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    Data Science Bootcamp programs

    Data Science and Big Data is all the talk these days. For folks interested in this field, I put together a list of all the major players in the Data Science bootcamp space. They seem to be clustered in San Francisco and New York . This list doesn't include any of the university programs...
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    A High Frequency Trader's Apology, Pt 1

    Saw this on HN, good read... A High Frequency Trader's Apology, Pt 1
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    Congress: Trading stock on inside information?

    Interesting 60 minutes clip
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    Is it always a good idea to tell recruiters the other companies you're interviewing with? I just interviewed at BofA and the recruiter asked if I have any deadlines they need to be aware of. I told them, no deadlines at this point but I'm also interviewing at Company X and Company Y.
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    mathy shows

    I'm curious what folks are watching these days. I started looking at Numb3rs which I think is interesting. In the episodes I've seen, the protagonist used a combination of facility location algorithms, neural nets and some machine learning to catch the bad guy.:D
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    Thoughts on U of Washington Comp. Finance program

    Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on U of Washington's Computational Finance program. It is basically a new program housed in the Applied Math dept which is top ranked. The program seems to focus on R and very little C++ (at least this is the impression you get from the website). It...
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    scheduling a cron job in python??

    I was wondering if somewhere here has experience doing cron jobs in python. I have a script that basically scrapes data from a website and writes the data to a file. The script should write about 60K records to file if everything goes smoothly, but this hasn't happened yet. After about 1000...
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    Python GUI development

    Just wondering what folks use for GUI development in python : wx, QT, GTK or traits
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    Ubuntu netbooks

    Anyone have any personal experience with this Ubuntu netbook http://www.system76.com/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=105
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    ScipY 2011

    Any Quantnet members going for this http://conference.scipy.org/scipy2011/index.php
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    Convert xml file to a database table...any hints

    I'm trying to convert an xml file to a mysql database table, but for some reason I'm running into roadblocks I've poured over online documentations / blogs but haven't been able to figure it. Any hints will be appreciated . I am on an ubuntu box 10.04, with mysql 5.1.41
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    Hacker Dojo offering Machine Learning/ Big Data / Map Reduce course

    For those of you interested, Hacker Dojo is offering a machine learning on Big Data / map reduce course. This is from the course description For more details visit http://machinelearningbigdata.eventbrite.com/ For folks not living close to the Bay Area, there is a teleconference option enjoy
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    Movie Bar Codes

    I thought this was quite interesting.... entire movies compressed into single bar codes http://moviebarcode.tumblr.com/
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    For Data mining and Machine Learning Enthusiasts

    I recently discovered http://www.kaggle.com , and I'm participating in some of the competitions listed and just wanted to share. If you're interest in building machine learning and data mining algos , this is a good place to test / train that skillset. Be warned, you're competing against...
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    IBM 'Watson' vs Jeopardy Champions

    I thought this was quite interesting. Reminds me of how IBM 'Deep Blue' bested Chess Grandmaster Kasparov a couple years ago Watson cleaned the house
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    $150 /barrel Oil anyone?

    With the recent happenings in North Africa and with some of the middle east in "revolution" mode...does $150 / barrel Oil look feasible in the next few weeks / months. If things get worse in Egypt and the Suez canal is closed...we'd be lucky if it doesn't get close to $200
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    statistics.com courses

    I was wondering if anyone here has participated in any of these courses Statistics.com Course Catalog. I've looked everywhere and just found a few bad reviews from a couple years ago. It seems to be a cheap alternative (about $200 - $400 per course if you are a student) to learn new skills.
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    Wearing glasses can improve job prospects

    I thought this was interesting... Wearing glasses can improve job prospects
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    WikiLeaks to target major U.S. bank next

    This should be interesting WikiLeaks to target major U.S. bank next: report
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    Hadoop, NoSQL db's in Finance

    I'm just curious as to how prevalent Hadoop and NoSQL db's are in finance in general and in quant circles?
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    Comic Relief - GPU vs CPU

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    R buckling under stress

    I found a .csv dataset that is fairly clean, and had some trouble loading it into R. The dataset has about half a million observations and 10 variables. Initially it took about 5 minutes to get the data in R, after which I could run some stats on the data... On a second try I cleared my...
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    Apress.com Tech eBooks (pdf) for $10

    Check out the Daily book deal from apress.com They sell an ebook [pdf] version of a random Apress book for $10 each day. http://www.apress.com/info/dailydeal If you already have an Apress book, you can also buy an ebook version of the book for $10 too...enjoy Also see the apress.com catalog...
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    Four Figure Table nostalgia

    I just ran into a copy of a four figure table, and it reminded me of the good old high school days. For reference, a four figure table is a book with mathematical tables for things like sin(x), log(x), probability distributions, etc.. It was mandatory in national exams (no calculators). We...
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    INFORMS Competitions

    Informs competitions Current Competitions
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    HPC : Top 500 supercomputer List.

    Very interesting graphic om BBC about supercomputers BBC News - In graphics: Supercomputing superpowers Two Chinese supercomputers cracked the top 10 this year BBC News - China aims to be become supercomputer superpower BBC News - Alternative supercomputer powers Here the top 500 list...
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    Datasim NYC C++ course for MSc, Phd and MFE students with Daniel Duffy

    Datasim NYC C++ course for MFE, MSc and Phd students with Daniel Duffy Datasim has an upcoming course in NYC taught by Dr. Duffy. Datasim Financial Forums | View topic - C++ course for MSc, Phd and MFE students with Daniel Duffy Datasim Financial | Resources for Computational Finance |
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    Any thoughts on growth of electronic trading in emerging markets?

    I was wondering if anyone here had any insights or experience on the growth of quantitative trading in emerging markets in Africa like Johannesburg, Cairo-Alexandra, Casablanca and Lagos. Most of these exchanges just made the transition to electronic around the turn of the millennium..
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    US Expats giving up Citizenship

    Interesting article...More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship - NYTimes.com . and you're still on the hook to Uncle Sam for old tax bills even though you renounce your citizenship
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    Datasim Financial Distance Learning Courses

    Just wondering if anyone has taken any of the Datasim Financial DL courses. Some of them seem to cover a lot of depth. I see this as an alternative to some mfe programs refresher courses. Andy, can you lobby for a reasonable quantnet discount, this might be something folks might be interested...
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    10 websites I visit every day

    Google Google News QuantNetwork BBC - Homepage The New York Times - Breaking News, World News Multimedia Python Programming Language -- Official Website Online Alarm Clock Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs more Project Euler Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM)
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    New QN font face does not look good

    The new QN font face does not look good..am I the only one who noticed ???
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    MIT OCW is a real gem

    I used this site a lot back in the day, sometimes as a substitute to some of the classes I was taking at my college. The quality of the instruction is very good. I'm salivating over a few of the new courses they have up now Free Online Course Materials | MIT OpenCourseWare ...thanks for sharing, MIT
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    Comic Relief

    Just came across this site http://brokershandsontheirfacesblog.tumblr.com/
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    How do you understand/appreciate math on a more philosophical level?

    I have been wondering how someone can really understand math on a more philosophical level... I would assume most people are exposed to 'plug and chugg' or 'formulaic' math/calculus in their college years. When you hear that the second derivative is 1 or the integral is 0, how does that...
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    The playing field is never level ..or is it?

    I learnt this sad but true fact a few years ago when I was a TA for a physics prof in his sophomore level physics based calculus class. This prof had his 8th grade kid attend class, and do all the homework and exams, and remarkably this kid always had scores in the top 15% of the class. Of...
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    What is the true half - life of a bachelors degree?

    I've been thinking about this for a while as I find myself not using all the hard skills accumulated in school in my current job, and know of many others that ended up in completely different fields than they studied in school. A lot of schools now offer the BS/MS five year option for many...
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    Quants to testify in Congress

    Interesting article http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2009/09/09/70921/the-black-swan-battle-is-about-to-begin/
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    Jobless graduate sues school

    Apparently the graduate is pissed off they can't get a job after buring through a wad of cash to get through school http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8180806.stm . She probably got off lucky, I know people that ended up about 150k in the red , because of some over priced college degree...
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    Informercial King Billy Mays-50 found dead

    I'm starting to think these recent celebrity deaths are not as random as they appear
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    Implement rating system in the Master Reading List

    Andy, I was wondering if there was a way to implement some sort of rating system for the Master Reading List on QuantNet. I know, I for one am going bankrupt buying books on Amazon. At least according to mint.com, I've spent more on books from amazon than entertainment and shopping combined...
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    Jon Stewart lashing out at CNBC, Cramer

    Got a kick from the March 4 Daily Show episode... The Daily Show Full Episode | Wednesday Mar 4 2009 | Comedy Central Apparently Jim Cramer will be a guest on the Daily Show on Thursday...should be interesting
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    VBA web query question

    I'm trying to code up an application in VB to pull information from password protected sites. Say I want to pull my balance from my account or information from my scottrade account, etc...I know you can parse tables in websites with the aid of web query, but I have hit a road block, and would...
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    Simons's Medallion Fund up 80% in 2008

    It wouldn't hurt if James Simons divulges his black box strategy for his Medallion Fund. In a year where most funds finished with double digit losses, his Medallion Fund was up 80%.... http://www.iimagazine.com/Alpha/Articles/2088123/FEATURES/Medallion_Glitters.html
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    Very Good Career Guide for finance/banking

    I came across this guide to careers in finance/ banking, and I thought it would be extremely helpful in helping some folks to gain some visibility about careers Thanks
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    Interesting blog article

    I was looking at my blog which I hadn't visited for at least 6 months now, and came across one of my earlier blog entries (Dec 07). I thought it would be an interesting read and so I wanted to share it with y'all....enjoy reading
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    Excellent time to get into stock market

    With the stock market taking a nose dive and shedding its value...I believe this is a good time to get in and buy up stocks on the cheap...I had the opportunity to participate in the CNBC million dollar portfolio challenge this summer, and after trading on real stocks with virtual money for...
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    financial WMD's

    Take your pick, sub-prime or exotic derivatives no one really understands.....even Lehman CEO didn't see them comming...That not withstanding I believe a lot of folks are reeling in a lot cash by short selling , etc...
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    Bad time to get into financials?

    Wow..i'm wondering how much longer the wall street onslaught will continue...LB facing failure and ML on the verge of being bought..I would guess with all the fracas going on..getting an entry level job on the street would be really difficult....Do you guys have any idea about hiring stats...
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    How I [will become] a Quant

    Howdy y'all Before I start, I must say I have been lurking around in the shadows on Quantnet for a while now...I came across this forum about two months ago and I must commend all you folks for doing such a marvelous job. I 'm almost half way across the country but I feel I know y'all...