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  1. amanda.jayne

    Is it appropriate to include HFT bitcoin project in SOP

  2. amanda.jayne

    Canadians at US Schools

    If you think there's a chance you may want to work in the US (NYC, Boston, Chicago, SF, etc), go to a US school. If you are certain that you will stay in Canada, Toronto and Waterloo are perfectly fine choices. Toronto recruiters have historically gone bonkers for NYC work experience and ivy...
  3. amanda.jayne

    Learning to Love Volatility - Nassim Taleb WSJ

    In a world that constantly throws big, unexpected events our way, we must learn to benefit from disorder, writes Nassim Nicholas Taleb. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324735104578120953311383448.html?mod=googlenews_wsj
  4. amanda.jayne

    CNBC: Mysterious Algorithm Was 4% of Trading Activity Last Week

    A single mysterious computer program that placed orders — and then subsequently canceled them — made up 4 percent of all quote traffic in the U.S. stock market last week, according to the top tracker of high-frequency trading activity. The motive of the algorithm is still unclear...
  5. amanda.jayne

    "An explanation of my trades": ex-UBS trader's email

    LONDON | Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:54pm BST (Reuters) - The following is the text of an email headlined "An explanation of my trades" which former UBS trader Kweku Adoboli wrote on September 14, 2011 to a company accountant, William Steward. The email has been presented in evidence at the trial...
  6. amanda.jayne

    How to keep abreast of the market and financial knowledge

    Subscribe to the WSJ/FT/Barrons, read seekingalpha/motleyfool, watch CNBC/Bloomberg TV etc If you can get your hands on it, Boom Doom and Gloom is a fun read as well.
  7. amanda.jayne

    Equal Opportunities Employers & Autism

    I would ask Ellen Reeves :) Personally, I wouldn't bring it up unless you are requesting special accommodation or have physical symptoms that an interviewer might not be accustomed to. I would work with a friend, family member, professor, colleague, coach etc - as many different people as...
  8. amanda.jayne

    Ask Ellen - Job Hunting and Career Development Advice

    vinay gupta There are many things to consider: How reputable is the firm? What training do they offer? Will you be programming/algo trading or manual screen trading? Will you have a mentor? How much capital will you have access to? How much capital are you being asked to contribute? What is...
  9. amanda.jayne

    Where to buy a SUIT

    Livingsocial - $25 for $50 or $50 for $100 at Charles Tyrwhitt
  10. amanda.jayne

    Where to buy a SUIT

    Could be worth it to check out Saks/Bloomingdales/Macys (or Boss, Theory, etc) suit departments to try on several makes and models - find what works best and then wait for the sales or local sample sales, online deals or head up to Woodbury for the day (theres a bus that runs hourly from Port...
  11. amanda.jayne

    Choosing TT vs TH problem

    see http://academic.cengage.com/resource_uploads/downloads/1133105068_339606.pdf read pages 1157 onward. Add in weights. (google is your friend)
  12. amanda.jayne


  13. amanda.jayne

    Our best traders spend a lot of their time pounding away writing code

    Hardly. Handling big data and developing meaningful models and analytics transcends academic notches on ones bedpost. In the end it's all just numbers - the units tend to blur. Focus on one aspect and be better than most and you will fare just fine.
  14. amanda.jayne


    I would reckon these guys make more than your call girls http://money.cnn.com/2012/03/30/markets/top-earning-hedge-fund-managers/index.htm
  15. amanda.jayne

    Counterfeit Coin problem

    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=balance+puzzle See the first link. Start with 27 * 3 instead of 12 * 3. If you are studying for an interview, I would suggest consulting the master reading list books for quant interviews. Heard on The Street: Quantitative Questions from Wall Street Job Interviews by...
  16. amanda.jayne

    John C Hull

    It depends which international version you are looking at. The one I have was co-wrtten with Sankarshan Basu. The core of the book is the same. However... Each chapter contains supplemental reading pertaining to the Indian Markets/Sansex and the problems in the back of the book, though worded...
  17. amanda.jayne

    Paper trading and quantitative analysis

    It also tends to lend itself to a false sense of security that you will always get a full fill at the desired market price and that your stops will always trigger. Consider your first $5k a sunk cost and quickly forgo the paper account once you figure out what you're doing. At less than the...
  18. amanda.jayne

    Amazon ‘robo-pricing’ sparks fears

    Tensions over growing use of algo trading High-speed trading tools pioneered in the stock market are increasingly driving price movements on Amazonas sellers use them to undercut and outwit each other. Prices change as often as every 15 minutes as some of the 2m sellers on the site join the...
  19. amanda.jayne

    LIBOR rate fixing by Barclays

    Interesting resignations by Barclays executives ;)
  20. amanda.jayne

    Rotman International Trading Competition 2012

  21. amanda.jayne

    Didn't they set stoploss?

    Stop losses don't always trigger in the 'real world' - especially when liquidity dries up. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/investor-education/investor-clinic/a-painful-lesson-in-when-stop-loss-orders-dont-work/article2069815/ I've experienced this firsthand. It is a rather...
  22. amanda.jayne

    I have a PhD, MS finance or MFE or MBA finance

    Have you picked up a newspaper recently?
  23. amanda.jayne

    improving rolls of a die

    The way I read this, there can only be one round - a tie by the second player results in a loss as does every roll that is lower. The only alternative is when player 2 outright wins - binary event. Unless I'm misinterpreting?
  24. amanda.jayne

    improving rolls of a die

    (\frac{\sum_{i=1}^n i}{n^2})
  25. amanda.jayne

    Courses for trading and risk management

    gradaplicant asked whether a broker would be put that in the same category. If this is a route he is is considering pursuing (whether Institutional, or Retail/FA) quantitative skills are not directly (and often not even indirectly) relevant and can be perceived to be a hinderance in a...
  26. amanda.jayne

    Courses for trading and risk management

    No. A broker is, for all intensive purposes, a salesman. Sales traders are all but near extinct. None.
  27. amanda.jayne

    quant finance in 2015

    I think the 'World of Tomorrow - Work School and Play" published in 1981 was pretty accurate Siri makes an appearance on page 15 ;) http://www.goaste.cx/museum/worldoftomorrowschoolworkplayindex.php
  28. amanda.jayne

    Any good book/sources about stop loss order?

    http://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/04/022704.asp#axzz1igP5j03o http://daytrading.about.com/od/daytradingbasics/a/StopLossType.htm https://scs.fidelity.com/webxpress/help/topics/learn_order_types_conditions.shtml http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/trading/orders/trailingStopLimit.php...
  29. amanda.jayne

    Where do you live?

  30. amanda.jayne

    Risk Management?

    This is mistaken presumption #1 First year analyst front office S&T positions at global investment banks do not make up the majority of positions available on the street and I would, again, argue that anyone who had the fortune (and luxury?) to be offered such a position is the one with a...
  31. amanda.jayne

    Risk Management?

    My first Wall St job (NYC) in Institutional Equity Sales had a starting base salary of $40k. I made my money on commissions - there were no bonuses. Need I say what happens in bad years?
  32. amanda.jayne

    Risk Management?

    A cursory view... http://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/trading-analyst-salary-SRCH_KO0,15.htm http://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/risk-analyst-salary-SRCH_KO0,12.htm http://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/trading-associate-salary-SRCH_KO0,17.htm...
  33. amanda.jayne

    Risk Management?

    How long have you spent working in the front office? How many years have you worked directly in institutional sales? in trading? In sales you eat what you kill - since 2008 many "species" are on the endangered list or extinct. The broad majority of prop traders (outside of the bulge and HF...
  34. amanda.jayne

    Risk Management?

    This is a broad generalization. When most people fantasize about sales and trading comp they are considering a biased survivorship sampling coupled with significant fish tales. I've seen the grass on both sides of the wall...
  35. amanda.jayne

    MFE Financial Aid: How do you pay for the degree?

    I've only ever taken out Stafford Loans and the bulk of my debt is at 2.85% so my experience is rather limited in this realm. It would not be a bad idea to speak with your/your cosigners bank to find out what sort of loans and rates you are eligible for and weigh the worst case scenario (40k @...
  36. amanda.jayne

    MFE Financial Aid: How do you pay for the degree?

    Some schools offer scholarships/grants - you generally find out if you receive one at the time at which you are admitted. The federal Stafford loan (FAFSA) is capped at $20,500 per year - the current interest rate is 6.8% There are also Graduate PLUS loans with no maximum - the current...
  37. amanda.jayne

    Numerical analysis book?

    Wilmotts Mathematics of Financial Derivatives http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0521497892?ie=UTF8&tag=quantfinaneng-20&link_code=as3&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=0521497892 has some nice pseudocode for using numerical methods to price options and the like. I also found...
  38. amanda.jayne

    Various model of stock price

    On a long horizon timescale with reasonable accuracy, none that come to mind. You could try a broad market index or ETF, perhaps? The stock market is significantly more irrational than options or fixed income markets whose instruments have a more deterministic price that they tend to trade...
  39. amanda.jayne

    Odds of Admission

    Read Joy Pathak's suggested tips here. Most, if not all, are applicable to undergrads too! And you have come to this conclusion how? The internet is a tool - it's up to you to figure out how to use it effectively. Most people don't. Your point is? Personal experience pursuing this avenue...
  40. amanda.jayne

    NYC Drinks - QuantNet meet up?

    I can't do Fridays :(
  41. amanda.jayne

    Regression Project Need Help!

    Regress the returns of an index vs its constituents (ie beta)? data: finance.yahoo.com
  42. amanda.jayne

    Undergraduate trying to get anaylst position

    Forget the MFE and take accounting and valuation courses instead. Consider the CFA and possibly the CMA
  43. amanda.jayne

    Dealing with sexism in finance

    Having spent the first half of my career working as an engineer in manufacturing plants, I can give you plenty. DominiConnor Do the same job. Do it better. Become indispensable.
  44. amanda.jayne

    Occupy Wall St.

    ... and in other news a dog was selected to lead the Occupy Denver protests
  45. amanda.jayne

    How is convexity of this bond computed?

    http://www.cba.ua.edu/~rpascala/bond/BondForm.php Your Latex has an error in it
  46. amanda.jayne

    How to compute the present value of a liability

    In 9 years you will owe 10000. The problem is asking you what the value of this obligation is, today. Think of it this way: If interest rates in a savings account are 7%, how much would you need to deposit into your bank account today such that in 9-years' time your account balance will be...
  47. amanda.jayne

    "LongShort Hedge Fund" Toronto

    Are you sure you aren't missing the name of the hedge fund management company? There are several Toronto funds with long/short in the name. Polar, Epic and Redwood come to mind -
  48. amanda.jayne

    How to compute the present value of a liability

    A bond is a liability, as is every financial obligation. You are not dealing with an annuity. All the question is asking is that you solve for the present value of a future sum \( \frac{10000}{(1+.07)^9} = 5439 \)
  49. amanda.jayne

    Which is more important, stat or econ?

    t-test vs. z-test! ;)
  50. amanda.jayne

    COMPARE Operations Research & Financial Engineering

    http://or.stanford.edu/ ? "The program is based in the Department of Management Science and Engineering, which also hosts programs in economics and finance, information science and technology, decision analysis and risk analysis, organization, technology and entrepreneurship, policy and...
  51. amanda.jayne

    Madison Ave is next hiring ground for aspiring quants

    Funny. This sounds like every front office position I've come across.... ;) Once upon a lifetime ago I worked in marketing finance alongside a little-known (but surprisingly large) quant team for one of the big three auto manufacturers. This most certainly was not the case. There is a bucket...
  52. amanda.jayne

    Another one bites the dust - Hedge Fund CEO Brownstein Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading

  53. amanda.jayne

    Dennis Ritchie passed away

    @grimmelm James Grimmelmann Dennis Ritchie (1941-2011). His pointer has been cast to void *; his process has terminated with exit code 0. http://twitter.com/#!/grimmelm/status/124306628014112770 :(
  54. amanda.jayne

    Oil Trading Book

    I've heard good things about Oil 101 http://www.amazon.com/Oil-101-Morgan-Downey/dp/0982039204
  55. amanda.jayne

    T3 Trading

    I can vouch for Carl. I have known him in a professional context for over 5 years and he is a close friend. In 2009 I briefly traded NYSE equities on his previous desk at Assent - many of the senior traders that I worked with moved to T3 after Assent closed their prop operations. He takes a...
  56. amanda.jayne

    Best Paying Quant Jobs With <= 10 Hour Work Days?

    If salary is all you are after - Escaping finance entirely, I know many junior engineers (<5 years experience) working in the Athabasca oilsands in Fort McMurray Alberta pulling in well over 100k with room and board (your own trailor!), transportation. Your trips home are paid for - generally...
  57. amanda.jayne

    Best Paying Quant Jobs With <= 10 Hour Work Days?

    How did you come to these conclusions? Sometime ago I realized that the adage is true. Doing something you enjoy and having most nights and weekends free for a comfortable (if not greater) paycheck can be worth more than a flashy title. It depends what you value most. Expand your horizons...
  58. amanda.jayne

    Java (Eclipse) and R - JRI/rJava

    I will need to run regressions (canned poisson, negative binomial, VARS etc) which will lead me to another problem. The zoo package doesn't seem compatible with 2.9. I've been trying to configure StatET as well - I ran into errors running the console. R isn't officially 'supported' at work. I...
  59. amanda.jayne

    Java (Eclipse) and R - JRI/rJava

    Does anyone have any experience running R from Java in eclipse? I'm running Indigo and R v2.9.0 - I have limited options here, unfortunately. I was able to get JRI/rJava up and running and R and Java communicating with one another with a slight hack by replacing R.dll in both bin and rjava/JRI...
  60. amanda.jayne

    Does an MFE prepare you to make money on your own?

    There is a big difference between value and price. It is also possible to earn a positive return and still destroy value.
  61. amanda.jayne

    Does an MFE prepare you to make money on your own?

    Markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. The average performance of quantitative funds (or lack thereof) should tell you something about the applicability of using mathematics as a strategy. One could argue that every strategy works... Until it doesn't.
  62. amanda.jayne

    Occupy Wall St.

    Looks like they ARE creating jobs... «Brian Phillips, a 25-year-old Google consultant and field journalist from Washington state, arrived in New York only a few days ago and has already become the communications director for the protest. Like many others, he gave up his former civil life to...
  63. amanda.jayne

    How do you evaluate intangible assets?

    Read this: (Koller - McKinsey) http://www.amazon.com/Valuation-Measuring-Managing-Companies-Finance/dp/0470424656/ Or this: (Damodaran) http://www.amazon.com/dp/0471751219/ Without a liquid market it is impossible to determine the correct "price" for anything. There are, however...
  64. amanda.jayne

    Occupy Wall St.

  65. amanda.jayne

    Occupy Wall St.

    If that is the perception, people are grossly misinformed... I have always maintained that in order to earn the right to complain, one must personally take positive, affirmative action to change the situation. Walking past Zuccotti park on a daily basis, I sure hear a lot of complaining...
  66. amanda.jayne

    Occupy Wall St.

    As someone who lives on Wall Street (quite literally) these people have been squatting in my backyard for two weeks!
  67. amanda.jayne

    Learn SQL

    One of the best online resources I've come across is www.sqlzoo.net They provide interactive tutorials/problems for all the major flavors of SQL encompassing all the main building blocks to get you going :)
  68. amanda.jayne

    Top quant finance journals?

    Not exclusively quant but I always enjoy reading Boom, Doom and Gloom's commentary
  69. amanda.jayne

    Gauging Market sentiment

    In a former life, JD Power reports were a source that we used. There are also various surveys, all data providers (Bloomberg, Factset, Thompson, etc) will give you these metrics along with consensus estimates and hi-lo
  70. amanda.jayne

    Gauging Market sentiment

    This can, however backfire... Take the Hathaway effect, for instance ;)
  71. amanda.jayne

    Program Chances

    I would suggest signing into some of the chats, even if you just lurk initially. U of M is just down the street so it shouldn't be a problem to visit. You can often schedule additional ad-hoc visits if you happen to find yourself travelling through one of the cities of the other targets...
  72. amanda.jayne

    Program Chances

    I would disagree. EMU is a known entity - picking up and moving to another school (or city) can be disruptive. Have you spoken with the admissions staff of the MFE programs you are interested in? Most programs will offer some sort of open house and/or online chat where you will have the...
  73. amanda.jayne

    Program Chances

    Don't dwell on this. Great people have come from non-target schools, many for financial or personal reasons were unable to attend a target or ivy. Admissions staff are well aware of this and, as Andy indicated, will credit you for being the big fish in the little pond (and those programs that...
  74. amanda.jayne

    The Worlds First Ultraportable 15.6" Laptop!!??

    And so it is settled: User: What is the best operating system? Cleverbot: Human ingenuity is the best operating system. User: Are macs better than pcs? Cleverbot: Maybe in body structure but not mentally lol. User: Is Linux better than Windows? Cleverbot: Yes. User: Is MacOS better than...
  75. amanda.jayne

    Types of quant job which are available? (Ad's I have seen do not seem to fit what I've read here)

    If you haven't already come across it, Joshi's Quant guide is a good starting point to broadly familiarize yourself with the different quant paths. It was recently updated and now give more current insight into the current market. www.markjoshi.com/downloads/advice.pdf As for interview...
  76. amanda.jayne

    Types of quant job which are available? (Ad's I have seen do not seem to fit what I've read here)

    You have provided little background beyond being a week away from graduationg with an Msc in Physics from Imperial. Careers in finance can be quite broad in terms of both breadth and scope. Insight into your research, outside projects, courses taken as well as mathematics and programming...
  77. amanda.jayne

    Types of quant job which are available? (Ad's I have seen do not seem to fit what I've read here)

    It costs nothing to apply. If a company feels you are qualified they will interview you. If you are hired, does it matter? I've always been of the mindset that if you want something bad enough, you can always find a way of attaining it. Are you looking for a confidence boost or an excuse to...
  78. amanda.jayne

    Matlab online course

    I was responding to ExSan I would expect that Mathworks would qualify as an "accredited institution" at which to take a Matlab class since they develop and sell the software. They do not define who the institution need be accredited by. However, per the comments above, I would ask UCB to refer...
  79. amanda.jayne

    Matlab online course

    Google has a search function. Its really incredible! http://www.mathworks.com/academia/student_center/tutorials/launchpad.html http://ocw.mit.edu/resources/res-18-002-introduction-to-matlab-spring-2008/ http://www.mathworks.com/services/training/elearning/...
  80. amanda.jayne

    God's laptop

    On the topic of available Linux printer drivers, have we resolved the Quantlab wireless printing/account authorization while running Linux issue yet?
  81. amanda.jayne

    God's laptop

  82. amanda.jayne

    God's laptop

    I would boot into windows 7 if: a) I could stay connected to wifi for longer than 20 min or b) I could run computationally moderate programs for more than 30min without a hard crash ;) At this point I suspect it to be a driver (?) issue or an overheat condition. The tech (who's cell number...
  83. amanda.jayne

    God's laptop

    My 2010 Lenovo X201 3249, running Ubuntu 11.04, is on its 4th fan. Just sayin'
  84. amanda.jayne

    Hurricane Irene

    It seems I may have been on to something.... Video: 1 min 35 sec http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/08/28/eveningnews/main20098458.shtml
  85. amanda.jayne

    Hurricane Irene

    MTA Service Advisory SERVICE PLAN FOR MONDAY, AUGUST 29 In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the MTA will provide limited service on Monday, August 29. The MTA's regular fare and toll policy will resume on Monday at 5:00 a.m. New York City Subway With limited exceptions, service will resume...
  86. amanda.jayne

    Hurricane Irene

    Being the conspiracy theorist that I am I don't think this was entirely about a storm.... In any event, post 9/11, all big banks (and most, if not all smaller ones) have made provisions to ensure that essential operations remain uninterrupted during such events. I suppose this is a stellar...
  87. amanda.jayne

    SAT verbal question

    I would think of it this way: The Panama canal is obviously "It" but the sentence, as written, would rather lend itself to a sort of Shakespearean dramatic irony ;) The reader would be left wonder what "It" is until midway through the sentence. Is "It" a boat? a sea monster? only to discover...
  88. amanda.jayne

    Automating my strategies !!

    Jennifer, You may want to look into grey box trading - basically packaged off the shelf (customizable) semi-automated solutions. There are a few vendors out there (I can't think of names off the top of my head and I'm on my phone at the moment but if you google you should be able to find them)...
  89. amanda.jayne

    Hurricane Irene

    Manhattan update: Roads are clear, cabs are $10 per person, per zone!! Otherwise a nice day :)
  90. amanda.jayne

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    The bunnies and the other trailer are working but the two C++ files are not The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported: Im running Ubuntu/Chromium on my laptop. Tapatalk does not support any of the videos, however I could...
  91. amanda.jayne

    Trading Strategies

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_nr_scat_2665_ln?rh=n:2665,k:trading strategies&keywords=trading strategies&ie=UTF8&qid=1314406414&scn=2665&h=5c7b0f000589879a2fdfc55f57ce31d283de0c07#/ref=sr_st?keywords=trading strategies&qid=1314406426&rh=n:283155,n:!1000,n:3,n:2665,k:trading...
  92. amanda.jayne

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    What happened to the bunnies? :(
  93. amanda.jayne

    Trading Strategy

    buy low, sell high. Or read these: http://www.amazon.com/Uncommon-Profits-Writings-Investment-Classics/dp/0471445509/ http://www.amazon.com/Intelligent-Investor-Definitive-Investing-Practical/dp/0060555661/ http://www.amazon.com/Stock-Investing-Dummies-Paul-Mladjenovic/dp/0470401141/
  94. amanda.jayne

    Automating my strategies !!

    When I used to manual trade prop (scalping, for the most part), latency was my biggest issue- Timing flips and getting your fill when the size prints without geeking out was pretty much my Achilles heel. R will easily calculate stats - though for scalps I never got that deep: Look for size in...
  95. amanda.jayne

    Anyone NYC member playing tennis?

    If by 'tennis' you mean ice hockey... ;)
  96. amanda.jayne

    CME Corn and wheat contracts

    Does this help? http://www.cmegroup.com/trading/agricultural/grain-and-oilseed/corn_contract_specifications.html Contract Months/Symbols March (H), May (K), July (N), September (U) & December (Z) Last Trade Date The business day prior to the 15th calendar day of the contract month...
  97. amanda.jayne

    NULL != NULL

    NULL != NULL
  98. amanda.jayne

    MFE vs. MBA in investment banking. (what do MFE guys usualy do)

    Wow. I hear this guy Joshi wrote a guide...
  99. amanda.jayne

    Fewer Perks and More Work for Wall St.’s Summer Interns

    An old manager of mine had a policy: If you complained to him about ANYTHING, it became YOUR job to fix it (legal issues aside, of course) On a personal level I would tend to agree. You are only allowed to complain if you are actively trying to change your situation - in my books, anyhow.
  100. amanda.jayne

    Any Equity Researchers on QuantNet

    What I've seen most often is given an earnings transcript you are asked to write a short recap note. If you are already reading research reports regularly, it is hardly rocket science. Once you've secured an interview, it is helpful to read the analyst's notes if you can get ahold of them. I've...
  101. amanda.jayne

    Any Equity Researchers on QuantNet

    I spent 5+ years doing this for a living. The OP asked for a starting point. What you describe is what the analyst does, not the first year associate in most cases (associates are junior to analysts in ER). Anything beyond what I wrote above (data mining, finding that grey line between...
  102. amanda.jayne

    Any Equity Researchers on QuantNet

    In brief: Income statement Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement Dividend Discount Model Discounted Cash Flow Model EBITDA, NOPLAT, EPS WACC, TCF, APV, FTE - take your pick Rinse. Repeat. Run some ratios. Compare to comps. Pick up a copy of McKinsey's Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of...
  103. amanda.jayne

    CMU MSCF CMU MSCF launches Online program

    This is your perogative The material and textbooks may be the same. The access to professors, research, career services and alumni base may well not be. Again, one is permitted their own discretion to assign appropriate value to these. From my experience attending a 'tier 2' MBA who landed...
  104. amanda.jayne

    CMU MSCF CMU MSCF launches Online program

    Outside of Canada no one knows UdeM, let alone the rest of the world. (or any other school in Canada that ISN'T McGill) Brand names have the ability to more easily open doors that wouldn't otherwise be open to you - some people place a high value on this. Then there's also that prestige thing...
  105. amanda.jayne

    S&P Downgrade Effects

    In other news: U.S. Stocks Post Biggest Gain Since March 2009 ;) http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-08-09/u-s-stock-futures-gain-after-s-p-500-sustains-its-biggest-loss-since-2008.html Perception is everything...
  106. amanda.jayne

    London riots

    Amazon UK aluminum baseball bat sales rise by over 6000% http://money.cnn.com/2011/08/09/technology/amazon_riot/ "This bat is perfectly weighted and will suit any UK shop-owner looking to protect their property," reviewer Harry Fish wrote about the suddenly popular Rucanor bat. "Thanks to the...
  107. amanda.jayne

    S&P Downgrade Effects

    As I said in a previous thread: vegetable garden ;)
  108. amanda.jayne

    S&P Downgrade Effects

    Maybe, maybe not. Every June there is an incident known as the Russell Shuffle - when a large number of names are added or dropped from the index. This tends to constitute the largest trading volume day of the year. For traders, some years it's like christmas in June and some years its much...
  109. amanda.jayne

    New to the Site! Advice!!!!

    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=finance+job+sql 30,600,000 results.... Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. Visual Studio supports different programming languages by means of language services, which allow the code editor and debugger to support (to...
  110. amanda.jayne

    Which Quant Shops Hire Straight Out Of Undergrad?

    I've always been one to go against the grain to get what I want but let's be logical here - one would have to be one heck of a magnificently unique snowflake to step directly into a quant analyst position at a tier-1 shop straight from u/g. Not saying it can't be done, I've seen cases where it...
  111. amanda.jayne

    Apartment hunting in NYC

    Streeteasy Take craigslist with a grain of salt - most listings aren't real
  112. amanda.jayne

    Is MFE the right degree to help one get in risk?

    Are we reading the same quant guide? "1. What does a quant do? A quant designs and implements mathematical models for the pricing of derivatives, assessment of risk, or predicting market movements." "Having a masters degree in Financial mathematics but no PhD tends to lead into jobs in banking...
  113. amanda.jayne

    Why did you choose Quantitative Finance?

    "I wanted to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill"
  114. amanda.jayne

    Databases and SQL- where to start?

    I like the interactive tutorial examples on this site http://sqlzoo.net/ Helped me out tremendously the first day I started learning SQL
  115. amanda.jayne

    Debt ceiling

    By what definition of 'developed'? My take of that chart is a little more negatively biased. Further, one is at liberty to pick their poison: Debt - external: $13.98 trillion (30 June 2010) country comparison to the world: 1 $13.75 trillion (31 December 2008) note: approximately 4/5ths of...
  116. amanda.jayne

    Debt ceiling

    I in no way assumed that they will - I am not an economist, after all. I think you have ignored some costs here. Vegetable garden ;) Still curious as to what assets you are currently hedged with, assuming after all that: Perhaps Im thinking too hard? Foreign investment alone may not...
  117. amanda.jayne

    Debt ceiling

    Care to elaborate? Eternal optimist that I am: Consider a doomsday scenario (not so unlike those toted around in '07/'09 when the viability of the FDIC was called into question alongside everything else that was going on). A US default and subsequent downgrading, in my unprofessional opinion...
  118. amanda.jayne

    Debt ceiling

    With gold? RMB? Bitcoins? Foreign citizenship? Vegetable garden? ... ?? ;)
  119. amanda.jayne

    NYC Drinks - QuantNet meet up?

    Simple solution: When you take a break, swing over for a few minutes - they should have something non-alcoholic ;)
  120. amanda.jayne

    NYC Drinks - QuantNet meet up?

    So very confused....
  121. amanda.jayne

    NYC Drinks - QuantNet meet up?

    I thought it was Sunday?
  122. amanda.jayne

    Is Apple's phenomenal growth good for overall tech Industry?

    My first non-Macintosh "graphical OS" was GEOS. I shunned 3.1 for Geoworks - it was highly superior IMHO :) Windows wasn't properly (buggily) functional for me until 95. At this point Ive learned to work with Windows rather than fight with it. I don't know if this is a viable metric to...
  123. amanda.jayne

    Survey of forum members backgrounds/credibility

    All Baruch students use their real name (or an easily identifiable pseudonym) - all student profiles, past and present, are available here http://mfe.baruch.cuny.edu/student-profiles/
  124. amanda.jayne

    Are these jobs offer real?

    ... and real estate agents' phantom properties! But I digress....
  125. amanda.jayne

    What apps you have on your Android/iPhone?

    iPad: Side by Side (open 2 docs side by side) Instapaper (read webpages offline) iPhone: Misc - Tapatalk, Shazam, Fring, Netflix, Google Voice, Drudge Storage - Dropbox/SpiderOak Travel - NYCMate (MTA maps), Navigon (Best naviagtion app ever!!!), Gasbuddy Games - Plants vs. Zombies +1 :), Cut...
  126. amanda.jayne

    Why dont funds target Yale, Gtech?

    Sure - At Pitt I was the "utilities analyst" for the Katz MBA endowment. Apart from some additional bureaucratic experience, I don't see how this alone would make you "one of the best candidates"....
  127. amanda.jayne

    Why dont funds target Yale, Gtech?

    Not sure what a successful endowment has to do with being a successful finance candidate... Some of the best candidates I've found in any field have come from small private programs and even, yes, second tier ones. Big fish in a little pond, I'd reckon. If you come from a non-target you tend...
  128. amanda.jayne

    New in NYC..

    A nice (clean) place appropriately priced for Aug or Sep 1? 3 days if you are lucky. Best to go looking prepared so you can apply immediately when you find something you like - this means a package with the top 2 pages of your last 2 tax returns, copies of you bank and brokerage statements...
  129. amanda.jayne

    Is Apple's phenomenal growth good for overall tech Industry?

    From a hardware perspective, Apple is an industrial design company - no different than Umbra or BMW. This is what you are paying for. One could argue that their software is better tailored to suit certain demographics... Having been a product designer in a former incarnation I was always...
  130. amanda.jayne

    Is Apple's phenomenal growth good for overall tech Industry?

    Hopefully it fuels innovation among industry comps - something I feel is long overdue. Google's Android platform, for instance. Ref: CE-Oh no he didn't!: Google's Eric Schmidt says competitors are 'responding with lawsuits' instead of innovation
  131. amanda.jayne

    Yet another career advice thread: equity research path path vs. financial engineering path

    The work experience of one is nearly irrelevant to the other. To switch you would be starting over in a junior capacity. Do not pass go, do not collect $200-style.
  132. amanda.jayne

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    It automatically resizes - no distortion, looks nice and crisp. Ill take some screen shots and email to you
  133. amanda.jayne

    Best instrument/method for speculation?

    CFDs don't exist here
  134. amanda.jayne

    Yet another career advice thread: equity research path path vs. financial engineering path

    I would say in the most simplistic terms, yes. There are growth prospects in both fields, again depending on what you want to do. efinancialcareers could be a starting point - with the OPs experience I would blast out resumes directly to all the semi research analysts on the street, see if you...
  135. amanda.jayne

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    How about a return to the old quantnet colors (light grey/offwhite background)? ;) Bright white can be a little... vibrant
  136. amanda.jayne

    Best instrument/method for speculation?

    If the growth rate is less than the risk free rate, you can still "lose" money. Unless Im interpreting this wrong?
  137. amanda.jayne

    Yet another career advice thread: equity research path path vs. financial engineering path

    Completely different career paths. Do you like programming or accounting?
  138. amanda.jayne

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    Working on iPhone and iPad - looks great!
  139. amanda.jayne

    New in NYC..

    Google maps doesn't include service advisories of yet (that I know of) A few years back I got "lost" in Brooklyn - the NYtimes actually covered that "incident"! Seems things have gotten better but still... http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/07/14/led-astray-by-diabolical-subway-notices/...
  140. amanda.jayne

    New in NYC..

    On evenings, weekends and holidays the MTA teams up with Mensa to devise sadistic IQ puzzles. http://www.mta.info/service/ and http://www.hopstop.com/ are your friends. Learn the bus routes.
  141. amanda.jayne

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    I like Finland's approach to speeding tickets ;) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/1759791.stm
  142. amanda.jayne

    Pre market/post market trading

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_hours_trading http://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/afterhours.htm http://www.ehow.com/how_5081815_trade-premarket.html
  143. amanda.jayne

    NYC Drinks - QuantNet meet up?

    Were sitting at the table by the front :) See you guys soon!
  144. amanda.jayne

    Google+ is really awesome.

    The hack is to tag someone is a post eg @[gmail account] that let's them log in without an official invite
  145. amanda.jayne

    Montreal Quants

    Montreal ex-pat - from inception to 1997 ;)
  146. amanda.jayne

    Few thoughts required

    I'd reckon this to be a more efficient approach - http://www.investopedia.com/university/technical/techanalysis4.asp
  147. amanda.jayne

    Few thoughts required

    Buy low, sell high. Buy high, sell low. Rinse. Repeat.
  148. amanda.jayne

    Equity Research Reports

    If you have access to a Bloomberg terminal, Thomson 1, Factset etc some banks allow free access to their research (or if you know someone who is a client of said bank who has access if it is locked). Otherwise, check with your brokerage - if you are a client of TD, UBS etc you can often access...
  149. amanda.jayne

    Career switch from Engineering to Finance/Quant. Am I too old for this?

    Very similar actually. The biggest traits I found were: Humility: Being able to admit to yourself when you are wrong when you are in the process of being wrong Stubbornness: When you fail to take corrective action as per above, avoiding the urge to double down Patience: Being able to accept...
  150. amanda.jayne

    Career switch from Engineering to Finance/Quant. Am I too old for this?

    This is a broad and unfounded assumption. To further Ken's comments above, I can honestly say I learned more about myself during the time I spend trading prop (screen, not HFT) then I had in the 30 years prior. There is no way to fully describe what it is like the first day you go live. In my...
  151. amanda.jayne

    Career switch from Engineering to Finance/Quant. Am I too old for this?

    Really?? Where?? I must have missed that memo ;) My experience with the NYC programs (both full and part-time) has been that I am definitely in that third sigma band. <20% >30yrs would be my guess but I'd be curious. @Andy Nguyen I don't suppose anyone publishes stats on admit age demographics?
  152. amanda.jayne

    Career switch from Engineering to Finance/Quant. Am I too old for this?

    They do exist. On Wall Street such people are called "Rabbi's". Nonetheless, it is still possible to get stabbed in the back. To pass on advice given to me my first week on the Street: trust no one but yourself.
  153. amanda.jayne

    Career switch from Engineering to Finance/Quant. Am I too old for this?

    At 32 I find this industry offers MORE stability than others I've stumbled into, but ymmv. If you feel the need to ask this question (about any industry, really), I would advise against pursuing such a career. Starting out at an analyst level (associate if you're lucky) you will need to do...
  154. amanda.jayne

    Best online virtual stock market?

    We used the Stocktrak software in my MBA program (2005-2006) - they also ran an investment challenge during that timeframe sponsored by eFinancial Careers and Merrill. After flying me in, Merrill politely informed me that I wasn't from a target school and thus would not be considered for...
  155. amanda.jayne

    MFE vs. MS Computer Science?

    Speak of the devil..... An 11th hour reprieve (on some stuff, anyhow)! http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-06-10/sec-will-delay-some-dodd-frank-swaps-measures-as-regulators-take-comments.html You can see the full act here: http://www.sec.gov/about/laws/wallstreetreform-cpa.pdf I would skip to...
  156. amanda.jayne

    MFE vs. MS Computer Science?

    Quite the contrary - Swaps and other products are slated to go exchange ;) The regulations will bring changes to HFT, sure. But build a better mousetrap and you will build a better mouse. I think screen trading would be a shortsighted destination for young ambitious professionals to tap.
  157. amanda.jayne

    Career help

    Yes, intentional career metamorphosis ;)
  158. amanda.jayne

    Career help

    In the 5 years I spent working in front office institutional equity sales and institutional equity research (both on the buy and sell side) I never saw any coding being done - nor did I find anyone even mildly proficient in VBA, let alone any higher level language. There really isn't any need...
  159. amanda.jayne

    MFE vs. MS Computer Science?

    Dodd-Frank.... wait for it ;)
  160. amanda.jayne

    Wall Street Woos Military Veterans

    Two broker dealers (institutional equity sales and research) that I used to work for had a soft spot for ex-military and retired pro/semi pro/D1 varsity athletes - Nearly guaranteed an interview. In part this had to do with SMDs coming from the same background, and in part for the perceived...
  161. amanda.jayne

    Career help

    The OP specified equity research. DCF cash flow analysis is the name of the game here. There is no quant: no math (beyond basic algebra), no programming.
  162. amanda.jayne

    Career help

    MBA (or M.Fin) with concentration in Accounting or Finance + CFA (full charter will exempt you from the series 86) MFE would be mostly irrelevant, PhD would be overkill. You will likely find these forum more suited to CFA/fundamental research/trading/IB chatter...
  163. amanda.jayne

    QuantNet for Android

    +1 tapatalk I prefer it to forumrunner
  164. amanda.jayne

    How many of you are Engineer turned Quants and are happy with your choice?

    Funny, thats how I felt when I was working as an engineer I spent several years working as a design engineer. I would be hard pressed to say I ever created anything (The same holds true for my stints as a manufacturing/process and project engineer) - tho I did spend an awful lot of time alone...
  165. amanda.jayne

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    I was running into hardware errors and warnings in Win 7 Pro (x201 i5 M540 2.53) - eventually just gave up and dual booted. Could have been VMware bugginess or Bios settings (or user ineptitude). When I was poking around user forums it was suggested that it could have been a support issue and...
  166. amanda.jayne

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    I think Alain means the following - You will need a chipset that can handle 64bit (should not be a problem in most modern notebooks) Your main OS needs to be 64-bit (You cannot virtualize 64bit linux in 32bit windows, for instance - this is why I needed to dual-boot and was unable to...
  167. amanda.jayne

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    @Devdeep , there are only a few instances I can think of where I really *needed* windows (vs. Ubuntu) Excel/VBA - I don't know how nicely the new version coming out will play. There are VBA support rumors hovering Visual Studio -most of the class uses this. Unless you code well enough for it...
  168. amanda.jayne

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    Im running an x201 (laptop, not tablet). The screen size has been a limiting factor at times but Ive gotten used to it (for the most part anyhow). Apart from my Lenovo service incidents :mad: it's been great. Weight was a big deal for me - a 17"er is hardly portable... Tho Im a fraction of...
  169. amanda.jayne

    Why aren't there a lot of girls pursuing a MFE degree?

    I would be curious to hear what those 5 things are as well :) @DominiConnor, while at first blush I was a little put off by the theme of your post, on re-read I find myself without a strong enough argument to challenge it... (hats off!) Coming from the flipside of things and having spent...
  170. amanda.jayne

    How to hedge floating interest rates on private loans?

    While it sounds good on paper, I am firmly of the mindset that leveraged ETFs are instruments that are generally misunderstood by non-institutional investors. Read up on the effects of the scheduled rebalancing on expected returns and specifically how such ETFs perform in oscillating markets...
  171. amanda.jayne

    Sending Greek Symbols to Matlab

    It sounded more eloquent than mushroom farmer ;)
  172. amanda.jayne

    Sending Greek Symbols to Matlab

    Insomnia + curiosity + brute force frustration :) I'm just starting to learn Matlab. Interestingly, my C++ compiler recognized the Δ you posted above but mapped it to the lower case (\delta) and Matlab seems to map excel's representation (2206) to a right arrow. 916 appears to be more universal...
  173. amanda.jayne

    Sending Greek Symbols to Matlab

    Edit: Give unicode a shot. The unicode for Delta is 916 Not the most elegant looking thing, but something like this will give you the header youre looking for. EDU>> V = strcat(char(916),'SOC'); EDU>> A = {V,'Header2','Header3'}; EDU>> xlswrite('Book1.xls',A) The char(916) doesn't show up in...
  174. amanda.jayne

    Will clearing CFA help getting admit in MSFE programs?

    The FRM, though less "prestigious" (on a global scale, anyhow) would be more practical/applicable - especially if you intend to take risk classes as part of your MFE (and don't plan to study accounting)
  175. amanda.jayne

    Why aren't there a lot of girls pursuing a MFE degree?

    You have obviously never had the pleasure of being a patron at Robert's Steak House. ;) *Caveat: my background was in equity sales, which I hear is a completely different beast. Absolutely! And here begins the great dichotomy. It might as well be a game of rock, paper, scissors. If you wear...
  176. amanda.jayne

    Why aren't there a lot of girls pursuing a MFE degree?

    I don't think I have done either. Perhaps I was too busy shopping.
  177. amanda.jayne

    Why aren't there a lot of girls pursuing a MFE degree?

    This is a whole different issue. I do not support equal opportunity when physical safety is at risk due to lowered entry requirements. That said, I have seen and met female fire fighters (and military personnel) who have met the exact same physical requirements as their male counterparts...
  178. amanda.jayne

    Why aren't there a lot of girls pursuing a MFE degree?

    WOMEN LEAVING SCIENCE http://www4.gsb.columbia.edu/rt/null?&exclusive=filemgr.download&file_id=29107&rtcontentdisposition=filename%3DAnnePreston_Columbia_conference_paper.pdf Why Do Women Leave Science and Engineering? http://www.mcgill.ca/files/economics/leavescience_all.pdf
  179. amanda.jayne

    Why aren't there a lot of girls pursuing a MFE degree?

    I'll be gentle ;) Aside, I applaud you for stepping up and refuting my comments. Its refreshingly unconvetional! When you are the first to go down a particular path, whatever path that is, it is often met with scepticisim and support from friends and family is seldom dolled out blindly. I...
  180. amanda.jayne

    Why aren't there a lot of girls pursuing a MFE degree?

    Rather than propagating unfounded sexist assumptions about the reasons behind (and looks of!!) women pursuing/not pursuing such careers, you might be better served seeking out women who have succeded in these roles. Many of the women I've encountered, both working as an engineer...
  181. amanda.jayne

    Columbia Housing

    Check the rentals here: http://streeteasy.com/nyc/rentals
  182. amanda.jayne

    Tutorials on quantitative finance

    stud·ding (stdng) n. 1. a. The wood framework of a wall or partition. b. Lumber cut for studs. 2. Something with which a surface is studded. :confused:
  183. amanda.jayne

    Attilio Meucci - 2010 Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management

    August 15-20, 2011 More information is available here: http://symmys.com/arpm-bootcamp Brochure: http://symmys.com/sites/default/files/2011_ARPM_Brochure.pdf
  184. amanda.jayne

    NY MoMath museum aims to add to math appreciation - WSJ

    I think a field trip may be in order ;) The proposed space rendering looks cool...
  185. amanda.jayne

    NY MoMath museum aims to add to math appreciation - WSJ

    Interesting.... Online: http://momath.org/ "Mathematics illuminates the patterns that abound in our world. The Museum of Mathematics strives to enhance public understanding and perception of mathematics. Its dynamic exhibits and programs will stimulate inquiry, spark curiosity, and reveal the...
  186. amanda.jayne

    Poker player, considered a good or bad thing?

    It also depends on how, and in what context, you are bringing it up. Like everything else, space on a resume is at a premium and listing cliche 'activities' are often frowned upon as they add little to no value. Do you stand out in any way? Accomplished anything significant? Have you competed...
  187. amanda.jayne

    Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB

    Agree, and adding to what Dibbs said, it wasn't very helpful for a novice user either. It was quite short and more of a showcase on what Matlab can do but enjoyable all the same. The free breakfast and demo files provided after the seminar made it worthwhile :)
  188. amanda.jayne

    Interesting app - Write code from iphone/ipad (!!)

    Codetogo - more info here http://pinkeh.com/iphone/apps/codetogo It has its limitations, but a step in the right direction anyhow :) I've yet to try loading an existing file (and expect to run into problems since there is no input UI at runtime) but Im having fun playing around with it. Since...
  189. amanda.jayne

    Why am i getting american option prices lower than european prices?

    Offhand, check your random numbers?
  190. amanda.jayne

    Lenovo T420

    Even 6 business days is more than a week (Lenovo quoted me 10 business days) - Not possible during exams when it's your only computer. Further, on site service != shipping to a service center - Lenovo doesn't seem to grasp this concept :( I was hoping they could fix all 3 on the same day...