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    Is Stochastic Processes still a relevant course to take for a prospective quant?

    is there anyone from the buy side here with a mfe who uses ML daily. Who needed to code a neural net or whatever from scratch in his interview, and is successfully adding value with deep ML knowledge ?
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    Is Stochastic Processes still a relevant course to take for a prospective quant?

    i don’t think he knows what he’s taking about. Most of the jobs that require ML on buy side is overhyped bs nonsense. ML didn’t get invented automatically. It was there many many years ago and many mfes didn’t have ML in curriculum and still got into quant roles in buy side.
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    Is Stochastic Processes still a relevant course to take for a prospective quant?

    Are there any jobs that uses RL and DL on the buy side?
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    Online Quantitative Degrees

    Columbia and Stanford have online programs in statistics and CS. University of Washington mfe is online. They have an applied math masters online as well. Berkeley has online data science. Gtech has online CS.
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    Master's Thesis topics in quantitative finance?

    There are too many papers online. You can just replicate one of them. I’m currently replicating “factor mimicking portfolios” you can ssrn that
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    Partial Differential

    I think the general rule is, the more math you take, the better you will be
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    Book for current equity derivatives models/theory/applications

    Maybe a book on advanced equity derivatives/demans book on vol surface. Maybe the book by Lorenzo bergomi and computational methods in finance should do the trick. IMHO, you are wasting your time learning these concepts if it doesn’t lead to a job in that field. Barely any jobs out there...
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    Why the delta of ATM call option is slightly larger than 0.5?

    And since anytime before maturity, stock price is volatile, we can expect delta to be slightly higher than 0.5 to account for this fact.
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    Why the delta of ATM call option is slightly larger than 0.5?

    Hmm, without a model. Here’s my interpretation. Assume European call, non dividend paying. At maturity, it’s either in the money or out of money. So delta is either 0 or 1. This has the same payoff of a digital call that pays 0 or 1. which as we know can be approximated by 1/2 of call...
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    Book advice on stochastic calculus for finance

    I think He’s covering some conditions for arb to be possible it seems and he might be looking for a complete state space etc. I would suggest mathematical techniques in finance-tools for incomplete markets by ales cerny that covers the topic you were concerned with. Maybe even bjorks book.
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    Reference book for interest rates modeling?

    if you understand those books...ur fine. U should be aiming at implementing the models in these books. Not just reading them.
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    Reference book for interest rates modeling?

    U need to read that book by lixin wu and another by Nicholas privault. Both are excellent for breakin into the Ir world. I don’t understand why this bank is even calling you when you don’t have knowledge in this area.
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    What does financial engineering use from Computer Science?

    Algorithms and data structures
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    Appropriate hairstyle for grad school student and young professional

    I think a Mohawk is the way to go
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    Volatility skew in volatile markets

    Out of money calls are more expensive because if stock price does fall, the gamma of the position becomes riskier. Hence more frequently the market maker has to hedge his otm call opions, hence higher the price. The arguments for why ITM puts are more expensive...follows similar line of logic
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    Which is the best MFE programme that might lead on to a PhD in Finance?

    Not really...Peter carr did his phd in financial math with an accounting masters. If you want to stay in academia...it’s a great option. But it’s kinda weird as some jobs require phd. I guess those are for people who decide academia is boring and then make the switch to full time jobs. But...
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    derivative pricing vs algorithmic trading

    You first need to get a job in either or. Before making decision what is right or not for you. Just my 2 cents
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    I am graduating in May and still haven't found a job.

    Lol. Anyways no point getting sex advise from a virgin
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    I am graduating in May and still haven't found a job.

    No offense. But wtf are you talking about? There are numerous companies that only hire interns and don’t hire full time. CME for instance.
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    They have to first call u for an interview , lol.
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    Relevance of Trading to Quant Work and Hedge Funds

    Depends on what type of trader u are. What does it mean to be trained as trader/stock broker? They are two diff positions. Most traders who work for brokers are monkeys. They just execute trades based on what client wants. There are traders who have an innate intuition on how markets work...
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    Will I have time to play video games?

    Many married men play video games as well. Instead of watching your Sunday football, you can spend that time playing COD.
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    ML task, anyone can help?

    Can you try generative adversarial networks using long short term memory (lstm)?
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    ML task, anyone can help?

    you would have to plot the test MSE to identify if overfitting occurs. Did you try to check the ACF of the two series? If it's close to 1, it clearly can't be returns. Plot of Return squared would help as well. After running a t-test to see if mean is 0, if not, subtract the mean and plot...
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    Interview Question: Goldman Sachs: Imperfect Hedge

    n= .25/.20 * .70 = 0.875 This is just OLS regression of Y on X with Y being the type of security you want to hedge and X being the futures position needed to cross hedge. You want to minimize the variance in Y. Slope in a two variable regression is given by relative volatility of Y over vol...
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    Backdoor into NYU MathFin

    There's a back door in every program. Its called networking and how deep your pockets are.
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    Graduate MFE Program for Business Majors?

    Your math skills are no where sufficient to be admitted to a top Mfe profram. You have to take calc courses through ode/pde, probability, stochastic process, numerical analysis and optimization, inference, econometrics, 1 year of programming to be considered at any decent Mfe programs. iB...
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    Relationship : Quantitative strategy testing & historical data

    It would def be more robust if your strategy works in multi environments and across different time scales. You are just backtesting with historical data. One way you could back test correctly is to split ur sample into two, use the first sample to estimate the parameters of ur strategy and...
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    Should I re-do GRE?

    I spent one day preparing for gre math and scored a 790. Not the 800 mfes generally look for. But I was happy with the score
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    Quant funds - how they actually function; newbie question

    what in the world is a quant fund?
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    Application of Machine Learning/AI in Finance

    I was told by a head market maker that machine Learning is just a fancy tool that really does t help in making money. You would be better off focusing your skills in statistics/data mining/selectively choosing courses in optimization/predictive modeling/optimal control etc
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    Cornell Financial Engineering Video Interview

    Dress like you are having an interview, clean shaven, clean hair cut. Be as professional as possible and most importantly, be passionate about the field.
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    Implementing a basic mean reversion & intraday returns

    No. you can't trade on mean reversion on returns. You buy/sell the asset under question. The returns are generally stationary. (Which implies they mean revert) Check that using Phillips-Perron test. Now, to check if the means of the returns are 0, you would have to run a t-test to check if...
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    typo in cv

    Depends on how accommodating the interviewer is. Or you better hope he/she thinks that's how it's spelled anyways.
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    2017 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    At the end of the day, the utility of your degree is just a function of the distance of the best applicant and your current position in the queue of applicants. Smaller the distance, more happier you will be! :)
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    Guidance for Thesis Ideas

    For work I'm working on something different ... Similar in terms of applying the thesis to a different model. These are stochastic models of limit order book. As such, it concerns with the optimal placement problem. There are numerous such models. CW model is one of them I'm just throwing...
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    Guidance for Thesis Ideas

    You could try implementing the carmona-Webster (2013) model and perhaps extend that model to see how the spread affects the market makers optimal inventory position? I'm working on something similar :) https://www.princeton.edu/~rcarmona/download/fe/self_financing.pdf
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    2017 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    That's a wrong statement. Baruch has placed many students in "strats" group at MS, Jpm, etc. Aren't they extremely quantitative group? Some of the students in the program were smart. These are the guys that end up getting quant jobs. Also, there's this whole visa issue. As majority are...
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    How to learn stochastic calculus?

    Try "Karl sigman " stochastic process notes. He's a professor from Columbia and his notes on that subject are pretty good. It follows Sheldon Ross's book "probability models" which is a beginner stochastic provess book. To learn stochastic calculus in a pure quant way, you could take an...
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    How to learn stochastic calculus?

    What's your background btw? Are you coming from a business background or engineering background? Why do you want to understand stochastic calculus?
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    Pricing of a forward start swap

    Its just a regular swap that starts in the future. Vswap= Vfix - Vfloat Value of float = N at t=2. Find the value of fixed at t=1 discounting all the cash flows from t=2:11 using forward rate
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    Ask Ellen - Job Hunting and Career Development Advice

    Hello Ms. Reeves, I have a question. I have an MFE from a top program (in terms of quality of teaching l/ programs commitment towards continued improvment etc). I have been unmployed due to visa issues for close to 2 years (not my programs fault as I don't have a visa to grant me permission to...
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    Why MFE at NTU, Singapore

    Are you asking a question or marketing your school? Ntu is very well recognized in Asia and around the world. It's ranked well globally
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    Brainteaser / Math / Stats For Interviews

    Have you ever tried Amazon? Just typing quant interviews in the search bar gives you 3-4 main books you should use to study. Reviews on those books will let you know what you can expect
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    Thinking about going into FE/becoming a Quant

    Have you checked online for quant applications for decent jobs? 600 plus applicants. You would be competing with PhDs. It's a field where Barriers to entry is extremely small.
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    Baruch's pre MFE program for non-US resident?

    No it's not easy by all means. But I think it's easy for those who have a undergrad in math which the op said he had. Yes it leads to recommendations providing you do well, not only into Baruch but also to elsewhere you are applying to
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    Baruch's pre MFE program for non-US resident?

    a lot of people get As in these refreshers. U r better off spending time taking advanced courses as that would be more impressive than As in refresher courses. The purpose of these certificate is to "refresh" your knowledge. Not to showcase your talent. Although that is an eventual outcome. :).
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    Non-stationary process -> Stationary process

    log transformations are generally done to stabilize the variance of the time series whose conditional variance is proportional to its conditional mean. This is generally done so that the data can have less skewness. If you plot log of a series against the lagged value, you will notice there is...
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    Baruch's pre MFE program for non-US resident?

    You could take the c++ course offered by the program online. Better yet, you could buy Dans book (two of them for ~ 100 ish not sure how expensive it is anymore) online which covers both the refresher for advanced calc and numerical courses page by page. Hence you don't need to be there to...
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    Its regarding msfm. Not sure about the mqf. Sorry
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    Rutgers program is garbage.
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    It's srajan0929@gmail.com

    It's srajan0929@gmail.com
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    MFE: To do or not to do?

    I knew Java first. Then C++. Then Python. But I feel after programming in Python for 2 years that it's a great first language to learn and prefer to have learned this first than going to the JAVA route.
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    Forex trading beginner : What do I exactly need to learn ?

    A good first start is to look at the STAD journals in TradeStation. There you can see various trading codes and other traders even provide their own code to code. Google "Emilio tomasani's book. I think I spelled his name wrong. He works through strategies. Quantstrat has a demo replicating...
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    MFE: To do or not to do?

    Not true at all.
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    Good thesis topic for financial mathematics?

    Jupyter Notebook Viewer I worked on a project regarding statistical properties of crude oil / natural gas market/ cointegration modeling in presence of structura l breaks in time series. I even performed causality analysis post crisis Practically, cointegration existed prior to 2009 until a...
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    Can MS in Statistics be an option to get into finance?

    Depends what you want to do? If you want to go into big data? You would need sold quant skills but texhnologi is more important. If you are a ml quant, then statistical learning, baynesian analysis and algorithms become very important. You would have to choose a school that would develop...
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    Can MS in Statistics be an option to get into finance?

    Ms in duke is a very very good program
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    Can MS in Statistics be an option to get into finance?

    I read somewhere there the Columbia ms in statistics options had like 100 graduates out of which 99 were Asians. How are you going to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack? Sure you can take courses in finance or math finance. But i honestly believe the best ms In statistics...
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    The difference between CMU MSCF and Baruch MFE

    So your career goal is to press a button that decides whether to execute market or limit order and how to split that order to decide that lowest cost/respectively highest profit? you couldn't go wrong with Baruch or cmu if you want to do that
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    Any suggestions for a Junior Risk Quant?

    I would also recommend getting the book analysis of financial data using R by tsay. It's a great beginning book to practice on var modeling. Using time series. The chapter on var shows u a plethora of examples you can use using R as a software.
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    What do you Pros do? Time Series Analysis

    No. You will only get good at this stuff by learning it on your own. Also, a course in econometrics/time series definitely helps
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    Should I take PDE before MFE?

    Good point. I will try to improve my Monte Carlo/pde knowledge better. I have been focusing mostly on statistics and econometrics the past year. So I think I underestimated the importance of those subjects.
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    Should I take PDE before MFE?

    I have never read your book. But if this is how you have written it, I look forward to reading it and improving my knowledge. Thank you
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    Should I take PDE before MFE?

    Last, but not the least, the ratings online regarding the two books on finite differences and c++ pricing is enough to indicate how other quants view the book. Sure, some might find it as a mantra spoken straight from heaven. For others, it's nothing to shout on top of rooftops about. If...
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    Should I take PDE before MFE?

    I have used crank Nicholson to solve finite difference methods in my numerical class. Bravo. Put that in ur resume and let's see if it gets u past the recruiters trash can
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    Should I take PDE before MFE?

    Show me a job in the market that requires it. I went to jp Morgan, ms, credit Suisse, and looked up jobs. There isn't a single job that lists that as a skill needed
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    Should I take PDE before MFE?

    An mfe is totally fucking useless. I have one. Way too overrated. Doesn't even help you land a interview. Most prefer people from a physics background. Just get a ms in cs or math from a top school and ur fine. An mfe is just a way to make money from u while teaching u useless real world...
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    Should I take PDE before MFE?

    You can take all the courses that you want mensa. In reality is, no one is going to hire you to do these in an actual job without a phd. And the jobs that require you to do that pde modeling is boring as fuck and you will be as far away from the money as possible doing that crap. I would...
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    Should I take PDE before MFE?

    rutgers university requires pdes and odes are prerequesite before joining the program
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    What do you Pros do? Time Series Analysis

    I wouldn't get the book analysis of time series using R. It's a very elementary book. I would suggest to look into analysis of integrated and cointegrated time series by Bernard ptaff. This is what's done practically. The original book by coperwalt is good if you are in high school.
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    What do you Pros do? Time Series Analysis

    I'm assuming you blindly used var without understanding how the model is even used. It's a systems regression model which includes contemporaneous terms. purpose of a var model is to model the lead/lag relationship. first, did you check if your time series was co-integrated? if so, you would...
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    What do you Pros do? Time Series Analysis

    Also, you would have to first check if ur series exhibits any conditional heterosxedasticity. Otherwise u can't even use a regular adf test and might have to resort to Phillips Perron tests prior to using acf and pacf. Finally if your residuals have autocorrelation, you can't use the regular...
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    What do you Pros do? Time Series Analysis

    Doing acf and pacf without first djfferencing is useless. Acf determines the order of ma model and pacf determines the order of Ar model. Auto.arima is the worst function to use. You would have to do eacf (extended autocorrelation function) to determine the order and finally use Yule walker...
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    Which degree I should pursue to become (Quantitative) Trader

    A degree in stats/econometrics with 2-3 courses in machine learning. Program a lot in Python/R
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    Advice for a stochastic calculus book!!

    Brownian motion calculus by ubbo wiersema. I self studied stochastic calc
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    How to improve mental arithmetic

    i heard the trachtenberg speed system is very effective for mental math.
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    Baruch MFE The 2013-2014 Pre-MFE Program at Baruch College

    The refresher seminars are for incoming students only. The pre mfe program is offered to the general public. It says clearly on the website. They both cover similar materials. The refresher however is extremely fast paced while the premfe program is around 7 weeks long
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    Implied volatility

    I didn't read the link you posted but from my reading on options markets over the years...I have picked up the following ideas... its not perse that a skew means more or less expensive than the B-S. When you pass different strikes obtained from the market (question: where do you get the...
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    Will I be able to get entry-level quant interviews?

    if you think you can compete with an ee background when Others have an mfe. The learning curve is too steep. They don't even touch the same math as mfes do 2nd you will probably lose against ppl who have both ee and mfe in their background
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    Baruch MFE Baruch MFE Interview

    I wonder what happened to the good ol' days of preparing the right way? which is reading Dan's book?
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    Help!! Does anybody know how could I transfer from statistics to mathematical finance in Columbia

    in all honesty, there is a lot of statistics in mathematical finance. depends which route you want to go. there is no problem doing statistics and taking some elective classes in math finance. i would guess you have a high probability of transferring.
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    Help!! Does anybody know how could I transfer from statistics to mathematical finance in Columbia

    why don't u go to columbia...build a rapport with the director of the mth.finance department, and then transfer after a semester with steller grades?
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    Commodities Bootcamp at Baruch

    I'm In
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    Baruch MFE My experience with Baruch MFE admission process

    I would like to share my experience with my baruch application process. I guess everyone has different approach to rejection. But this is how i reacted. When I first applied, I was denied straight without answer. I knew why i was denied...in short "not good enough". I was angry at myself, i...
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    RIP Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

    i disagree
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    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    i think if a university had a bunch of 800s, getting that 700 in verbal will distinguish you from the rest of the applications.
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    Got done with my surgery. A 3.5 hour surgery. I hope a new life starts today....

    Got done with my surgery. A 3.5 hour surgery. I hope a new life starts today....
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    dude you have like 4 years left. when you get into an undergrad you should explore various...

    dude you have like 4 years left. when you get into an undergrad you should explore various degrees first.
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    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    why dont you take the gre now rather than taking it february? it shouldn't take you more than 2 weeks preparation time.
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    RIP Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

    Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only...
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    I just came by this post by chance after viewing the ranking this morning. I would like to say that I didn't choose baruch based on some ranking criteria. When I had arrived here, I realized that the program was very demanding and almost everyone here is very friendly. The small cohort and...
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    Any suggestions for good books for preparing the GRE- New Format

    are the type of questions in teh new ones different than the old ones? if not, then take novas. i don't know initially i was scoring like 600 using barron's at my house using their practice cd. but once nova came around, it jumped exponentially to 790/800
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    Amazon Kindle for Academia

    why are you chatting on a saturday night. ur so unreligious
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    Any suggestions for good books for preparing the GRE- New Format

    hmm not the new gre, just the old one.
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    Any suggestions for good books for preparing the GRE- New Format

    the general book isn't that good. you should serioiusly get novas gre prep its really good.
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    Pre-program/Refresher courses

    yes...but the CFA exam you have to read about 4 books and many of the material is not relevant for mfe. you should take an intro to financial mathematics class which would be really helpful...or otherwise take a options class in college. I have a undergrad in finance and economics and it...
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    SOA exam P

    a couple friends of mine in the baruch mfe program got 9/10 and 10/10 respectively in the probability exams. I wanted to take the exams myself but they said it was incredibly easy. But then again, they are really smart guys and very good in probability as well so it was probably easy for them...
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    Pre-program/Refresher courses

    hey namitha, baruch offers a c++ for financial engineering certification. although i haven't taken it, it looks very good just from reading the topics. if you are willing to travel, i would recommend taking all the three pre-mfe courses offered at baruuch, that would be advanced calculus...
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    Stanford Online AI

    haha yea true
  102. R

    Stanford Online AI

    isn't the same class offered in baruch? i.e the machine learning class?
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    Baruch MFE Baruch Pre-MFE Questions...

    Generally, regardless what school you came from, the admissions department will interview you and access your knowledge. Also, if you are planning on taking the pre-MFE program at Baruch, you should make sure to allocate enough time to successfully complete the program. I have seen few people...
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    Explain Low GPA in Essay?

    I agree with SYao.
  105. R

    God's laptop

    I would like to stop you right here. you have no idea what obama has done for this country. you are nuts. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have been able to get an insurance policy that would eventually cover my back problems. I recall when i first injured my back when i was 24, I had 0...
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    "Before starting my MFE, I wish I'd...."

    I think many people go into fields of their choosing based on social aspects. i.e, many indians go into doctors, engineering or lawyers because that it is the norm that our parents and grandparents persuade us to become. I read this book one time and it made a good point that people dont...
  107. R

    God's laptop

    ok lyosha. it makes sense coming from you since you are a programmer and you are speaking in terms of development which makes sense. But people who only use it for every day ms word or excel can't say that a pc is better than a mac unless they are programmers. And we can also use virtual box...
  108. R

    God's laptop

    where did you come up with this number? I mean have you done research to actually find out that there are 400000 programmers using windows? and if you did, from whom did you get the data from? How recent was this data? What type of programmers are they? What are they programming for?
  109. R

    God's laptop

    30 minutes of mac experience is not good enough. Its horrendous to completely tear down apple from 30 minutes of experience. Perhaps you sound biased against apple since you couldn't flip it to make money out of it. may i ask why would you need a 2000 dollar laptop or a very powerful one for...
  110. R

    God's laptop

    yes you need antivirus in windows. you don't need one at mac. I have gone and downloaded numerous documents online and still my computer is working completely fine. you sound jealous boy.
  111. R

    God's laptop

    it is what it is. i was not ranting. it is just that this argument is just silly. I mean may I ask what you can do better with windows over a mac? If i recollect, your computer crashed using virtual box. mine is still stable :). And also, I don't think anything from here on out is going to...
  112. R

    MFE after Phd?

    oyy...kaisai ho babu haha
  113. R

    God's laptop

    Honestly, I was a windows user all my life. The purpose of buying a laptop is because its durable. If you really want a powerful machine, stick wtih a desktop. 2nd. I understand this entire gripe about apple products. I was the same way. Everytime i saw someone use an apple phone or...
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    Hurricane Irene

    good at first i thought...'wow, he studies even during a hurricane, thats pretty impressive' But, alas, thats not the case.
  115. R

    Rutgers-Newark MQF

    I couldn't help notice. when i went to their website. i saw the following ad. The only problem is, there is a student lighting a fire from what seems like a chemistry experiment. Answering industry demand. The MQF program addresses a relatively unfilled need for talented workers with a...
  116. R

    Hurricane Irene

    Why would you want to be in quantlab during a hurricane? Right now they are using it as a safe haven for the people of NewYork.
  117. R

    Good Book for Advanced Calculus

    as MRoss said, ron Larson is an excellent book. it covers all the green stokes etc. but i don't see how knowing line integrals or knowing how to integrate surface integrals is going to help you in MFE.
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    HULL Alternative?

    i recently i bought neftci's principles of FE. and wow, and by that i mean WOW. its the most ingeniously written book out there. truly is the gist of financial engineering. he covers options very well in that btw. but goof is interested in IB, PE, M&A etc. Stefanica's book won't teach him...
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    Hurricane Irene

    i live in fairview newjersey. i don't even know whether i should head down to philly right now or not. my dog has been staring at the clouds for the past hour. a bad omen perhaps?
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    Do I need to take the new job?

    sounds good. but the question is, how much is he making at his current job? I am assuming around 50k because if he was earning atleast 100k then that would be a different story
  121. R

    Do I need to take the new job?

    first of all, what school did you graduate from? how old are you? where are you pursuing your mfe? if you are pursuing your mfe at a top school where placement is very good...then stay at your current job. otherwise i would leave. Usually, a good company can boost your marketability...
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    Corruption in India

    and to add another point. the rich well off people will never understand this. the middle class talk about this at homes in their family circle. Politicians raise this as an issue to win elections. But many politicians don't walk the talk. They become easily corrupt once they get the seat...
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    Corruption in India

    India is corrupt. I feel very saddened that many poor students who are otherwise very smart are never given a chance to study in top colleges because they don't have the funds. My family even supports 5 other students who can't afford to go to colleges. Many Universities have seats allocated...
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    Anyone NYC member playing tennis?

    lol. perfect. i am a novice myself. so lets make a schedule? i used to be really good in tennis. but after i pulled my right shoulder i stopped playing. maybe i can get back. don't know
  125. R

    Anyone NYC member playing tennis?

    how about badminton? err...
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    Chavez - Genius or Madman?

    how in the world did you guys manage to go from chavez to canadian health care system. kudos and hats off to ya.
  127. R

    hey cynthia. yea i don't mind sharing the notes. most of the notes i have are hard copies. i...

    hey cynthia. yea i don't mind sharing the notes. most of the notes i have are hard copies. i recall him giving out notes on the first lecture. i do have that somewhere in my computer, i will post it tomorrow morning. good luck studying...
  128. R

    Help with Course selection...

    advanced calculus is useless. just take subjects that have a lot of applications. numerical analysis is very useful. anything that involves c++ or vba i would take it and load up on it. take an intro to fin math as well.
  129. R

    Help with Course selection...

    i would take numerical analysis. and then PDEs later.
  130. R

    Future education path

    hi. many people in this forum are from a humble background as yourself. But if you already landed a job in a pricing derivative department, why do you need to pursue a quant education? Anyways, if you are looking for a quant education, you can perhaps do it online without ever having to leave...
  131. R

    2011 Advanced Risk Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp by Attilio Meucci

    and i will be greeting you guys.
  132. R

    Errata for Steve Shreve books Stochastic Calculus

    is shreve coming out with a new edition?
  133. R

    Why did you choose Quantitative Finance?

    yea but i like to pursue something will give me a better chance. powerball u must be really lucky to win that. and for somereason, in the past, its only couples that end up winning. and those who won end up filing for bankruptcy years down the line.
  134. R

    Why did you choose Quantitative Finance?

    i want to be a millionaire. hands down.
  135. R

    It's 100°F plus degree in NYC today

    the best thing about getting stuck in a train in newyork is when there are musicians abroad and they start playing instruments and what have you.
  136. R

    The Economist : Don't do MBA

    I believe an MBA program to be useful if you have already worked in the industry for atleast 3-5 years. when you come to these top schools to study mba, you will be interacting with many fortune 500 CEOs. so its a good newworking opportunity. obviously, the price you pay to network with them...
  137. R

    Second Edition - A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering

    why don't u order it through amazon or go to fepress.org
  138. R

    Quant Internship and Graduate recruitment - A Firms List

    http://www.quantifisolutions.com/solutions.aspx perhaps this company could be added to the list?
  139. R

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I can understand that you might be pretty upset at my statements. This is how I reached my conclusions...1). I attended the information session. It was conducted by the Fox business school and they themselves couldn't tell me much of the program because...
  140. R

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    thats not true. my friend works under william chen. he doesn't have a phd. and hes from drexel
  141. R

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    well, you can always transfer out of the program and go into their acturial science program? I don't remember specifically what department offers the acturial program. Also, since you are international, i believe the mfe is being offered by their business program. so, you would only get an...
  142. R

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    hey i am from philly myself. I won't suggest you take that program as it is not really reputable. I did some research and even called up some of the employees at susquehanna international located at bala cynwood and they didn't have any temple mfe grads working for them. I also tried to reach...
  143. R

    Is it late for me to be a quant?

    i was always told that if you are smart, you will get a job. No one ever mentioned age...
  144. R

    Columbia University MS in Financial Economics

    why would a university have 3 finance programs? financial engineering, financial mathematics, financial economics...all offered by 3 different departments? when you look at their online program, they have even more finance programs.
  145. R

    I am very good at computer programming but very average at maths... can I be a quant?

    for investment banking, a degree in finance will suffice. know the ins and outs of the financial statements.
  146. R

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    that is true. I was doing so much research regarding the i5 and the i7. I went to anandtech and every possible sites. For our purposes, it doesn't make sense to use an i7. infact, an i3 should suffice. But, i went for the i5 (inbetween the two). Unless you are into hardcore gaming like...
  147. R

    List 5 your favourite authors in quantitative finance field

    I am deeply saddened that you have not mentioned 'Stefanica'.
  148. R

    NYC Drinks - QuantNet meet up?

    july 4th
  149. R

    Online Engineering ..?? Really...??

    the thing is. many of these online masters programs, once you get the degree, your degree doesn't mention that you got it online. It has certain advantages and disadvantages. Advantage being flexibility in terms of studying etc. You will also be doing a lot of self learning so this can...
  150. R

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    i see thanks
  151. R

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    sorry for my lack of understanding between mac os and windows. but what is the point of having windows if mac has a 2011 office which supports vba/excel?
  152. R

    Baruch MFE Getting Ready for MFE program in the Fall

    Hey Alexandre, if you used CPT, you can continue to use CPT in any program as long as you are working under 20 hours I believe, otherwise it takes away time from your opt. I think if you used CPT (8/12 months), but you haven't gotten an OPT, and you are doing the MSFE, then you can still use...
  153. R

    Wall Street Woos Military Veterans

    payroll tax benefits?
  154. R

    Need preparation advice for a MFE program

    depends on how much you want to read. i have a book on probability models by sheldon ross, its very good book. but its too much of a read for a first time. A good stochastic process course uses a book by karlin and Taylor. They are considered a classic. Don't wait to take a stochastic...
  155. R

    Need preparation advice for a MFE program

    ok...your grades are pretty decent. where ever you got a B-, i would retake it again. Stochastic processes and monte carlo. perhaps ucla? i think your math preparation is good enough. if you dont feel like retaking them, take stochastic and monte carlo and make sure u Ace them. ciao and...
  156. R

    Need preparation advice for a MFE program

    i wouldnt' worry about accounting. it is very easy and you don't need to show your mettle with accounting. Try taking some higher level math classes like 'introduction to financial mathematics' which requires probability and calc 3 as prereqs, perhaps a course in numerical analysis. take...
  157. R

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    how long do laptops last? i have a sony vaio nw series laptop 4 gb ram 200 gb harddrive space. shouldn't that suffice or should i worry about the mother board going out on me with the next semester or so? I bought the laptop 2 years ago. its dual core intel
  158. R

    Dark Secrets of 'Prestigious' Programs: Caveat Emptor

    its funny that from looking at your profile page, you are a member since "today". you haven't commented anywhere in this website except here. yet you know so much about past trolls...you are more than likely the same person, just signing up in different names. sprinkles? you can do better than...
  159. R

    Need preparation advice for a MFE program

    ideally if you take the pre courses at berkley and do extremely well, i.e, get 93 and above, then it would override your lower gpa. you can also retake some classes that you scored poorly in and show them that you took the incentive to relearn the materials as part of the maturity process...
  160. R

    Dark Secrets of 'Prestigious' Programs: Caveat Emptor

    who in here has a name starting with lly?
  161. R

    GARP ERP exam

    Hello Mr. Abbott, I have a quick question. Do people who get an MFE generally obtain a ERM certification as well if he/she were interested in going to the energy risk route?
  162. R

    GRE Test. Tips?

    heres one...how many three digits numbers greater than 700 are there, whose two digits are the same and the 3rd digit is different than the other two?
  163. R

    What books are you currently reading?

    Mahabharta? good luck getting it done. Its a never ending journey
  164. R

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    supposed? haha. he started quizing me on c++ the day i first shook his hand. I knew right away he was a TA haha
  165. R

    GPA, MFE and interviews

    FYI, the ACFE seminar, I believe, had 30 students come in. I think 15 dropped out because of the work load. 5 managed to get distinction. 50% is weighted towards final and 50% on homeworks with 7/8 homeworks in total. The probability seminar taught by Dr. Kosygina is a killer I heard. Last...
  166. R

    job prospects for 2012/2013

    I was just curious as to what the job prospects are for MFE grads graduating in 2012/2013 year?
  167. R

    GRE Test. Tips?

    the actual gre is much easier. you are better off taking the ETS test from their website. it gives a better indicator of where you are. i remember taking the test the day before the exam and got all correct
  168. R

    GRE Test. Tips?

    his question was wrong. he forgot to include the paranthesis. d is definitely the answer. if the question is not correct, then you cannot double any variable to halve the equation
  169. R

    GRE Test. Tips?

    haha thanks... honestly, if one cannot get a 790 or above, perhaps they are getting into a wrong field?? Many schools see that repeated attempts at gre Quant score as not a good sign.
  170. R

    GRE Test. Tips?

    after thinking about it. it doesn't make sence...perhaps you wrote the equation wrong? should it be: [a+(b/c)] * e/d? in this case the answer is double d...
  171. R

    Best online virtual stock market?

    virtualstockexchange.com i remember using this during my drexel freshman year for stock trading competition
  172. R

    Some Recruiting Agents Exploit Chinese Students

    It is true IIT and IIM are pretty good. But the admission officers are corrupt. On the contrary, I know many Indians dream of going to those universities. But the competition in India is too intense. I heard some people who got a 96 in state exams didn't get in compared to those who got a 100...
  173. R

    Prostitution and Escorts on Wall Street

    you sound quite experienced :) haha
  174. R

    Stochastic Calculus

    Hoeke's book is 109 dollars...urggg
  175. R

    Stochastic Calculus

    i don't understand why many books use different notations for the same concept. Stochastic calculus should all follow some standard notation. I have seen strike prices referred to as x, k or E many times and it gets rather frustrating. When will fin math follow a universal notation?
  176. R

    Stochastic Calculus

    shreve's book is good. but you need more than just basic probability. Perhaps a book in 'introduction to probability models' by ross is a good supplement to shreve's book. Otherwise, shreve's book is a hard to read book. I can't imagine going over martingales before covering markov chains
  177. R

    COMPARE FSRM@Rutgers vs MFE@NYU-Poly

    perhaps you can get into NYU Poly and then transfer out? Make sure you get straight As however.. I don't want to downplay any programs without having first hand experience in the program. Their course offerings certainly looks very good. But I remember some student saying that many of the...
  178. R

    COMPARE FSRM@Rutgers vs MFE@NYU-Poly

    who knows. there is an article in this website where Dr. Paul (director of MSMF at Rutgers) expressed some concerns with the new program.
  179. R

    COMPARE FSRM@Rutgers vs MFE@NYU-Poly

    I didn't mean it with regards to the good ones. Just the ones that are offering like 3 quant finance programs and universities like poly or temple univ. etc
  180. R

    COMPARE FSRM@Rutgers vs MFE@NYU-Poly

    And another thing, the Rutgers program is rather new. They now have 3 quant programs...FSRM, Masters in Mathematics with option in Financial Mathematics and finally, Masters in Quantitative Finance. All three are offered from different departments. I don't see why they wouldn't allocate...
  181. R

    COMPARE FSRM@Rutgers vs MFE@NYU-Poly

    they have 225 students in their program. So, when you apply to companies, you are competing with the other 224 students. It would be hard to get personal attention from any single faculty member. For many programs, MFE has become a cash cow. Call recruiters and employers and ask whether...
  182. R

    What books are you currently reading?

    you should try the 'stranger' by albert camus. its really good
  183. R

    What books are you currently reading?

    adventures of tin tin... Derivatives by robert strong primer....by dan les miserables (in no particular order).
  184. R

    Student loans

    I was thinking about this...I feel so bad for my parents to fund my education. Would getting loans help in Baruch? I am just afraid that if job prospects are again bad in 2 years, I dont want to be burdened by debt in addition to unemployment