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    MATLAB Texts

    Thanks Bastian, I'm wrapping up three other books right now and suspect that I'll dig into Brandimarte after that - always good to hear a positive review from someone who knows.
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    how to become a Quant?

    quickest 10,000 ft overview I would attribute to this link: http://www.markjoshi.com/downloads/advice.pdf although there are many others (including some linked to on this site, ie via Andy's signature), and I believe DominiConnor (sp?) has one that is either published or soon to be. Lot of...
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    What are your computer's specs ?

    core 2 extreme 4 gb ram (middle of the road latency) 500 gb hd 7500 with 250 gb back up nvidia geforce 6800 video cards dual 24" widescreen monitors suitcase size backup power/internet manager sits on an 8' long desk ...my home away from home, that's inside my home
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    Future for quants: In-house v. Outsourcing

    What about the firms that work in outsourcing either generic or value-added execution and liquidity systems. Groups like Capis (in Dallas) come to mind - they are an execution firm. AT Desk (in Mount Pleasant) was the same, but they were recently acquired (or invested in, about $60mm). Then...
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    On Line Courses on Financial Engineering

    I have done a number of online courses, and a proper eval of the idea is too dependent upon the individual program/course to be able to create a generalized statement. in the courses I completed, the discussion board was very lively, with professors, tas, and students actively posting...
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    is anyone building an automated trading system?

    fun article finssite, thanks - interesting analogies to inductive methodologies
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    is anyone building an automated trading system?

    good point DominiConner - in a recent interview I was asked to see 'samples' of what I had created. any tips on what employers like to see, such as: 1. identification of risks 2. management of risks 3. how legible is the code 4. system controls/is the code robust (ie no dangling orders)...
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    MATLAB Texts

    Thanks Vic, that is kind of what I've picked up from some reviews, etc. Glad it could be confirmed.
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    MATLAB Texts

    Thanks for the note, Andy. I was leaning towards Brandimarte's book, and then using more focused books for vba (which I have) and c++ (Joshi in particular, as well as Duffy). No real need to use matlab - more along the lines of something new to learn (like your new year's resolution, right...
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    is anyone building an automated trading system?

    Some very good info here - I especially agree with many of the points from GusTsahas. One thing I would definitely recommend is to keep a close eye on the market you want to trade. I have implemented automated systems in the equities market, and want to switch to the futures arena. For a few...
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    MATLAB Texts

    I've noticed in a couple of threads related to books that C++ is heavily used by forum members. Outside of that, does anyone have any recommendations for MATLAB/finance texts? I've been looking at: Numerical Methods in Finance and Economics: A MATLAB based introduction and Modeling...
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    Hello All, I've read forum posts for a while but have just now joined. Quick background - I have a BS in Finance and an MBA, I work in the M&A field on the buy-side, but not in NY. My relevant interests outside of work fall into the areas of financial modeling and automated trading. I have...