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    UVa data science vs UIUC MSFE

    You're comparing two different things though there is some overlap. The important question is what do you want to do? If you're interested in building data pipelines, predictive modeling, machine learning, etc then Data Science may be the way to go. Though there is some overlap in skills...
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    Data Science Bootcamp programs

    Unfortunately, there are only a few universities building their Data Science / Analytics programs the right way. I won't name names but you probably want to stay away from some of the programs popping up. It almost feels like a few years ago when MFE programs where popping up everywhere and...
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    Data Science Bootcamp programs

    Northwestern graduated its first class last year and the stats from their website show almost perfect placement by graduation. Have you tried contacting each of the students from that graduating class. ? You could probably find them on Linkedin. You should also check out NC State Analytics...
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    If quit PhD?

    You know your situation best.. but from the information you've provided... you can always defer your MFE admission or even apply to other programs. If you leave the PhD program, I would imagine, they won't let you come back and finish up later. You need to figure out what's most important to...
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    Data Science Bootcamp programs

    Data Science and Big Data is all the talk these days. For folks interested in this field, I put together a list of all the major players in the Data Science bootcamp space. They seem to be clustered in San Francisco and New York . This list doesn't include any of the university programs...
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    Paper trading and quantitative analysis

    The PerformanceAnalytics package could also be useful.. most of the packages have pdf tutorials on rcran. Also checkout r-forge
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    Amazon ‘robo-pricing’ sparks fears

    I thought this was interesting.. $800 for the book
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    R Programming language?

    I'm working on a project, where I have to recode / impute categorical variables. On a 2046 x 11 test dataset, R took somewhere between 15 - 30 secs on average. I recoded that part in Bash and it gets the same job done in about a second. That said, R does have its strong points : easy EDA...
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    A few noob questions

    This is not a deal breaker...I'm sure you could probably understand at least 75% of the book on a first read
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    Florida not a target school

    At the very least, they should have tried to merged it with EE, instead of doing away with it.
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    Florida not a target school

    Reprehensible...but entirely logical
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    [May 11, 2012] R In Finance Conference (Chicago, IL)

    I'll be in Chicago for this conference... any other quantnet folks going?
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    COMPARE Georgia Tech's MS QCF and NTU's MS FE, which one will be better choice

    You are comparing Apples and Oranges. Two different programs, two different continents. You need to answer this question -> Where do you want to start your first job, post masters? Once you do, your choice should become apparent
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    Do you want to learn Stat Arb/Quant Trading?

    Definitely interested if there will be an online option for the class
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    A few noob questions

    This will give you a bird's eye view of the industry, major players, areas, etc.. The Complete Guide to Capital Markets...
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    A High Frequency Trader's Apology, Pt 1

    Saw this on HN, good read... A High Frequency Trader's Apology, Pt 1
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    How should I network while interning in Chicago?

    For starters, these events could be helpful http://www.rinfinance.com/ http://datawithoutborders.cc/ There is probably a lot more going on in Chicago
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    Offer Negotiation

    My guess is that they offered you a standard contract+base $. Do you have other offers / better packages on hand to negotiate with? If you don't, are you ready to walk away if they don't change their mind? Funny story, a friend of mine once tried to negotiate his base salary on an offer without...
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    Rutgers MSMF Rutgers MSMF Placement

    Famous for what? ... I'm curious
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    COMPARE Deciding between Carnegie Mellon+30000 and Georgia Tech (no money)

    At face value CMU appears to have better exit opportunities than GTech. The CMU program has been around for more than a decade so they're running a well-oiled machine. As far as QFinance/US goes, CMU appears to have the stronger program but GTech is known for its excellent Engineering programs...
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    You might be better off taking another year and applying to schools with better career services and established relationships with potential employers. With either of the schools listed, it will be an uphill battle.
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    So when will MFEs join the Udacity experiment?

    MFEs are a cash machine for a lot of schools. Doubt they'll be giving that education away for freee anytime soon.
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    COMPARE Stanford FinMath or CMU MSCF with scholarship

    Just curious, did you apply to UC Berkeley? Since you were competitive enough for CMU and Stanford, UCB is probably not outside the range of possibilities. Though each of the programs mentioned above have a certain profile they look for. That said, the placement numbers coming out of UCB is...
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    Is Law School a Losing Game?

    This appears to be happening more often. Jobless law school grads suing school Link
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    Check out eLance and oDesk
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    Congress: Trading stock on inside information?

    Interesting 60 minutes clip
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    Black Friday wishlist

    Woot is another option
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    Programming competition thread

    This may be what you had in mind Algorithm Trading Competition
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    financial engineering and algo trading

    http://depts.washington.edu/compfin/academics/courses/ AMATH 551 Foundations of Trading Systems
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    Occupy Wall St.

    If that customer was not with the OWS folks, she should get a really good lawyer and sue. Where is Phoenix Jones when you need a super hero to come to the rescue.:D
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    Mac laptop

    What's your price range ?
  32. A

    Some basic questions about the interviews

    Some places may hire you for what you're good at and then let you learn the finance part while on the job
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    RIP Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

    He will be missed
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    List of sample questions for Quant Interviews

    Question #1 (statistics) You can also do a QQ plot where you compare the distribution against a normal distribution, draw a line through you the points plotted. If all your points lie on this straight line then your distribution is normal. This is gives you a visual of normality, also you can...
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    iPad, do you iWant?

    I like what Amazon has done with the kindle.. I'll probably be waiting for version 2.0 of the Fire. If history is any guide, v2.0 will come with a price cut and more features (..like a front/back camera). Mr Bezos, please slash the price on the DX
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    House Harkonnen - the Dune discussion

    I read Dune back in 2001, it seems a re-read is in order. I've forgotten some of the more subtle plots/twists
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    It seems like folks are just reading too much into the rankings. Read the ranking methodology and take what you like from the ranking... you could look at it as a guide or absolute truth on every count. At the end of the day, the #1 program on your personal ranking should be the program that is...
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    This thread may add to this discussion.
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    House Harkonnen - the Dune discussion

    If memory serves me right, Alia was more feared than Paul as she had tasted the Spice while still in the womb. I don't remember if she had to go thorough the Gom Jabbar test
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    House Harkonnen - the Dune discussion

    Gom Jabbar The Reverend Mothers Duncan Idaho Alia Mentat training Fremen Paul Muad'Dib Spice I believe Scifi channel made a mini series a couple years ago. Really excited to see I'm not the only one who loves this classic
  41. A

    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    We should probably take this to a separate thread... I've read Dune and Children of Dune. Paul Muad'Dib was always my favorite character. Hoping to read the rest of the series in the not too distant future
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    I was interviewed by an SVP, and I thought it was a good idea to tell him since he brought it up. The roles are similar, Data Quant at the SF startup and Software Dev at BofA and the Seattle company
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    Sanket, I have been searching for fellow Frank Herbert fans
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    This is an MFE ranking and not a general university ranking
  45. A


    Company X and Company Y are San Francisco and Seattle based tech companies respectively
  46. A


    Is it always a good idea to tell recruiters the other companies you're interviewing with? I just interviewed at BofA and the recruiter asked if I have any deadlines they need to be aware of. I told them, no deadlines at this point but I'm also interviewing at Company X and Company Y.
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    NYU student with 100K loan

    You can never run from these students loans, but still I talk to people that didn't bother exhausting other options like grants and scholarships, before jumping on the loan bus.
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    You are questioning someone's credibility while hiding behind a computer screen name ... very well played
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    You are entitled to your opinions but not to your facts. Can you substantiate the above claim?
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    It seems the ranking was done based on the data provided. One thing I'd like to know is who responded and who didn't
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    This would be a bit difficult especially if some program don't release their data.
  52. A

    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    I would also like to see the raw scores for each school
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    How much will a MFE help in breaking into quant finance for Engineering PhD from a top institution

    Have you tried applying for quant jobs or contacting recruiters? If you have, what type of feedback are you getting. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Also, this is a good starting point
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    Any good book on Machine Learning?

    Since you seem to use R, you'll probably like the first book alain recommended better. The implementations in the second book is in python, and you'll have to handle a bit more math in the second book
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    Guess the new 2011 MFE rankings!!

    why is Minnesota at the top of your list? .. curious
  56. A

    Guess the new 2011 MFE rankings!!

    edge of your seat suspense..anticipation... whatever effect Andy was going for.. it is working. Very curious if there are any big surprises this year ... other than the number of ranked schools doubling to 50+
  57. A

    Guess the new 2011 MFE rankings!!

    I noticed this too..by looking at the names on the website... seems like you have inside info about JHU.
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    Which Department to Apply?

    You might want to PM the OP of this thread
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    LaTex question

    \sum_{k=1}^{X^{n}} k^{2} \(\sum_{k=1}^{X^{n}} k^{2}\)
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    Sample quant resumes out of Grad school

    This is just a sample from NYU Math Finance. Your best bet is looking at profiles on linkedin, or checking out sites of schools with FE programs to see if the make their resume book available
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    Stanford Online AI

    tweet from @aiclass
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    President's speech a success ?

    Right now probably not.. but it would be nice if an option like this existed. Back in undergrad days, I had worked with some friends on projects that probably could have been viable if they were brought to market. Anyway, everyone eventually got jobs, got on H1, the group disbanded and the...
  63. A

    President's speech a success ?

    In the widely anticipated Jobs speech, I was really hoping the President would pull out all the stops and come out firing on all cylinders. But this episode seems all like deja vu (basically a stimulus 2.0 that will give just a temporary jolt to economy). I was really hoping the Start Up Visa...
  64. A

    Events on the West Coast

    You may like the crowd at Hacker Dojo
  65. A

    Program Chances

    If you can transfer into a top 10-15 MATH / CS Dept .. do it. If it costs you no more an extra year in College...in the grand scheme of things this will not really matter. If you're really thinking of transferring, inter-state / region transfers are probably easier. Have you looked at Univ. of...
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    Stanford Online AI

    Prof Ng is also doing a Machine Learning variant. I've signed up for the AI basic and plan to do the Machine Learning advanced.
  67. A

    Matlab online course

    Taking one Matlab course (if you can find it) will probably not make you very proficient at Matlab.. Doing a big project (2K to 5K lines using different modules) will probably be more helpful or go to Project Euler and solve every problem using Matlab. These suggestions may not be useful as you...
  68. A

    Guide to MFE book

    FYI.. Mark Joshi has an updated Becoming a Quant guide here
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    What phone do you have?

    Seems like they read my mind ... I basically want the biggest screen I can get away with on a phone and the Galaxy Note 5.3' fits right up that alley. See another video here
  70. A

    mathy shows

    I'm curious what folks are watching these days. I started looking at Numb3rs which I think is interesting. In the episodes I've seen, the protagonist used a combination of facility location algorithms, neural nets and some machine learning to catch the bad guy.:D
  71. A

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    works fine on Ubuntu 11.04/chrome and imac/safari
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    God's laptop

    Seems like PC manufacturers are making better quality computers these days... Before I migrated to Mac, I had been a PC user. My Gateway and HP laptops both died on me before they hit the two year mark
  73. A

    God's laptop

    I also look at resale value... I just sold my 2 year old Mac Book Pro for 85% of the original sticker price. Try selling a 6 month old PC, you'd be lucky if you get half of what you paid for it
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    Legalize illegal immigration, YES or NO

    It seems like the Dems are running on blanks Government will stop deporting some illegal immigrants, allow them to work . Considering the last serious push on immigration reform was by GWB, the Dems probably won't touch the issue until they secure reelection in 2012
  75. A

    Artificial Intelligence Textbooks?

    Also see Free Machine learning Intro by Prof Ng Free Database Intro by Prof Widom You can already download some of Prof Ng's machine learning videos from itunesU. Nice to nice stanford is offering some of these free courses online
  76. A

    Is it this bad?..the economy

    I think the concept of 'credit' is a double edged sword... if only people bought things they could truly afford we wouldn't be in this mess. The last place I lived in, everyone dealt in hard cash as there are no systems that will track you / your SSN / credit history if you refuse to pay up...
  77. A

    CMU MSCF CMU MSCF launches Online program

    MSCF ONLINE ....they emphasize the 'online' part
  78. A

    S&P Downgrade Effects

    Hello 2008
  79. A

    Thoughts on U of Washington Comp. Finance program

    Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on U of Washington's Computational Finance program. It is basically a new program housed in the Applied Math dept which is top ranked. The program seems to focus on R and very little C++ (at least this is the impression you get from the website). It...
  80. A

    Entry quant job help

    Your career services might be a good place to look first. Your location is probably an obvious disadvantage.
  81. A

    Debt ceiling

  82. A

    Debt ceiling

    Politics is also a career. These people will try to stay as long as they can. When they do leave, the exit opportunities are pretty awesome... six and seven figure gigs at consulting companies, think tanks, etc ... This happens around the globe. This is easier said than done You need hard...
  83. A

    Joined Michigan, now UCB.. what to do?

    This might be helpful The Big Switch: Reasons I Chose Baruch MFE
  84. A

    Joined Michigan, now UCB.. what to do?

    Some MFEs don't allow you to transfer-in credits. Also, you need to figure out which one ( Michigan FE+network or UCB FE+network) will help you get to where you want to go. What do you plan to do after graduation? S&T, Quant Dev, etc Where do you want to work? Midwest, East Coast, West Coast...
  85. A

    Legalize illegal immigration, YES or NO

    You are taking this off topic.... From your tone, it seems you're suggesting that illegals sit on their hands all day doing nothing and expecting handouts.
  86. A

    Legalize illegal immigration, YES or NO

    The children tend to become the victims here... deporting them would be tantamount to sending them to a foreign land they have no memory of and little or no connections to. The real choices that have to be made are never really that clear cut You call it "cheat", but some other people may...
  87. A

    Legalize illegal immigration, YES or NO

    First, I take it that you are familiar with the goals of the "Dream Act". So let's look at a hypothetical scenario here - some guys' parents moved to the US illegally with the entire family and he was 2 years old at the time.... fast forward 10 years later he realizes he's an illegal when he is...
  88. A

    What phone do you have?

    iPhone 3GS ... looking to switch to Samsung Galaxy S II. If Samsung and which ever carrier they plan to use don't get their act together by September then I'll move on to iPhone 5
  89. A

    Are these jobs offer real?

    Just curious... do HH's have to pay to post jobs on sites like quantfinancejobs.com and the like? If they're just amassing resumes, there are probably better ways of doing it without posting phantom jobs.
  90. A

    scheduling a cron job in python??

    Yes, it's a single python script.. I'm following links from the main page and going five levels deep to get the data. I'm currently using urllib2 and BeautifulSoup to get the links and eventually get to the data tags..five levels down. The url links are actually dynamic, so I don't know exactly...
  91. A

    scheduling a cron job in python??

    I was wondering if somewhere here has experience doing cron jobs in python. I have a script that basically scrapes data from a website and writes the data to a file. The script should write about 60K records to file if everything goes smoothly, but this hasn't happened yet. After about 1000...
  92. A

    Is Master the new Bachelor degree?

    solution -> force all schools to inflate which normalizes things (of course, this will never happen). At school A the maximum GPA is 4.3/4.0 and school B 4.0/4.0. If John Doe's GPA from school B is rescaled to school's A standard he ends up with a higher GPA... but my guess is a good majority...
  93. A

    Is Master the new Bachelor degree?

    this thread was started a while ago : What is the true half - life of a bachelors degree? Interesting to see these topics keep coming up
  94. A

    Is Master the new Bachelor degree?

    Back in the day you could easily get by, get a decent job and raise a family with a high school degree.
  95. A

    Amazon Announces E-Textbook Rentals

    Publishers, Universities and Authors should share blame for this. I walked by the bookstore a few days ago and saw an Intro to Economics book with a $265 price tag. To make matters worse, the book was produced for a particular professor/class. I learnt from the service reps that books like that...
  96. A

    Amazon Announces E-Textbook Rentals

    I see people gaming this. Rent a book, extract the contents to pdf and then return book. Unless they won't let you return the book till your lease ends. This is just another very profitable business model... I see for some books, it costs up to half of the paperback price to rent for a few months
  97. A

    More Indian Students Go to Canadian Colleges

    This article strikes the cord at the US problem... I have countless friends who left their H1 sponsored jobs and subsequently moved up North. Obviously, Canada is doing something right.
  98. A

    More Indian Students Go to Canadian Colleges

    Joy, I was waiting for this .. lol :D
  99. A

    Universities or visa mills?

    The blame goes around. These schools shouldn't have been given the authority to issue I-20's
  100. A

    ScipY 2011

  101. A

    ScipY 2011

    He's doing his PhD in Statistics at Duke.. from his talk this morning he's still the main developer
  102. A

    ScipY 2011

    I'm at the Scipy conference and there is a panel discussion with Wes Mckinney (AQR , pandas author), Travis Oliphat ( Enthought, Numpy Author, Scipy Founding contributor), Henry Ward (Secondsight founder), Eric Weinstein (Natron Group, mathematician) as moderators. If you have any burning...
  103. A

    U. Hawaii MSFE- Any thoughts?

    I think it's odd they have you do an internship at the end of the program. Shouldn't you be preparing to get into a full time gig at that point. Most programs have another semester/session after the internship period.
  104. A

    A way to get MS Computer Science for FREE

    The cost of an education is one thing that has kept going up year after year after year even though technology exists to help reduce costs and make education cheaper. Maybe that's the real culprit here. The OP is probably going to extremes to get that free MS If someone somewhere is willing to...
  105. A

    Unpaid internships

    I'm curious how this is possible?? Even biologist and chemists get to do some serious programming these days. One off case maybe?
  106. A

    Wall Street "Programmer" Jobs

    As I understand it, a lot of these postings are phantom postings.. the jobs don't exist or are already filled
  107. A

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    Okay, this is very funny
  108. A

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    I'm no fan, but I actually think she should run for the nomination. This will put her ideas to the test.
  109. A

    NYU POLY review?

    Even ninjas can still learn a trick or two.
  110. A

    NYU POLY review?

    Your environment plays a big role in your development. If you're surrounded by rockstars and ninjas, chances are that you are more likely to become better yourself.
  111. A

    Unpaid internships

    Living in NY for a entire year would probably cost you at least $20k in living+feeding expenses. Should this even be legal??
  112. A

    Unpaid internships

    Everyone's situation is different. People have their reasons for doing these unpaid internships. It could be to break-in , connections, etc.
  113. A

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    This is absolutely bare minimum.. website with relevant and updated info. Maybe you should also suggest the program director come read some of the comments here.
  114. A

    Ten Tips for a (Slightly) Less Awful Resume

    Got a good laugh reading the blog post. Some interesting quotes from the page
  115. A

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    It seems you have your mind set on Fox. Well, provided you fully understand what you are up against / getting into. Some might say it could be a good idea to delay things for a year and make your profile stronger to enable you get into schools with better placement records.
  116. A

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    This may just be some early warning signs. Have you looked on linkedin to see if you can find any Alumni? Just wondering, do they have any past stats on placement?
  117. A

    Python GUI development

    Just wondering what folks use for GUI development in python : wx, QT, GTK or traits
  118. A

    Student reviewers of MFE programs

    +1 Moving back to the long form of the programs review would be more actionable information for readers, which is a very good thing
  119. A

    Who uses Latex?

    Seems like we have some hard core folks here .. I've always though about doing homework write ups in Latex, but never summed up the courage to attempt it... so far just resume and research papers. This is why I started doing my resume / important docs in latex. PDF files will print the same...
  120. A

    2011-2012 US News Top Ranked Finance Specialty Programs

    Take those rankings with a grain of salt. Sometimes they are based on factors that don't add to students' experience/placements , etc
  121. A

    HPC : Top 500 supercomputer List.

    Japan regains the #1 spot with new system. http://www.top500.org/lists/2011/06 . The Japanese K Computer is also more powerful than the next five systems on the list combined. This is a very interesting trend, just a few years ago it used to be an All - American top 5. Now the US has only one...
  122. A

    Type of internship for wannabe quant

    I'm dealing with relatively sized data, but it's mostly text, and I'm having to clean / transform / parse and vectorize text . My entire db corpus has north of 35million tokens. I think this is a couple of GBs and counting. I'm curious what tools you use to get the job done. I'm having to do...
  123. A

    Who uses Latex?

    Once you get comfortable with Latex, you'll find that this statement is the other way around.
  124. A

    Type of internship for wannabe quant

    I'm interning at a start up where I'm experiencing the "joys" of extracting and cleaning data. Sometimes cleaning the data is half the work. I'm dealing with mostly unstructured data (text). I apply machine learning algos on the data
  125. A

    I am very good at computer programming but very average at maths... can I be a quant?

    These are just bare minimum requirements. Options 1 or 3 will give you better background/ foundation, if you plan to do quant down the line.
  126. A

    Desk went under, looking for next gig.

    Just think of it like you've just finished a 10+ week internship.. From my past experience, newbies are usually given a pass until they've spent at least six months at a firm. Seems like wrong timing for you. Anyway, good luck with finding the next gig. You've got some street cred now..
  127. A

    COMPARE TOP 3 MFE programs in terms of Placement?

    I have always wondered the same thing. Quantnet is probably one of the defacto Quant portals now. Though it had it's roots at Baruch, you'd think there'd be much more traffic from other MFE schools. Maybe there is, and folks don't put that affiliation out there.
  128. A

    Ubuntu netbooks

    Anyone have any personal experience with this Ubuntu netbook http://www.system76.com/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=105
  129. A

    ScipY 2011

    Any Quantnet members going for this http://conference.scipy.org/scipy2011/index.php
  130. A

    Newby,Please help !

    You'll probably just use a student visa for your study... sponsorship comes after you graduate
  131. A

    Online Engineering ..?? Really...??

    This is mostly semantics
  132. A

    For Data mining and Machine Learning Enthusiasts

    This is also a very good book. It approaches ML/DM from an R perspective http://www.amazon.com/Data-Mining-Learning-Knowledge-Discovery/dp/1439810184/ref=pd_sim_b_13
  133. A

    Will taking GMAT hurt my application?

    european countries like Germany, Sweden have 3-yr bachelors... Most of the places I've seen the 3 year degree mentioned, the school has specifically singled out "Indian 3 -year" degrees .. Not really sure why such discrepancy exists. I have friends who have gotten into top 10 US engineering...
  134. A

    What phone do you have?

    iphonw 3GS... contract ending in a few weeks. For my next phone I need a BIG screen - Looking at sprint evo 4g, samsung infuse, dell streak (5' or 7') - The Dell streak would be nice as it can double as a phone/android tablet. But all the reviews I've for the streak are bad. Tested it myself...
  135. A

    How many programmers are on Quantnet?

    Current : R, Python, mySQL, CouchDB, Linux, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server, SAS, SAS Enterprise Miner, JMP I do a lot of Data Mining / Machine Learning algos in R/ Python Previous exp : C, Java, LabView, Assembly, Actionscript 3.0, Flex
  136. A

    How many programmers are on Quantnet?

    You can try out ubuntu on windows without the trouble of dual booting. Check out wubi http://wubi.sourceforge.net/
  137. A

    Brain Drain good for developing countries??? Really??

    This brings to mind John Perkin's book http://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Economic-Hit-John-Perkins/dp/0452287081/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1307095532&sr=8-1
  138. A

    Paid C# internship opportunity; NYC, Able to start immediately.

    I'm guessing most people probably have their summer plans down...if this came a month ago, he could have been flooded with resumes including mine
  139. A

    Do you want to learn Stat Arb/Quant Trading?

    Dr Liew, I'm wondering the next time you plan to do this session?
  140. A

    The college bubble

    Very interesting discussion so far. I would like to chime in with a few thoughts . I apologize beforehand as some of my thoughts might seem disjoint from the discussion thread. I am attending this certain state university that is trying to cut costs by all means because they are now receiving a...
  141. A

    What books are you currently reading?

    Data Analysis with Open Source Tools by Philipp Janert
  142. A

    R software

    same here.. I bought the Baseball Hacks books and I have already picked up some SQL / R tricks . @Tsotne Please only recommend books you have read or studied with. If everyone recommended books they saw in passing on a library shelf , don't you think that'll have little or no credibility here.
  143. A

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    This is debatable
  144. A

    Convert xml file to a database table...any hints

    I'm trying to convert an xml file to a mysql database table, but for some reason I'm running into roadblocks I've poured over online documentations / blogs but haven't been able to figure it. Any hints will be appreciated . I am on an ubuntu box 10.04, with mysql 5.1.41
  145. A

    SQL interraction with VS

    If you are familiar with python, there is a mysql db interface that gives you access to mysql. Also you connect to C/C++/R from python
  146. A

    Why is there a lot of international students pursuing mfe?

    See the attached document.. some numbers from NSF on US international student population/concentrations. I still don't understand why the numbers are so skewed once it comes to graduate populations in top 10 - 20 engineering, math, physics or cs schools/ departments. Americans that want to...
  147. A

    MSc Finance -Illinois Tech (IIT)

    More information about any particular program is always good.. but the new format puts out a lot less info about programs. A review is supposed to informative, and if someone cannot dedicate 20-30+ minutes on the older/longer format then maybe they shouldn't be writing a program review in the...
  148. A

    COMPARE Help!! Which program has better placement? Gatech vs Chicago?

    Have you tried to contact alum/current students through linkedin, searched through this forum and/or talked to the program to get their placement information?? You need to go to the program that is the "best fit" for your future goals
  149. A

    UZurich - ETH - MS in Quant Fin

    Are you an EU citizen? How good is your german? Though the course is in English , some knowledge of german would probably help in the job hunting..
  150. A

    Hacker Dojo offering Machine Learning/ Big Data / Map Reduce course

    The lessons will run for 4 hours / week for five weeks
  151. A

    Hacker Dojo offering Machine Learning/ Big Data / Map Reduce course

    For those of you interested, Hacker Dojo is offering a machine learning on Big Data / map reduce course. This is from the course description For more details visit http://machinelearningbigdata.eventbrite.com/ For folks not living close to the Bay Area, there is a teleconference option enjoy
  152. A

    Join Temple Fox School of Business or wait for IIT Stuart?

    400...this is a lot of people. IIT has obvious advantages with their location, but I 'm still at a loss as to why they choose to run their program with a non-chalant attitude as far as placement goes. How much would it really cost to enlist the services of 2 or 3 quant headhunters to help place...
  153. A

    Join Temple Fox School of Business or wait for IIT Stuart?

    Have you sought them out? Try searching Linkedin. Have you called the school to ask for placement stats?? You need to be proactive about this. A lot of subpar schools out there will happily take your money, but you have to make sure that you're maximizing your expected utility and ROI
  154. A

    UK - Final details of curbs on overseas students to be announced

    These folks they are trying to bar are young and hungry....most of them will probably contribute in a positive way to society and probably pay more taxes since they end up in higher tax brackets... No point crying over split milk, if the UK doesn't want these folks they'll always find somewhere...
  155. A

    How to choose Oxford MCF, Chicago MSFM, Columbia MFE and Cornell MFE

    Are you aware of this http://www.quantnet.com/forum/threads/uk-govt-to-abolish-student-work-visa.5131/page-2#post-47995
  156. A

    Poker Bots Invade Online Gambling

    I am also interested in joining this study group... I think this will be a great exercise if we end up building something
  157. A

    COMPARE cornell mfe vs lse mfin

    Where do you want to work post graduation?? This might help you answer your question..
  158. A

    Movie Bar Codes

    I thought this was quite interesting.... entire movies compressed into single bar codes http://moviebarcode.tumblr.com/
  159. A

    iPad, do you iWant?

    Motorola introducing Xoom wi-fi only version to match iPad2 on pricing !!! http://www.csmonitor.com/Innovation/Horizons/2011/0316/Motorola-Xoom-Wi-Fi-matches-iPad-2-on-price http://www.csmonitor.com/Innovation/2011/0217/10-most-intriguing-tablets-of-2011/Samsung-Galaxy-Tab This is Pricing 101...
  160. A

    Stony Brook MS in Quantitative Finance? - Good?

    This is straight from the Stony Brook website, it seems they accommodate students that want to continue to PhD and state this fact openly in the SOP
  161. A

    Japanese tsunami disaster discussion

    Watched some japanese earthquake / tsunami videos on Youtube .... cars, buildings and people washed away in the blink of an eye ... very sad
  162. A

    Got into BU MSMF and Cornell MEng (not FE but Applied Operations Research)

    You already have a degree from GTech. If as an AOR you can still take FE classes, or model you curriculum to be close to the FE concentration, then Cornell may be a more strategic move ... (location, brand, placement, etc )
  163. A

    Any Physicists here making a transition?

    @grimknight : Search for posts by @DominiConnor , some of his posts points to your above statement I feel like every time I apply to an opportunity on a company website, it goes into a black hole with a trash can sitting at the other end. @Andy Nguyen : it would be nice to have an sticky where...
  164. A

    B-school professor switches to be a quant - is it possible?

    Once you've refreshed the fundamentals: programming, C++,math, etc.. you should just reach out to headhunters rather than going the MFE route. @Andy Nguyen could probably tell you who the headhunters on QN are !! Also, explore this forum. There's a wealth of information on here. Good starting...
  165. A

    Chicago MSFM When Chicago MSFM candidates expect to learn application result?

    This will probably help http://www.quantnet.com/master-reading-list-for-quants/ . Does this mean that U Chicago doesn't require you to have at least decent programming ability to get admitted?? Does Chicago have a refresher program??
  166. A

    For Data mining and Machine Learning Enthusiasts

    I recently discovered http://www.kaggle.com , and I'm participating in some of the competitions listed and just wanted to share. If you're interest in building machine learning and data mining algos , this is a good place to test / train that skillset. Be warned, you're competing against...
  167. A

    What features would you like to see on Quantnet ?

    Maybe it's just me but I would at least like to have the option to see 100+ posts on one page...
  168. A

    UK Govt to abolish student work visa

    I keep myself well versed in this sort of news and I have heard nothing.... Are you referring to news regarding illegals et al ? - this is always in the news
  169. A

    UK Govt to abolish student work visa

    Where did you hear/read this??
  170. A

    Demand Slows For H1B Visas

    @smile , you are correct on both counts. Back in the day (just a few years ago) when H1B visas ran out in one day, these Indian "body shops" accounted for more than 50% of the volume YOY. You would think some smart people in Washington would figure this out and stop these nefarious activites by...
  171. A

    Rutgers-Newark MQF

    Nice rant @Cjs.... sometimes it may feel like all the cards are stacked against you..but all it takes is one YES from an employer to show what you've got http://ofilispeaks.com/it-only-takes-one-yes/
  172. A

    Admitted by Oxford MCF

    If you intend to work in NYC, why would an NYC employer go through the trouble of recruiting an Oxford grad, when there are tons of local candidates around the corner?? Unless of course, you have something to offer that they don't
  173. A

    quantitative finance self-study reading book list suggestions

    This will be a good place to start http://www.quantnet.com/master-reading-list-for-quants/
  174. A

    Advice on Admissions to Berkeley MFE and other schools that accept GMAT

    You can take a look at the Berkeley MFE website, they list detailed profiles for all enrolled/current students. This will probably help you guage what your competition is like. Other programs you listed like Rutgers (they have 3 or so different programs now), USC, Chicago have been discussed...
  175. A

    The Algo Trading Pit : A new Blog on Computing

    Sure Andy, I don't mind compiling a list , but I probably have just a handful of them. I'm sure there's a lot more that have posted over the past years. I feel like I've hijacked this thread
  176. A

    The Algo Trading Pit : A new Blog on Computing

    Hey Andy, We should have some sort of "blog roll" for quantnet ... so many members have quant related blogs / sites, and it's kind of hard to keep track of everything
  177. A

    IBM 'Watson' vs Jeopardy Champions

    After Round 1 , Watson is tied for the lead
  178. A

    IBM 'Watson' vs Jeopardy Champions

    I thought this was quite interesting. Reminds me of how IBM 'Deep Blue' bested Chess Grandmaster Kasparov a couple years ago Watson cleaned the house
  179. A

    What should I do (USC Mathematical Finance)

    This is very interesting... maybe it's time for current students to shed more light on the USC program Submit a Review
  180. A

    urgent background evaluation needed

    This is an assumption on my part. I would assume if you were able to contact the right people, you could at least find out why you were not competitive enough to be shortlisted for admission. disclaimer - I haven't applied to/ been rejected from CMU
  181. A

    urgent background evaluation needed

    How solid were your letters of recommendation? In your statement of purpose, were you able to sell your story on how your are a good fit for the program and how the program will help you achieve your goals going forward? Do you have any "relevant" finance / quant experiences/internships? How...
  182. A

    Baruch MFE Reasoning to attend Baruch MFE?

    You should be flying or falling on your own merits 3+ years after MFE
  183. A

    $150 /barrel Oil anyone?

    With the recent happenings in North Africa and with some of the middle east in "revolution" mode...does $150 / barrel Oil look feasible in the next few weeks / months. If things get worse in Egypt and the Suez canal is closed...we'd be lucky if it doesn't get close to $200
  184. A

    statistics.com courses

    I was wondering if anyone here has participated in any of these courses Statistics.com Course Catalog. I've looked everywhere and just found a few bad reviews from a couple years ago. It seems to be a cheap alternative (about $200 - $400 per course if you are a student) to learn new skills.
  185. A

    When is it too late to start a quant career?

    Spend some time reading past posts on this forum and also look at detailed profiles of admitted students. I believe CMU, Baruch , UCLA and UCB publish these on their websites. The answer to your question should become apparent.
  186. A

    2nd BSc v Part-time courses

    Which ever path you take.. self education will play a big role in you achieving your goal. Take a look at the reading list Master reading list for quants, MFE Students
  187. A

    Wearing glasses can improve job prospects

    I thought this was interesting... Wearing glasses can improve job prospects
  188. A

    would I qualify for visa ?

    Your employer initiates the H1B app / process
  189. A

    Cornell FE I scored 98 in IBT toefl test, should I applied to Cornell's MFE

    Since you can't change much here, you have to show the ad coms that your score does not correlate with your English ability through your essays, Statement of Purpose, etc. I know people who aced the test but have difficultly putting together two to three coherent sentences at a time.
  190. A

    How to get people skills (Wall Street personality)?

    I will disagree with you on this one.. I have a friend who started to learn English at 20. Prior to that, she lived abroad and was fluent in French and Swahili. Fast forward five years, she now has a very good command of the language, even better than most Americans in my opinion. If you...
  191. A

    Should I take up CMU engineering PhD offer?

    Some of the programs you mentioned don't publish their salary stats. Take a look at the figures from CMU, Baruch and UCLA to give you an idea. You can also try calling your top choice universities to get some hard numbers. Baruch MFE CMU MSCF Salary Stats UCLA Employment Stats 2009 Some...
  192. A

    How to get people skills (Wall Street personality)?

    What exactly do you mean by extrovert? Do you mean having a "frat boy" type personality or the ability "to work " a room full of people or not been afraid to talk to strangers? I was in your shoes a few years ago, and short stint in consulting did wonders for me. This can be very...
  193. A

    WikiLeaks to target major U.S. bank next

    Why am I not surprised at this? Amazon pulls WikiLeaks plug. For a site that sold books that promotes pedophilia, airing some politicians dirty laundry should be the least of their concerns.
  194. A

    Ex-SocGen trader found guilty of copying HFT code

    Some people have probably done worse and gotten away with a slap on the wrist. He should have found himself a very good lawyer.
  195. A

    Ex-SocGen trader found guilty of copying HFT code

    Look at his linkedin page
  196. A

    WikiLeaks to target major U.S. bank next

    This should be interesting WikiLeaks to target major U.S. bank next: report
  197. A

    Not scoring well on GRE

    You might want to give this a look Vedic Mathematics . I ran into someone who said it helped him hit a quant 800, after a string of low 700s, high 600s. You probably already know all the math..but you need to hone your test taking skills/strategies.