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  1. bigbadwolf


    What kind of wristwatch should a quant wear to make a good impression? At what kind of price point?
  2. bigbadwolf

    Bliss's Theorem and/or Duhamel's Principle

    Out if curiosity, is anyone here acquainted with Bliss's Theorem and/or Duhamel's Principle? None of the modern texts seem to mention them.
  3. bigbadwolf

    The Queen's Gambit

    Has anyone watched "The Queen's Gambit" series on Netflix? General impressions?
  4. bigbadwolf

    The COVID-induced demise of the university

    Interesting post by Ugo Bardi, who is a professor of physical chemistry at the U of Florence. https://cassandralegacy.blogspot.com/2020/12/the-fall-of-citadels-of-science.html
  5. bigbadwolf

    Holter and Sinclair

    Always a pleasure to listen to Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair. The talk show is not the brightest spark but his redeeming virtue is that he often has well-informed and astute guests.
  6. bigbadwolf

    First they came for the Chinese

  7. bigbadwolf

    The changing face of New York

    Interesting article in the NY Post:
  8. bigbadwolf

    The development of mathematics

    Interesting essay by the Archdruid: https://www.ecosophia.net/the-cosmic-doctrine-influences-which-humanity-exerts-upon-itself/
  9. bigbadwolf

    Advanced Calculus

    What are some advanced calculus texts people here like?
  10. bigbadwolf

    Face masks?

    Does anyone know where to get hold of N95 face masks? They seem to be all sold out.
  11. bigbadwolf

    Over-rated China

    A piece of satire. http://www.unz.com/freed/china-overrated-by-right-wing-kooks/
  12. bigbadwolf

    Daniel Duffy's "Financial Instrument Pricing Using C++"

    Is this based on the QN course DD offers? Is it a major improvement on the first edition (which I have)?
  13. bigbadwolf

    Flintstone money

  14. bigbadwolf

    JPCOA and finance

    The irresistible Dmitry Orlov: ClubOrlov: The US pulled out of Iran Nuclear Deal because it’s too broke
  15. bigbadwolf

    Business Schools

    Quite an interesting article. Why we should bulldoze the business school
  16. bigbadwolf

    Ebola in the hog sector

    Written by a friend of mine. Looks like biologists also use this machinery. Ebola in the Hog Sector: Modeling Pandemic Emergence in Commodity Livestock
  17. bigbadwolf

    US immigration administration changes

    The invisible wall: how Trump is slowing immigration without laying a brick
  18. bigbadwolf

    AlphaZero versus Stockfish

    Bye-bye, Minimax and Alpha Beta pruning and hello, reinforcement learning. Google's AlphaZero Destroys Stockfish In 100-Game Match - Chess.com
  19. bigbadwolf

    Lev Alburt

    Interesting portrait of Lev Alburt, who apparently teaches a lot of finance people. Article is 3 months old. Wall Street’s Best-Kept Secret Is a 72-Year-Old Russian Chess Expert
  20. bigbadwolf


    Interesting discussion on bitcoin, hosted by Peter Lavelle at RT.
  21. bigbadwolf

    Blade Runner 2049

    This is quite some sequel. It should be watched on a big screen (and the bigger the better). Dystopian sci-fi at its best and probably better than the first one.
  22. bigbadwolf

    Visa situation?

    Difficult to know what it's going to be like in the near and medium term. I've heard that Google employees with H1Bs and Green Cards have recently been barred from entry to the US. Any other anecdotal accounts or points of view?
  23. bigbadwolf

    A passion for excellence

    Thought-provoking essay in the LARB: The Trouble with Excellence - Los Angeles Review of Books
  24. bigbadwolf

    Monte Carlo in Go

    AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol: history in the making
  25. bigbadwolf

    Algorithms for love

    And this is where the matching potential of supply and demand comes into its own. You submit these constituent elements into a patented algorithm to be “matched.” And just like contemporary financial markets, the sophistication of the trademarked algorithm is a selling point in itself — with...
  26. bigbadwolf

    Gumbo for the road warrior

    This has absolutely nothing to do with anything quant. But it's interesting to read and might be useful in our Mad Max future. Also one of my favorite sites. SNAP Card Gourmet Gumbo
  27. bigbadwolf

    Big data + Python scripts

    Interesting video:
  28. bigbadwolf

    Ageism in Silicon Valley

    Written by my good pal, Ted Rall: http://anewdomain.net/2014/12/11/dont-hire-anyone-30-ageism-silicon-valley/
  29. bigbadwolf

    The slow death of the (British) university.

    Eagleton's one of my favorite writers. Here he explains how British universities are going down the same road to hell as US universities -- but without the affluence. The following is an excerpt. http://m.chronicle.com/article/The-Slow-Death-of-the/228991/
  30. bigbadwolf

    Thiel fellowships

    Interesting article:
  31. bigbadwolf

    Dogdick PhDs

    Interesting article on how the prestige of a PhD's university can affect hiring. I'm sure this applies, mutatis mutandis, to MFEs as well. Do not get an MFE from Dogdick U. http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/1/1/e1400005
  32. bigbadwolf

    Arithmetical skills

    There's a bit of a discussion that's been taking place on someone's FB page regarding the British government's intention to use children's mastery of the multiplication table as a criterion to judge the academic success of any given school. In the course of the discussion a truly surprising...
  33. bigbadwolf

    Twilight's Last Gleaming

    "How deep are we in the hole?" This from the chief financial officer. "Just north of two trillion dollars." Another silence and then the CFO turned to the man behind the big desk. "We'll have to get Washington to cover us. That's going to hurt." "More than you know. I talked to the people in...
  34. bigbadwolf

    Wark on digital labor

    Recent talk by Wark: http://dismagazine.com/disillusioned/discussion-disillusioned/70983/mckenzie-wark-digital-labor-and-the-anthropocene/
  35. bigbadwolf

    The end of the market economy

    I'm an ardent reader of the Archdruid's blog. Both his latest post and his previous one have focused on parasitic intermediaries and what happens to them in an era of irreversible civilisational decline. An excerpt from his latest:
  36. bigbadwolf

    The real Wolf of Wall Street

  37. bigbadwolf


    Cogent article on what makes London such a vibrant and fantastic place. http://quarterly.demos.co.uk/article/issue-4/london-all-that-glisters/
  38. bigbadwolf


    Good to know where much of the tuition money that UChicago MFE students pay ends up at: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2014/09/higher-educations-aristocrats/ This Zimmer fellow looks like a pretty dodgy character.
  39. bigbadwolf

    Asymptotic convergence

    The Archdruid's latest: http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/2014/09/dark-age-america-senility-of-elites.html
  40. bigbadwolf


    Looks like a worthwhile movie. I'll probably watch it this evening. A review by Peter Frase:
  41. bigbadwolf

    U of Chicago

    A good piece on the U of Chicago. I post it without comment. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2014/06/higher-eds-for-profit-future/
  42. bigbadwolf

    Modeling civilisation collapse

    This paper looks interesting. It seems to be based on a generalisation of the Volterra predator-prey model (but I haven't yet grokked it in fullness). http://www.sesync.org/sites/default/files/resources/motesharrei-rivas-kalnay.pdf
  43. bigbadwolf

    The Fear Index

    A review of Robert Harris's The Fear Index, written by the Nitzan and Bichler.
  44. bigbadwolf

    Looking back from 2016

    Written by Charles Hugh Smith:
  45. bigbadwolf

    Interaction of geopolitics and finance

    Riveting listening. http://beforeitsnews.com/economy/2014/03/jim-willie-currency-reset-split-dollar-yuan-convertibility-very-soon-2608186.html
  46. bigbadwolf

    CompSci majors win

  47. bigbadwolf

    Cartel control of tech worker wages and job opportunities

  48. bigbadwolf

    Suicidal bankers

    Is this the norm? http://intellihub.com/8th-international-banker-die-month-jumps-building-china/
  49. bigbadwolf

    Competitive advantage of HFT

    Article in the Atlantic Monthly.
  50. bigbadwolf

    The steampunk future

    Thought-provoking essay by the Archdruid.
  51. bigbadwolf

    High Asian test scores

    Interesting. http://educationrealist.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/asian-immigrants-and-what-no-one-mentions-aloud/
  52. bigbadwolf

    Travails of the PhD

    The PhDs being discussed here are those in the humanities but the points apply mutatis mutandis to those in the exact sciences as well. http://theprofessorisin.com/2014/01/13/who-is-us-thoughts-on-the-mla/
  53. bigbadwolf

    The late, great American WASP

    Interesting article in the WSJ (and I'm surprised they published it):
  54. bigbadwolf

    White collar Hunger Games

    Interesting article in yesterday's Guardian on work and pay conditions for retail bank employees in Britain:
  55. bigbadwolf

    Why Americans don't study engineering

    Article by Ted Rall.
  56. bigbadwolf

    The Python that ate your job

    Amusing essay: http://www.oftwominds.com/blogdec13/Python-ate-job12-13.html
  57. bigbadwolf

    Wall Street isn't worth it

    Persuasive essay in Jacobin.
  58. bigbadwolf

    Coding behind the ACA website

    Interesting article on the ACA fiasco.
  59. bigbadwolf

    Work bitch

    Pretty good essay. Never heard of this writer before.
  60. bigbadwolf

    Putin's strategic thinking

  61. bigbadwolf

    BoA intern dies

    Story in The Independent:
  62. bigbadwolf

    "Bifo" Berardi

    Fascinating interview with "Bifo" Berardi that might resonate with some quants. http://ced.berkeley.edu/bpj/2012/09/reactivating-the-social-body-in-insurrectionary-times-a-dialogue-with-franco-bifo-berardi/
  63. bigbadwolf

    Sergey Galitsky

    Interesting interview with Sergey Galitsky: http://www.chessbase.com/Home/TabId/211/PostId/4009981/meet-a-genuine-chess-billionaire-310513.aspx
  64. bigbadwolf

    Return of mattress banking

    The Mi Colchon Mattress video ad is quite well made. http://www.extraenvironmentalist.com/2013/03/24/mattress-banking-rapidly-growing-industry/ Ah, it's here on YouTube:
  65. bigbadwolf

    College-Industrial Scam

    Article at Yahoo:
  66. bigbadwolf

    East Asians as the "new Jews" at elite US universities

    Riveting essay at The American Conservative.
  67. bigbadwolf

    Margaret Thatcher

    A great leader -- Margaret Thatcher -- passed away a few days ago. She did much to make London a financial centre.
  68. bigbadwolf

    One Hyde Park

    Interesting article on One Hyde Park, its mysterious owners, and the changing face of Central London.
  69. bigbadwolf

    Soaring fees at NYU

    An absorbing interview with Michael Hudson:
  70. bigbadwolf

    Cyprus bank heist

    A Londoner explains the Cyprus bank heist. Now why can't FE profs lecture with the same eloquence?
  71. bigbadwolf

    Fabricating experience

    A cartoon by Ted Rall (and a bit too close to the truth to laugh at): http://www.rall.com/rallblog/2013/02/27/fake-it-until-you-make-it
  72. bigbadwolf


    MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) -- such as Udacity, Coursera, and so on -- have been discussed critically of late: http://www.theawl.com/2013/01/venture-capitals-massive-terrible-idea-for-the-future-of-college...
  73. bigbadwolf

    The joys of living in England

    Article in the Guardian:
  74. bigbadwolf

    Investment banking on the brink

    Article in Der Spiegel.
  75. bigbadwolf


    Anyone here going to Davos this year? I hear the food and wine aren't bad. (Source)
  76. bigbadwolf

    A time of austerity

    Proof positive that austere times are upon us: Of course this doesn't cover quants, who are by and large too poor to afford a mistress (maybe can't even afford a high-class call girl).
  77. bigbadwolf

    Forecasts for 2013

    To get the ball rolling here's Dmitry's:
  78. bigbadwolf

    Econ 101

    This is Kunstler's latest blog post along with a prognosis for 2013. He even quotes Taleb.
  79. bigbadwolf

    Nate Silver

    A perceptive expose of Nate Silver's book, The Signal and the Noise.
  80. bigbadwolf

    Twilight of the four-year college

    Interesting article in Asia Times.
  81. bigbadwolf

    Say hello to a yuan world

    Thought-provoking article by Pepe Escobar.
  82. bigbadwolf

    Game of Thrones

    Anyone been following the HBO series Game of Thrones? I've been so impressed I bought a plastic sword for myself, which I've been practicing with. I know you've got to stab people with the pointy end.
  83. bigbadwolf

    The Archdruid Report

    I'm an ardent reader of the The Archdruid Report, which comes out every Wednesday night. Over the past few weeks the Archdruid has been sketching a fictional (yet plausible) scenario of the collapse of US military and economic power. The 4th installment just came out within the last hour. It is...
  84. bigbadwolf

    Randomly generated math papers

    This math paper generator is pretty good, as good as the postmodern generator, which has been around for some years.
  85. bigbadwolf

    Death of Prince Roy

    I've been following the story of Sealand for several years. The death of Prince Roy some days back came as a bit of a shock and one's thoughts, naturally, must be with the royal family in this time of grief. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that the American media has given this some coverage.
  86. bigbadwolf

    Orlov on the advantages of start-ups.

    Fascinating essay by Orlov today:
  87. bigbadwolf

    Rise and Fall of IB

    Interesting article on IB in New Statesman:
  88. bigbadwolf

    Dwarf problem

    From the 1977 all-Soviet-Union Mathematical Olympiad: Seven dwarfs are sitting at a round table. Each has a cup, and some cups contain milk. Each dwarf in turn pours all his milk into the other six cups, dividing it equally among them. After the seventh dwarf has done this, they find that each...
  89. bigbadwolf

    The Restructuring of Capitalism in Our Time

    This is a recent book by William Tabb, published by Columbia. An excerpt:
  90. bigbadwolf

    Ph.D. in the humanities

    Damon Horowitz urging people to get a Ph.D. in the humanities here. I'm sceptical.
  91. bigbadwolf

    Wall Street

    Justin Fox's review of Doug Henwood's 1997 book, Wall Street, in the Harvard Business Review. Henwood is talking of a second edition now.
  92. bigbadwolf

    Michael Hudson interview

    Michael Hudson being interviewed by Max Keiser (23 minutes): Hudson's new book, The Bubble and Beyond, is out now and I'll order a copy myself: http://michael-hudson.com/2012/07/the-bubble-and-beyond/ And a perceptive talk on Veblen given by Hudson in Istanbul last month...
  93. bigbadwolf

    Call girl embargo on Spanish bankers

    Article in the Daily Mail.
  94. bigbadwolf

    LIBOR rate fixing by Barclays

    Interesting essay by James Meadway.
  95. bigbadwolf

    The banks are dead

    Always a pleasure to listen to Max Keiser. A 3 1/2 minute video here where he explains the insolvency of the major banks.
  96. bigbadwolf

    Third World Britain

    Interesting article in the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/jun/08/why-uk-no-longer-superpower I'll buy the book when it comes out late next month: Going South: Why Britain will have a Third World Economy by 2014
  97. bigbadwolf

    Dmitry Orlov

    I follow Dmitry Orlov's blog assiduously. He posts a new essay every Tuesday. Here is his latest, where he cites Taleb. http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/2012/06/fragility-and-collapse-slowly-at-first.html#more
  98. bigbadwolf

    Impact of financial incentives

    Interesting article in the Guardian:
  99. bigbadwolf

    Leaner and more regulated times at Wall Street

    http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-07/billion-dollar-traders-quit-wall-street-for-hedge-funds.html "Wall Street's biggest banks have lost almost two dozen of their most-profitable credit traders in the past 13 months as regulators limit the kind of risk-taking that amplified the housing...
  100. bigbadwolf

    Measure theory and stochastic processes

    Is the following excerpt (taken from this presentation) strictly accurate? I'm not competent to judge but I have my doubts.
  101. bigbadwolf

    Oikos University

    This is a fascinating essay on the tragedy that took place at Oikos "University" some days back:
  102. bigbadwolf

    Sir Allen Stanford

    In the Guardian: Now that's the way to live.
  103. bigbadwolf

    Neoclassical economics unscathed

    Interesting article by Philip Mirowski on how mainstream economists have survived with their reputations untarnished: And also this excerpt:
  104. bigbadwolf

    Travails of Wall Street workers

    Article at Bloomberg:
  105. bigbadwolf

    Dreaming in code

    A coder's dreams here.
  106. bigbadwolf

    Interview with Peter Thiel

    Francis Fukuyama interviewing Peter Thiel here. This is a real gem.
  107. bigbadwolf

    The Global Auction

    This is an interesting article based on the recent book -- The Global Auction -- by Brown, Lauder, and Ashton.
  108. bigbadwolf

    Forget the big bonuses

    Article by Gillian Tett in today's FT.
  109. bigbadwolf

    Nitzan and Bichler

    I've been a fan of Nitzan and Bichler for the last ten years. The following is a hilarious account of how an FT editor commissioned them to write a piece on differential accumulation but then didn't have the cojones to publish it:
  110. bigbadwolf

    Americans leaving US in record numbers

    Interesting article in RT. Note, however, that RT specialises in bashing the US.
  111. bigbadwolf

    The young and the lazy

    Interesting article at Takimag.com.
  112. bigbadwolf

    Zhirinovsky for 2012

    Looking at the candidates for 2012 makes my heart sink. For example, look at Herman Cain's performance here. I think I would rather vote for Zhirinovsky. Or Putin.
  113. bigbadwolf

    Sex discrimination in the finance industry

    The link below is with regard to Britain. http://equalityhumanrights.com/legal-and-policy/inquiries-and-assessments/inquiry-into-sex-discrimination-in-the-finance-sector/
  114. bigbadwolf

    Is hell exothermic?

    Amusing exam response: This link is readable.
  115. bigbadwolf

    The inexorable drift towards oligopoly

    The move to financial concentration: (Andy, any way of magnifying this picture?)
  116. bigbadwolf

    Frankenstein Finance

    Amusing (if somewhat technically incorrect) article in the Daily Mail. If memory serves, Robert Harris wrote the novel Fatherland many years back.
  117. bigbadwolf

    House Harkonnen - the Dune discussion

    The Dune discussion. Who (and what) I like: Piter de Vries (mentat) Bene Gesserit Baron Vladimir Harkonnen Gurney Halleck Suk medicine Mentat training Spice
  118. bigbadwolf

    "Traditional transcript and resume are dead"

    Interesting article in the Washington Post.
  119. bigbadwolf

    WSJ interview with Roubini

    I found this recent WSJ interview with Roubini worth watching.
  120. bigbadwolf

    Greece on the way out of the euro

    Looks like Greece is on its way out of the euro: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Germany-Readies-Surrender-bloomberg-2533229394.html?x=0
  121. bigbadwolf

    Debt: The First 5,000 Years

    David Graeber's "Debt: The First 5,000 Years" hit the bookshops recently and it's been making waves. It's a riveting read, drenched with novel insight. Graeber used to teach at Yale till he got the boot in 2005 for his political views (he's an anarchist); he since moved to London University...
  122. bigbadwolf

    Tiger moms and paper tigers

    Riveting essay in New York Magazine (albeit published in May):
  123. bigbadwolf

    Two chatbox AIs

    Two chatbox AIs engaging in a bit of discussion: http://gizmodo.com/5835312/two-chatbots-face-off-to-discuss-god-unicorns-and-experience-sexual-tension
  124. bigbadwolf

    The destructive power of financial markets

    Interesting article in Der Spiegel:
  125. bigbadwolf

    SAT verbal question

    The following sentence contains either a single error or no error at all. If the sentence contains an error, select the one underlined part that must be changed to make the sentence correct. If the sentence contains no error, select choice E. (A) *It weaves* across a strip of tropical land (B)...
  126. bigbadwolf


    The film Coriolanus should be out soon. It's based on Shakespeare's play of the same name, which was itself based on one of the lives in Plutarch. It looks interesting because I think they've kept the language Shakespearean (while transplanting the story to a modern setting). Film aficionados...
  127. bigbadwolf

    Corruption in India

    Interesting article in the Guardian.
  128. bigbadwolf

    synthetic a priori

    I think Sylvain Raynes is misreading Kant.
  129. bigbadwolf

    London riots

    Anyone here based in London? My mother's house in Hanwell -- which is where I stay when in London -- is a couple of miles away from Ealing Broadway, where there was rioting this night as described in The Guardian: And (to my mind) an insightful blog article:
  130. bigbadwolf

    U of Minnesota bum MFM RIP?

    Not sure but it looks like the U of Minnesota's crud MFM program has bitten the dust. They're not maintaining the site: http://www.math.umn.edu/finmath/
  131. bigbadwolf

    Dollar's reserve status waning

    At Bloomberg: And Putin speaking out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvJmXnHssTU
  132. bigbadwolf


    Anyone seen the Bollywood film, "Apaharan?" Not half bad. I'm tempted to buy it.
  133. bigbadwolf

    Universities or visa mills?

    Interesting story in Mercury News.
  134. bigbadwolf

    Stanford to use JavaScript for teaching CS101

    Interesting story.
  135. bigbadwolf

    Unpaid internships

    An Irish blogger explaining the realities of unpaid internships here. I think he's describing the Irish scene but it probably holds with equal force in the US of A.
  136. bigbadwolf

    Growth of shadow banking

    Article in the FT by Gillian Tett on the recent growth of shadow banking.
  137. bigbadwolf

    The "me" essay

    Another interesting piece at vdare:
  138. bigbadwolf

    The PhD glut

    Interesting piece by Edwin Rubenstein.
  139. bigbadwolf

    An Oxbridge for those who can't get into Oxbridge

    Article by Boris Johnson in the Telegraph:
  140. bigbadwolf

    Greece pulling out of the euro?

    New article in Der Spiegel. This suggests all kinds of consequences -- for the Eurozone, for world financial markets, for exchange controls (Greece will almost certainly have to impose such controls if it reintroduces the drachma).
  141. bigbadwolf

    VWAP, algo sniffing, spoofing, and other arcane matters

    Interesting article by Donald MacKenzie (author of "An Engine, Not a Camera") in the LRB.
  142. bigbadwolf

    The college bubble

    Interesting essay:
  143. bigbadwolf

    Lumpen academia

    Excellent article on the travails of higher education in The Nation:
  144. bigbadwolf

    4-Profit University

    Worth a glance: http://www.gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2011/04/23/
  145. bigbadwolf

    Nowhere to Hide

    This is a review of an interesting new book, titled "Nowhere to Hide: The Great Financial Crisis and Challenges for Asia."
  146. bigbadwolf

    Reform the PhD system

    An article by Mark Taylor at Columbia: This article on the PhD factory, cited by Taylor, also is interesting reading.
  147. bigbadwolf

    Science as a career choice

    Short article at Slashdot:
  148. bigbadwolf

    The perils of deskwork

    In the Daily Mail:
  149. bigbadwolf

    Coding skills?

    Things pertaining to computing keep getting discussed here but to my knowledge no-one has ever asked precisely what coding skills and computing knowledge an MFE student or quant needs. I'm not talking in terms of a specific language (such as C++ or Python). I'm talking rather of coding skill and...
  150. bigbadwolf

    India's educational system

    A good piece in the WSJ on India's educational system. Pakistan next door is exactly the same, incidentally. One professor at the NED University of Engineering (in Karachi) was trying to explain the limit as x ->0 of sin x/x. First he cancelled the x's in the numerator and denominator; then he...
  151. bigbadwolf

    Economic sugar-rush

    This was in the Telegraph: The writer works for a fund that mostly invests in Russia. He's worked previously for the IMF. And written for the FT, among other papers. So his outlook has some credibility.
  152. bigbadwolf

    The precariat

    This video on the precariat looks interesting; it explains the changing structure of Western post-industrial societies. Its focus is on English cities (London, Swansea, Bath) but more or less the same situation holds in France, Italy, Holland, Japan, and the US.
  153. bigbadwolf

    Unpaid jobs

    Interesting article in Fortune:
  154. bigbadwolf

    Newest child prodigy

    This should be good for a laugh. What a load of bollocks.
  155. bigbadwolf

    Ah, to be a billionaire ...

    Absorbing essay by James Petras. Before I get the usual flak for posting from a non-"credible source" or being a commie, let me hasten to add it's but an interesting perspective from Petras. The picture at the top of the essay must surely be that of Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world...
  156. bigbadwolf

    Fast-track British immigration -- for some

    At Yahoo.com:
  157. bigbadwolf

    Goldman Sachs to lay off close to 2,000

    In the Daily Mail:
  158. bigbadwolf


    Interesting essay on trust at Global Research:
  159. bigbadwolf

    The economic dynamics of the internet

    This is a riveting essay in Monthly Review. I blush with shame that this is not a "credible source" but notwithstanding, it is still a worthwhile read. Some excerpts:
  160. bigbadwolf

    The easy way to a PhD from LSE

    In the Independent:
  161. bigbadwolf

    Dumb growth

    From a "credible source" (I hope): Meanwhile, from Paul Craig Roberts, ex- assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration and ex- associate editor of the WSJ (who now shows what a commie, liberal, radical, and extremist he really he is, and hence utterly lacking in credibility):
  162. bigbadwolf

    Buying an internship with London hedge funds

    This is interesting:
  163. bigbadwolf

    The advantages and disadvantages of an elite schooling

    Thought-provoking essay by William Deresiewicz:
  164. bigbadwolf

    Travails of the Celtic tiger

    A perspective in NLR:
  165. bigbadwolf

    The underground world of China

    Article in the Telegraph:
  166. bigbadwolf

    Authoritarian governments stockpiling food

    In the Telegraph:
  167. bigbadwolf

    A sign of the times

    This has been circulating on the Net. I don't know where it originates from:
  168. bigbadwolf

    Hou Yifan

    In the Telegraph:
  169. bigbadwolf

    Implications of the present yield curve

    A piece by Mike Whitney today: There are some quotes from recent WSJ articles as well, which indicate the economic strategy of American policymakers. Not very encouraging.
  170. bigbadwolf

    The FCIC report

    Some coverage here of the report:
  171. bigbadwolf

    The US-China summit

    A piece at wsws.org: A rather disquieting read, I confess.
  172. bigbadwolf

    Academically adrift

    This looks like an interesting review of a new book, titled Academically Adrift, that's being released by the U of Chicago Press: And this, um, seems a bit controversial:
  173. bigbadwolf

    Jintao on the dollar

    In the Daily Mail:
  174. bigbadwolf

    Student loans

    A piece by Stephen Lendman; it makes for grim reading.
  175. bigbadwolf

    Average stock held for 22 seconds (up from 20)

    Average stock is held for 22 seconds (up from 20) and average foreign currency investment 30 seconds (up from 28). Encouraging signs that investors are now beginning to think long-term. The source for these numbers is an interview with Michael Hudson (the numbers come out towards the end of the...
  176. bigbadwolf

    J-1 visas?

    I doubt anyone on this forum has ever come on a J-1 but in case anyone abroad is thinking of it, this account seems pertinent:
  177. bigbadwolf

    Real levels of unemployment in a moribund economy?

    Interesting arguments by Daniel Amerman (whom I never heard of previously):
  178. bigbadwolf

    Who Owns the Future?

    From the ever-controversial Pat Buchanan:
  179. bigbadwolf

    A smile and a shoeshine

    In the NYT:
  180. bigbadwolf

    The travails of Chinese university graduates

    An article in the NYT:
  181. bigbadwolf

    Trading in derivatives controlled by a cartel

    An article in the NYT:
  182. bigbadwolf

    Contemporary finance: a left-wing overview

    Here is a left-wing overview of contemporary finance.
  183. bigbadwolf

    America's century is over

    Interesting essay in the Guardian: Arrighi's books -- The Long Twentieth Century. and the more recent Adam Smith in Beijing -- are, along with Mandel's Late Capitalism and Baran and Sweezy's Monopoly Capital, among my favorites.
  184. bigbadwolf

    The growth of the American nouveau poor

    Interesting article in Der Spiegel:
  185. bigbadwolf

    Chinese school math

    Someone posted this as a joke at the FICS chess server:
  186. bigbadwolf

    What's wrong with the American university system

    Interesting interview in the The Atlantic Monthly. I don't agree with everything (e.g. that undergrad education be a liberal one, or that everyone can tackle higher education), but quite a bit resonates with me.
  187. bigbadwolf

    High-frequency programmers revolt over pay

    An article in Forbes:
  188. bigbadwolf

    Paul Craig Roberts' latest

    Here is Paul Craig Roberts' latest essay. I have to concede his tone has become increasingly pessimistic.
  189. bigbadwolf

    Introductory books for prospective quant students

    Three books come to mind (there may be others I can't think of at the moment). In ascending order of sophistication they are: 1) An Introduction to the Mathematics of Money, by Lovelock, Mendel and Wright, published by Springer (294 pages); 2) Investment Mathematics, by Adams, Booth, Bowie...
  190. bigbadwolf

    An outsider looks at the world of derivatives

    An essay by Ellen Brown.
  191. bigbadwolf

    The mutating crisis of capitalism

    Thought-provoking essay by a Canadian prof. Even if you don't agree with him, it's refreshing to see a point of view orthogonal to those of the smiley faces, who are saying the "recovery" has already begun.
  192. bigbadwolf

    Yet other introductions to analysis

    If memory serves, Bryant's "Yet Another Introduction to Analysis" is the recommended text at Baruch. But there are other texts that can compete with Bryant as introductions to the subject. I want to look briefly at a couple. One problem in recommending a text on analysis is the plethora of...
  193. bigbadwolf

    The waning of London as a financial centre?

    An essay by Gillian Tett in the FT:
  194. bigbadwolf

    Perelman declines Millenium Prize

    At the AMS site: [/I]
  195. bigbadwolf

    Starting to feel like 1932

    In the Telegraph:
  196. bigbadwolf

    The life of an adjunct

    The burgeoning growth of the US higher education adjunct labor force is something I've been following with interest for over ten years. As with workers in other areas, they've seen falling real incomes, more precarious employment, more difficult working condtions, and fewer and fewer benefits. A...
  197. bigbadwolf

    Quant cafe

    On Ealing Broadway in West London (about 3 miles from where I live), there's a "Finance Cafe." It's a regular coffee shop -- but in addition you can get a mortgage, buy insurance, and change currencies. I use it because it has the best buy-sell spread for currency trades I've seen so far. It's...
  198. bigbadwolf

    Limitations of econometrics in economic analysis

    This essay, examining the limitations of econometrics in the study of the economies of poor countries, looks worth reading. Of course many of its criticisms apply to econometrics as a whole.
  199. bigbadwolf

    Hard times in adult entertainment

    At Russia Today: Judging from this piece, it's conceivable that in the future strippers may need exposure to stochastic calculus and time series methods. An MFE may become par for the course.
  200. bigbadwolf

    Savage and brutal cull expected among the top ranks at GS

    In the FT: This could be similar to the Night of the Long Knives.