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  1. Andy D.

    Gödel, Escher, Bach

    Has anyone on here read Gödel, Escher, Bach? I recently read a Jon Ronson book - The Psychopath Test and he mentions the above tome during the course of one of the chapters. I grabbed a copy from B&N the other night as it sounds like a fascinating read. Any thoughts on it?
  2. Andy D.


    Has anyone here used HTSQL? http://htsql.org/ If so what are your thoughts on it as a tool that could be used in Financial Services?
  3. Andy D.

    Sunday afternoon..

    Bit of a fun thread here (I hope - please no debates over India versus China's schooling system, the decline of the US or whether the EU will collapse ;) ) It's Sunday afternoon and I have to work today. So if you can spend your Sunday afternoon doing something fun, what would be your choice...
  4. Andy D.

    Excel - Web interface?

    I have a project I need to get done quickly, and any advice would be most appreciated. To cut to the short of it: I need to write an app that will take Purchase Orders, tidy them up and dump them into Excel. The front-end needs to be accessible via an intranet to non-tech types. I'm thinking I...
  5. Andy D.

    Mandelbrot - The (Mis)behavior of Markets

    I've just been browsing through Amazon for some books on Mandelbrot and came across this: http://www.amazon.com/Mis-behavior-Markets-Benoit-Mandelbrot/dp/0465043550/ Has anyone read it and is it good/bad? Thanks
  6. Andy D.

    Dollar falls to new low as markets await Fed's next move

    From the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/apr/26/dollar-falls-new-lows Any thoughts on this?
  7. Andy D.

    C++ course (community college)?

    I just noticed my local community college has a 5 week program this summer in the evenings. It's OOP C++ and runs for 3 hours an evening, 3 days a week. It's been about 10 years since I last touched the language, so thought a refresher course might be a good idea, it is also only $480 which...
  8. Andy D.

    UK - Final details of curbs on overseas students to be announced

    From the Guardian today: "Cabinet finalises plans to reform student immigration amid warnings ministers risk 'crippling' an industry worth £40bn a year" http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2011/mar/22/final-details-curbs-overseas-students-announced
  9. Andy D.

    What do I do?

    Hi all, I need to make a decision, need you guys help. I am a Firsct Class with Distinction in Computer Science but have a deep interest in maths and finance, in short, very much interested in financial mathematics. I had applied to a score of colleges. I got acceptances from CASS (MTFE) ...
  10. Andy D.

    Amazon cloud?

    Is anyone else here using the Amazon cloud for developing/testing/hosting on? I'd appreciate anyone's opinions on whether they think the service is good or bad. As a side note I'll be running a staging environment on it with IBM WebSphere Portal being hosted. Thanks
  11. Andy D.


    Did anyone here visit the CES this year? I saw some videos of new products that were featured and there was some very cool stuff. The kitchen counter that heated saucepans without the need of a hob was fantastic and the iPod docking station that projected stereo sound to anywhere in the room...
  12. Andy D.

    Lecture from Dr Rohit Khare - Networks and Computing systems

    Those of your working in I.T/Quants etc. may find this an interesting video. A good lecture from Dr Rohit Khare on Network and Computing from Singularity University at NASA's Ames Research Center http://www.youtube.com/user/singularityu#p/u/12/55IKampQm0o I'd never heard of this institute...
  13. Andy D.

    A day in the life of a London bank's software contractor

    5:45am - Alarm goes off, time to get up and get ready 6:30am - Head to bus stop 6:40am - Bus to train station. 6:55am - Arrive at train station, purchase coffee. 7:15am - Find seat on train 7:30 (ish) - Train heads off to London - usually read a book or the Economist or similar. 8:30ish - Arrive...
  14. Andy D.

    SAOS CeFiMS - MSc Quantative Finance

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone out there is familiar with the SAOS (School of Oriental and African studies - a college of University of London) CeFiMS (Centre for Financial & Management Studies). The centre is part of the University of London International Programme. They are offering a MSc...
  15. Andy D.

    Suggestions MS/MFE or job?

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and looking for a little advice if anyone can help? I did my first undergrad degree in Software Engineering and I am currently doing a second undergrad in Banking and Finance (and a top up year after in Math). I've also got 8 years experience as a Software...
  16. Andy D.

    Formal Methods - Z notation

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum but interested in the subject of Finance. I was wondering if there is much call for Formal Methods as a skill in the world of Quants? When I studied my first undergrad (Software Engineering) we did a lot of work on Set Theory, Formal Methods and Z spec/notation...