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  1. K

    Georgia Tech Master's in machine learning vs GT QFE

    If you ask questions like that, it means that you haven't done your research, and you have no independence. Therefore, you won't get in.
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    Why MBAs get all the gold??

    To move up the corporate ladder, you need to know the right people and have them advocating you. This applies to all industries and companies.
  3. K

    Alternatives to careers in quant finance

    An alternative: http://money.cnn.com/2014/08/28/investing/ben-wu-dota-video-games/index.html?sr=fb083114videogamejob1pstorylink
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    Best Laptop for MFE Students

    Has anyone got any experience with Lenovo X1 Carbon (the 2nd generation 2014 model)? Any opinions?
  5. K

    When learning C++ what did you find difficult?

    You'll always be learning even after you have spent years or decades programming.
  6. K

    When learning C++ what did you find difficult?

    Main difficulty is fully expressing yourself using the language i.e. make good software.
  7. K

    Graduate school advice

    If you want to do a PhD, remove the unnecessary and focus on the essentials. The first step is to first ask yourself if you really like doing research in a particular field (subareas of finance, sciences, whatever). To get an idea on what research is like, look at the research program...
  8. K

    University of Chicago Singapore MSFM

    Policies concerning the hiring of foreigners in Singapore are changing in recent times: http://www.efinancialnews.com/story/2014-04-03/singapore-talent-war-intensifies-as-immigration-curbs-kick-in?ea9c8a2de0ee111045601ab04d673622
  9. K

    Listening to music while studying??

    Frank Zappa's Cosmik Debris
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    Usefulness of Computational (not Computer) Science Programs as a "quant" Ph.D

    Computational sciences (in fluid/solid mechanics, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, etc.) have existed long before specialized programs like the ones you listed become formal. In that regard, they are not really new.
  11. K

    Boston MSMFT Boston University Mathematical Finance PhD

    Frankly, doing a PhD is hard in any school.
  12. K

    What programs do you think will I be accepted by?

    Apply and let the dice fall where it may.
  13. K

    What PhD is Most Relevant for a Low-Frequency Quant Hedge Fund?

    Forget about all the after-PhD plans. If you are serious about doing a PhD, think about what research area you think you want (and can) to do, and then apply to the relevant program. Then see what you get and make your decision. The rest is too uncertain to think about, simply from the fact that...
  14. K

    PhD in Information System or Computer Science

    A PhD program is about doing research. Choose your program based on your research interests instead of what lies after your PhD.
  15. K

    Quit Phd?

    Life is hard no matter which path you choose.
  16. K

    DO MFE Graduates apply to PhD?

    I guess they will look at your application as a whole. Depending on what courses you have taken in your MFE and their relevance towards the PhD program that you are applying to, your MFE may or may not matter. Again, it is about how they feel on your ability to do research. I don't think having...
  17. K

    DO MFE Graduates apply to PhD?

    When schools evaluate your application, I think they will look at your grades.
  18. K

    DO MFE Graduates apply to PhD?

    I don't understand, aren't you already doing a PhD in mathematical finance?
  19. K

    Question about doctorate degrees for someone possibly interested in working in the quant field.

    The universities that you are considering do both theoretical and experimental work. Apply to schools or choose your potential advisors based on the research area you would like to be in. You need to be a little flexible here because the nature of the research projects/topics depends a lot on...
  20. K

    Poster presentation = resume booster?

    Is publishing papers possible?
  21. K

    Would MFE be a right choice for me?? Pls. suggest.

    Singapore plans to cut back on the intake of foreign employees in the next 5 years http://www.littlespeck.com/content/people/CTrendsPeople-120317.htm but I don't know how this will affect the financial industry specifically.
  22. K

    Which university/country to apply for phd in physics.

    If you're interested in computation and numerical methods, perhaps a degree in computational and applied math is more suitable.
  23. K

    Excel flawed for statistical calculations?

    Hi Jose, thanks for the info.
  24. K

    Excel flawed for statistical calculations?

    Hi all, I saw this paper: http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~bdm25/excel2007.pdf This paper was published in 2008 so I'm not sure if these problems still exist in the current versions. Also, do financial institutions do a quality assurance check on their computational tools using benchmark problems?
  25. K

    PhD deciding between MBA and MFE

    In the next few years, spend some of your time networking with the right people - that may be more helpful in aligning your career path than any degree.
  26. K

    COMPARE MFE/Mfin vs Phd in Finmath

    See here: http://public.randomnotes.org/richard/PhDtalk.html
  27. K

    PhD advice

    Both schools are fine - focus more on what you want to do for research.
  28. K

    COMPARE MFE/Mfin vs Phd in Finmath

    If you are thinking about what you want to do after a PhD before even starting a PhD, then don't do a PhD.
  29. K

    PhD advice

    What has your question got to do with quantitative finance?
  30. K

    what are some authoritative journals of financial engineering?

  31. K

    Choosing Phd Program

    You'll choose an advisor based on your interest, the availability of funding, and how well you think that person can guide you in the area you want to work in.
  32. K

    Should I go for MFE?

    1) The "E" in "FE" stands for Engineering. 2) People pay you to make things work, in whatever company or institution - PhD, academia included. 3) In Finance, math isn't everything. 4) The grass is always greener on the other side.
  33. K

    Phd Topic

    You need to start reading papers and books.
  34. K

    Cornell University Eyes NYC Engineering campus

    I assume that it would be logical for Cornell to later have its financial engineering program based in NYC?
  35. K

    Why Java would be used over C++

    The organization will tell you what you need to program in. Discussion of which one is better is irrelevant.
  36. K

    Applied Math and Computational Science Phd

    This is a wide area - could be numerical analysis, computational, physics/mechanics-related, algorithms, etc. Could be done in engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, etc. I have seen some people in this area who moved to finance. I believe Sylvain Raynes did computational (fluid...
  37. K

    US regulators ask for HF algo data + code

    As in those who made the HF code. Perhaps they too, are incompetent? I don't know.
  38. K

    US regulators ask for HF algo data + code

    Just wondering - would their coders be as competent (for the lack of a better word) and well paid as the ones in the financial industry?
  39. K

    MFE after Phd?

    So assume that you want to apply to an MFE program - are you going to tell them that you need an MFE because having a PhD in financial mathematics isn't enough to get a job in the finance industry? It seems strange that you make it sound as if your PhD isn't worth the time and effort. So why do...
  40. K

    MFE after Phd?

    Isn't having a PhD suppose to mean that you can learn something?
  41. K

    How to Get a Quant Job, Advice from Wall Street Executives

    This is really helpful. Thanks.
  42. K

    COMPARE Umich VS Stony Brook (Ph.D)

    In a PhD program, you advisor is more important than the school. If you don't know what is suitable for yourself, you might want to consider not doing a PhD.
  43. K

    Take unsupported Stony Brook Quantitative Finance PhD position ?

    First, stop comparing yourself with others - every person's situation is different. Second, get ANY job if it is really that bad and don't do a PhD without support.
  44. K

    Take unsupported Stony Brook Quantitative Finance PhD position ?

    So if you're a citizen, why are you so worried about not getting a job? You can get any job - just weather the bad times first.
  45. K

    Take unsupported Stony Brook Quantitative Finance PhD position ?

    I suggest that you forget about PhD for now and ramp up the job hunt. Are you an international student on F1 visa?
  46. K

    Take unsupported Stony Brook Quantitative Finance PhD position ?

    You applied to only one program? When are you graduating?
  47. K

    Question on MFE placements/ DEShaw

    The founder is no longer at DE Shaw - he is now doing research in computational chemistry and high performance computing.
  48. K

    Numerical Aanalysis or PDE online courses?

    Try CVN - Columbia Video Network as a non-degree student. The courses are online. But it is not cheap.
  49. K

    Something I was thinking in terms of rating quality of MFE programs...

    All I'm saying is that you learn some things (math, financial models, etc.) in school, and other things outside of school (communicating and getting along with people, team work, understanding the business, planning, making deals, execution, etc.). There are things that are just difficult to...
  50. K

    Something I was thinking in terms of rating quality of MFE programs...

    Perhaps the right mindset to attending a FE program is to learn the principles and underpinnings of finance. Professors may not be doing the actual work but this doesn't mean their students end up building nothing in the industry. Sports coaches may not be players themselves but that doesn't...
  51. K

    UCB MFE Review of UC Berkeley MFE program

    Sounds pretty bad for an expensive and well-known program.
  52. K

    So how much does a master's GPA matter?

    What PhD program are you thinking of? Physics, math? And what is Top 10 for you?
  53. K

    Bachelor Degree + Related Experience = Quant Job?

    Peppy, I am not in the financial industry but I think you might want to read around to see what is actually needed to get into finance.
  54. K

    Message Passing Interface Programming

    Andy, cgorac: thanks for your feedback.
  55. K

    Message Passing Interface Programming

    Is there any demand in quantitative finance for people with Message Passing Interface (MPI) programming skills (in C/C++)? I don't see many postings on MPI.
  56. K

    Quant Career Track

    Does the numerous job advertisements in various quant recruiting websites indicate that many quants don't really stick to a company for long? If so, why?
  57. K

    I'm preparing for the GRE and I don't know how to memorize/learn 3500 words !

    Just google, you'll find plenty of techniques.
  58. K

    all the best with your applications

    all the best with your applications
  59. K

    MFE 2010 applications

    Incidentally, your last post contains shorthands similar to your first post. Concerning your score, it is still a 3.5.
  60. K

    MFE 2010 applications

    Why is your writing so low?
  61. K

    which book to read after "C++ how to program, 5th edition"?

    UI programming teaches one how to work with threads.
  62. K

    Oxford undergrad - what next?

    PhD programs here typically take about 4 or 5 years and you'll spend the first one or two years taking courses, similar to what you will do in a masters program. I don't think you'll save much time here. Isn't Mike Giles at Oxford doing stuff related to computational finance?
  63. K

    Programming for Mac

    Maybe, but for learning purposes it should be fine. Correctness, not speed, is the most critical thing for the beginner. Moreover, it is free.
  64. K

    Programming for Mac

    You can try the Matlab clone Octave, which is free. There may be a Mac version. Google.
  65. K

    Programming for Mac

    Life is short. Buy a PC and install Linux or use Cygwin on Windows. I use Windows these days. Don't get bogged down by details too much - you are using the computer for some simple programming task not running a space shuttle or skynet.
  66. K

    Need advice: statistics Phd gets into IB

    3 years is a long time. Focus on what you are doing right now. Decide 1 year before you graduate.
  67. K

    Recent Interest in Quant

    I am not a quant dude but I can only say this: apply and you will know.
  68. K

    New Quantnet members say hi

    Hello. I'm a new quantnet.com member. I am an engineer and I may pursue a Phd in engineering next year. I haven't got to the point where I feel like I am going to do quantitative analyses for a living. At this point in time, I am mainly interested in the mathematics and computational methods in...
  69. K

    New Quantnet members say hi

    I'm new here and new to quant.
  70. K

    So have you made it into the quant world yet?

    So have you made it into the quant world yet?