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    Advice for Princeton MFin Applicants

    Over the past two months, I have seen several threads asking for advice on applying to Princeton Bendheim's MFin program, what the school is looking for, and many other questions. People on the forums have pointed to me because I go to school there, and they think I have some clue as to how the...
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    Princeton MFin Princeton Cost of Attendance Analysis

    Per Andy's suggestion, I've done some rough back-of-the-envelope calculations on the cost of attendance: Tution and Fees: $40,500 2012-2013 Includes a weak student health insurance. If you have health issues, you may want to do a COBRA instead. Disability insurance: (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)...
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    General Meetup in NYC?

    Anyone interested in having a meetup for everyone on the forums in NYC? My coworkers and I tend to like Emmett O'Lunney's Irish Pub (Formerly Harmony View) in midtown- 50th Street between Broadway and 8th. It has a nice atmosphere more conducive to talking and the drinks are good and...
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    Grad School Interviews

    A number of grad schools require an interview before they make an admissions decision, and I wanted to hit the ground running to prepare for them if necessary. Has anyone had any experience with them? Are these hard, technical interviews with a whiteboard and marker or are they more about...