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    Modelling Electricity Prices

    Hi all, I am trying to find a way to model electricity prices and I don't really know where to start. I have some of the main characteristics of electricity : 1. Very cyclical (hourly basis, but also seasonality) 2. Very sensitive to instant supply & demand Does anybody have experience with...
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    U of T MMF : Looking for a place to stay?

    Hi guys, I will be done my master's in july and I need to move back home to start a job. To all the U of T MMF future students, this means that all my furniture is for sale and possibly, you could even more into my current apartment (1-person bachelor apartment). I live twenty minutes walk...
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    Foreign Currency Model help

    Hey guys. I am running a currency model here and I'm trying to compare my MC results with analytical formulas. The problem is that I am having a hard time finding the analytical variance. The model is as follows : USD follows : r_usd(t) = x(t) + phi_usd(t) , where dx(t) = -alpha*x(t)*dt +...
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    Snooki invited to Rutgers U.

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    E-Mail App with Sync feature

    Hi guys, I would like to install an e-mail software that enables me to sync my e-mails between two computers. I have looked up up the function for outlook 2010, but this seems to be only doable by copying a file from a computer to another (this meaning that you lose e-mails that have been...
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    Best browser out there

    Hi guys, So i've just installed windows 7 on one of my computers. I'm used to running a mac with safari / firefox, and I would like to know what is the best browser out there to run on win 7 ? Thank you.
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    Dual Screen Setup

    Hi guys, i'm looking to install a dual screen setup for my computer. I've seen many options, such as : dual output dvi graphic cards, DVI cable splitters, etc.. I need your advice on what kind of setup is the best in your opinion ? Thank you,
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    Commodity Short Hedge

    Hi guys, I've got a basic question about commodity futures and producers. I've read this article : FT Press: Basic Training: A Futures Primer > A hedging example which has got me a bit confused. I thought that commodity future were settled with the future. From what i've been reading in the...
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    VAR Conditional Forecast S+/Matlab

    Hi guys, so I'm trying to program a function that will do conditional forecasts on a var (Vector autoregression). Basically I have two variables (100 data of each), and I've computed my parameters for my VAR with a lag of 3. Now, I would like to fix my forecast for one variable and then...
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    na.rm command in R

    Hi guys, is there an equivalent command to na.rm when summing in MATLAB ? Thank you. ---------- Post added at 02:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:45 PM ---------- I believe i've found my answer. command nansum() works fines. Thank you.
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    Q Equational Programming Language

    Hey guys, I've been talking with some person I know that works at a major bank in London. He's been talking to me about Q which is a programming language I've never heard of before. Any of you guys had any experience using Q ?
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    Toronto MathFin UofT MMF Students

    Students for 2010-2011 : Manifest yourselves!
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    Transition from R to MATLAB

    Hi guys, I'll be interviewing for an internship with a big firm tommorow, one of the tasks i'll have to perform includes reprogramming certain S+ and R code into MATLAB code. I have not yet been able to ask about why they were switching (I certainly plan on it tommorow). In the meantime, do...
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    PS3 supercomputer

    Astrophysicist Replaces Supercomputer with a Cluster of Eight PlayStation 3s
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    Baruch MFE TOEFL requirements

    Hi guys, I'm currently finishing my baruch application. I've read somewhere that the TOEFL was no longer necessary, but i cannot remember if it is only for students who have attended US schools. I am from Quebec, and I went to a french school. Question is : Do i need to send in my TOEFL...