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    Guide - Interview Prep: Quant Analysis

    Hello Everyone, I came across this "Interview Preparation: Quantitative Analysis" guide: http://www.math.utah.edu/ugrad/finance/interviewprep1.pdf I guess the focus is on basics and logical thought flow. Thanks, Shakti
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    MSFE, MSQF, MSCF, MSQCF - Please Describe

    Hello Everyone, I read through the excellent (thank you for providing the link) Careers in Financial Markets guide providing details on the various sectors within the industry. I've also read through the many programs listed on the Global Derivatives website. I'm looking for concise...
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    Do-It-Yourself Quant student

    Latency and other thoughts and questions Hi Dominic, Thank You for a very helpful and insightful response. I'm going to share some of my thoughts and please let me know whatever comes to your mind on them. I've read a bit on communication, computational and computer hardware latency and...
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    Do-It-Yourself Quant student

    Hi Yuriy, Thanks a lot! I've read the WSJ, the Economist and several other sites, magazines, papers and articles over the years. I'm trying to define my scope before starting out for planning effectively. The current list of items define an infinitely broad scope and that I need to narrow down...
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    Do-It-Yourself Quant student

    Hello All, Please provide me guidance on how to structure my pursuit as a Do-It-Yourself Quant student for the next one year towards a high chance of finding a job? I've put together a list that I need to study for working in a Quant role: FINANCE 1. Financial markets 2. Financial Instruments...
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    MFE after PhD, PhD after MFE, and related questions

    Hi Yuriy, Thank You for the reply! I've been reading papers trying to figure out a potential opportunity with some professor. I'll be spending the next few months improving myself in algorithms and data modeling. Simultaneously, I'll search for relevant papers and professors in Finance. Also...
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    On Line Courses on Financial Engineering

    Hi DominiConnor, Thank You for the information on Wilmott CQF program. I'm a Java programmer with little knowledge in C++ language. I do have a computer science education and if need be can pick up on C++ too. So could you please provide me your perspectives on C++ vs Java for FE and whether...
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    MFE after PhD, PhD after MFE, and related questions

    Hi Yuriy, Thank You for the reply. What I meant is I'm looking for a research idea that I could carry out for the next year and demonstrate my research abilities to the professors for admissions. Unfortunately, I didn't do any undergraduate research except the Senior Design requirement because...
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    MFE after PhD, PhD after MFE, and related questions

    Research Ideas Hello Everyone, I'll be applying to Ph.D. in Finance programs for 2009. This gives me about one year to learn towards a strong SOP and do independent research towards a publication-level paper. I've a CS undergrad from Georgia Tech and have written code for Finance and...
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    CS -> Cert. in FE -> Ph.D. in Finance Hello Everyone, I did my undergrad in CS from Georgia Tech, have taken courses in Economics and Accounting and have broadly read on Finance. I plan to pursue a certificate in FE for developing a broad base in QCF and that I'm searching for online programs...