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  1. maciek

    CDO Boom Masks Subprime Losses, Abbeted by S&P, Moody's, Fitch

    An interesting article I found on Bloomberg- interesting for those who already have taken classes by Prof. Sylvain Raynes
  2. maciek

    Interview with Bruno Dupire on volatility modeling and trading

    Interview with Bruno Dupire on volatility modeling and trading. I think it's very interesting and informative: http://www.edhec-risk.com/site_edhecrisk/public/Interview/RISKArticle.2006-08-03.1854
  3. maciek

    Quant Job offers posted recently on Bloomberg

    A couple of job offers from Bloomberg: Location: U.S. - New York City Salary: over 100,000 USD Description: Top tier Investment Bank seeks a Quantitative Analyst to support an equity derivative team. Candidate will be supporting OTC and listed derivative tr ansactions...