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    Toronto MathFin MMF University of Toronto 2012 -Entrance Exam

    My year during the program cost me about 35k, so i think your estimates are good. It can be easy to find a part-time job, but I don't recommend it as the program is intense and requires a lot of hours. I suggest you focus on your studies. To add to this point, no student took a part-time job...
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    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    I have entered the program with a 90%+ average, but some of the students came in with a lower GPA (about 80%)
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    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    CChow : Yes, some of the students have very theoretical backgrounds and almost no exposure to finance. As long as your candidacy is strong (good GPA - above 3.5, any papers written, any extracurricular, etc..)
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    coming quant engineer phone interview

    Nice document!!!
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    Cover letter for IB

    yeah I'd write it to the Human Resources Department, Credit suisse. Something along those lines.
  6. D

    Cover letter for IB

    Are you applying directly to someone ? Or is this the internet application ? If it is the internet application, it's not always relevant to put an address on the cover letter...
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    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    Well, the majority of students have no difficulty findings jobs after the program. This also applies to the winter internships, last year we had a placement of 100%. It really depends on what you want to do as a career. If you like risk management and would like to evolve in this field, then...
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    how do I network?

    Try www.ycif.com (young canadians in finance) , it's a 50$ membership, but they host a lot of social events, conferences, etc. Best 50$ I spent last year. Got me a job too! Sorry if I look like an ad men.
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    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    You need to also consider the types of jobs both degrees will get you. The MMF is almost exclusively oriented towards risk management (and has been so for the past couple of years, and I can only believe that this trend will continue in the future). On the other hand, the MFE places people in...
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    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    I've graduated from the MMF program. The MMF program and MFE program are very different in nature. The MMF program really teaches you about the mathematics of finance in terms of instrument pricing, portfolio theory, optimization and risk management (to name a few.) as opposed to the MFE which...
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    Debt ceiling

    To add to Andy's post. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-08-06/u-s-credit-rating-cut-by-s-p-for-first-time-on-deficit-reduction-accord.html
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    Bitcoin - a new kind of currency

  13. D

    Debt ceiling

    Perhaps it's material non-public information...
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    Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

    aww. I was about to post this... lol. I was deciding whether to put it in Quant Matters or Off Topic.
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    Modelling Electricity Prices

    Thank you for the precious time you've taken to answer my post. As I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have decided to model the residuals between a seasonality function and my time series. I have discussed about this approach with my teacher, and we both agreed that for the...
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    Modelling Electricity Prices

    As of right now, my model is very simple but captures the essential features that I want to model. Sharing the actual model (code) will be a bit more complicated. So following my discussion with ecnanif, and having discussed this with my instructor. I've been able to model a seasonality...
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    Modelling Electricity Prices

    If anybody is interested, there is a discussion between me and ecnanif that is ongoing about this.
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    Master Mathematical Finance ONLINE

    I think online program are a no-no unless you're very familiar with the underlying concepts (stochastic calculus, probability theory, analysis, etc).
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    Modelling Electricity Prices

    groutgauss : Thank you! Very much appreciated. I've already contacted the operator of the powerplant i'm trying to simulate to obtain some operating details. I will surely contact this prof regarding prices modelling. Oh, so much work to do... so little time.
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    Modelling Electricity Prices

    yeah! Electricity is so sensitive to instant demand/supply which makes it very very volatile. Constant vol assumption = big no no.
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    Modelling Electricity Prices

    Andy Nguyen : I've looked at the book earlier today, unfortunately, the powerplant i'm trying to value is uncommon. It is an hydro plant with a reservoir. It operates with two closed reservoir, one which is at sea level and the other one about 200 meters below ground. They become profitable by...
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    Modelling Electricity Prices

    Nice, thanks Ken. I'll look into it. Ultimately, my goal is to value a powerplant, so on top of modelling the actual physical process I also need to model prices on a hourly basis, but also on a intra-hour basis to see if there is any optimality that can be achieved by micro-managing my plant's...
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    Modelling Electricity Prices

    Hi all, I am trying to find a way to model electricity prices and I don't really know where to start. I have some of the main characteristics of electricity : 1. Very cyclical (hourly basis, but also seasonality) 2. Very sensitive to instant supply & demand Does anybody have experience with...
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    CFA practice exams

    It's against CFA ethical regulations to share that material, or in fact, to even try to access it. I can however tell you that these practice exams are quite useful, especially the ones prepared by the CFA institute (your registration to the exams gives you access to one practice exam).
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    Montreal Quants

    I'm from Montreal, but currently studying in Toronto. Will be moving back to Montreal in a couple of weeks for a full time job ;)
  26. D

    Financial Engineer or Chartered Accountant

    For the hours, it really depends on the job... Montreal is known to be a bit more relaxed, so I doubt you will be working 12hours a day everyday.
  27. D

    Financial Engineer or Chartered Accountant

    Abdel, HEC's placement is very good. Almost 100% from what I hear. The teachers are good and very industry-oriented. On the downside, it is true that most of the jobs will be in Montreal, although I know some graduates of the program who ended up on trading desks in NYC / London. For the...
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    Delta-Gamma Approximation

    Sure, :) It'd also be great if anybody can provide some insight of the formula provided by Stefanica, or the context in which it is used / derived.
  29. D

    Delta-Gamma Approximation

    I'm not too sure about the Stefanica formula, since I don't know the context in which it is derived, etc. Look at @bob ' s post : it is pretty complete. The delta gamma approximation is derived from bob's taylor expansion. (Ignoring the contribution of cross derivatives, time, vega,..) Here...
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    Delta-Gamma Approximation

    dV = DELTA * dS + THETA *dt + (sigma²*S²)*(1/2)*GAMMA*dt Where does the sigma comes from in your gamma expression?
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    Delta-Gamma Approximation

    Did you consider also the volatility of your stock ? The difference might seem negligible ( 1/20 ), but you also need to consider volatility. (I'm not talking about including vega here)
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    French MFE Programs

    @JulianT : There are a few Quantnet members from HEC Montreal. (Althought I haven't seen them active in a few months). I personally know some.
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    Dual Monitor Delight

    I got dual monitors at the start of my MFE degree! best investment ever ! (considering it was only 200$ to get a second 23" monitor).
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    One complete financial software

    and from Toronto.... www.algorithmics.com (more risk mgmt oriented)
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    French MFE Programs

    @Andy : I would also be interested in the french program numbers in terms of admission, offers, etc. In terms of placement, there is no doubt that most of these students easily find jobs in western europe. Some of these schools have a very good brand name in Europe (In the states also, but I'd...
  36. D

    French MFE Programs

    This is the program I was talking about. They have highly influencial professors in the fields of finance and stochastic control. (Touzi, El Karoui). http://www.mathematiquesappliquees.polytechnique.edu/home/programs/masters/m2-probability-finance/
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    French MFE Programs

    I have a few friends studying mathematical finance at polytechnique paris. In my opinion, the program is very highly regarded but only in France. From what I heard , most students are french or from arabic countries (tunisia, morocco, etc). So my answer regarding the misrepresentation of these...
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    Guy tattooed Gaussian Copula formula on his arm

    There was a guy in undergrad with euler's formula on the arm, same type of tattoo.... I think he eventually dropped out too, lol.
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    U of T MMF : Looking for a place to stay?

    Well, to be honest, I am in fact writing this from a yacht. I will take a bath in fresh crisp 100$ bills later too. In all seriousness, I will be writing a review when I have some time.
  40. D

    MAC or Windows laptop for MFE students?

    a lot of students from my programs use macbooks. With macbook and bootcamp, they can do everything.
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    U of T MMF : Looking for a place to stay?

    Send a form to fill in. :)
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    U of T MMF : Looking for a place to stay?

    Hi guys, I will be done my master's in july and I need to move back home to start a job. To all the U of T MMF future students, this means that all my furniture is for sale and possibly, you could even more into my current apartment (1-person bachelor apartment). I live twenty minutes walk...
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    Why aren't there a lot of girls pursuing a MFE degree?

    In the toronto mmf program, there are about 30-40% girls.
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    2011 Gadgets Wishlist

    my buddy's got one. everything he cooks goes on the foreman grill. EVERYTHING.
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    Interview stories...

    I've had 7 interviews for the full time job I will be starting this summer. Past a certain point (after my 4th or 5th interview) , it was a lot more "fit", just to see if I would agree well with the group.
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    Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB

    I've been to the one in Toronto. It's "fun", but not very helpful if you are an advanced user. I also think that this is good for "prototyping" but the actual implementation isn't fast enough to satisfy algorithmic and HFT requirements.
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    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    I've never heard of such a process, perhaps its new due to the high number of applicants this year. I can't really tell you what to expect.. sry!
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    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    Ryan's a good guy. He's our TA for pricing theory. He likes quizzes and everything, so prepare for that !
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    Foreign Currency Model help

    I know it's not correct to assume that. I'm just struggling with the calculus.
  50. D

    Foreign Currency Model help

    Hey guys. I am running a currency model here and I'm trying to compare my MC results with analytical formulas. The problem is that I am having a hard time finding the analytical variance. The model is as follows : USD follows : r_usd(t) = x(t) + phi_usd(t) , where dx(t) = -alpha*x(t)*dt +...
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    Options with 2 underlyings

    Like chooser options ?
  52. D

    Snooki invited to Rutgers U.

    thats an expensive laugh.
  53. D

    Snooki invited to Rutgers U.

    Agreed. I simply don't understand the motivation.
  54. D

    Snooki invited to Rutgers U.

  55. D

    Monte Carlo Simulation Test

    Well what exactly are you simulating ? Let's say you are simulating a geometric brownian motion, you can look at the distribution's property (so you will need to store results) at a given time of your simulation and compare with the mean and std deviation you should be obtaining.
  56. D

    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    Congrats to all who got accepted. Last year's placement is very good. Everybody got a full time offer, except for one person (I was told he was not seeking direct employment). Also, two of these decided to pursue a PhD. This year's placement is on par with previous years. Internships are ending...
  57. D

    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    @yjt : That is somewhat true, the course load is quite intense and for industry people to come back and do this can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to stochastic calculus. I would say GPA's range between 3.75 and 4 , but thats a very rough estimate (my estimate...)
  58. D

    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    Yes indeed, this is a flaw. Also, when students are inequal in programming knowledge and finance knowledge, this doesn't allow the professors to challenge us more in their class projetcs, etc. The program is trying to improve through mandatory evaluation of the program; students are...
  59. D

    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    @Andy Nguyen : You're somewhat right, the interview process is a bit "weird" to me. I don't really know what they are looking for in those group interviews. They put a lot of emphasis on communication skills, hence the required short presentation. Since I am originally from outside of Toronto, I...
  60. D

    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    Also, i'm angry at their website. It is old and I think it gives a bad first impression of the program.
  61. D

    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    Oh, here's a list of companies that students intern at : OTPP (Ontario's Teacher Pension Plan) CPPIB (Canada Pension Plan Investment Board) Manulife ScotiaCapital BMO CIBC RBC Algorithmics OMERS etc... Usually the companies are big names, students don't really get internships on trading floors...
  62. D

    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    @Andy Nguyen : What do you mean when you say they are recruiting a bunch of math geeks ? Please explain a bit more. @DanM : The UofT MMF is more oriented towards risk management than other programs, this is also reflected in the types of internships that students are able to obtain. Most of the...
  63. D

    Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

    @EconomicStudent. Hull doesn't teach for the MMF program, but, we do have to take a class given by White. It's an MBA class given in the winter semester at the same time that students are doing their internships. As for the class size, we are currently about 30 students. Two students have...
  64. D

    Toronto MathFin Has anyone heard from UofT MMF?

    The interview process is very different for GTA students than for other students. The candidates from toronto invited for an interview will be the subject of a 3-4 hours group interview with various probability/math/programming questions as well as a presentation on a given topic. The ones that...
  65. D

    Quick questions.

    Here's my opinion on number 2 Having completed a summer internship in a quantitative group, I really don't think there is any job/role that leads to a true quant role without prior education in the field. In order to be able to fully understand and perform a quant role, a certain...
  66. D

    E-Mail App with Sync feature

    Hi guys, I would like to install an e-mail software that enables me to sync my e-mails between two computers. I have looked up up the function for outlook 2010, but this seems to be only doable by copying a file from a computer to another (this meaning that you lose e-mails that have been...
  67. D

    Wall Street senior managers want YOU

    What will be the procedure to update your old resume to a more recent version ? @Ilya : you should post your resume in a pdf format. (.doc's are very unfriendly documents)
  68. D

    Best browser out there

    Hi guys, So i've just installed windows 7 on one of my computers. I'm used to running a mac with safari / firefox, and I would like to know what is the best browser out there to run on win 7 ? Thank you.
  69. D

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Thats very low - I suggest you take it again even though your quant score is quite high.
  70. D

    Graduated Rutgers (a while back)...job hunt still sucks

    It seems like you think any job is not good enough for you. And also, quit comparing yourself to stanford PhDs and what not, and start proving your skills when you get an interview. I've met some people working in Wall Street for big firms (BarCap, BearStearns, Lehman) that got there with a...
  71. D

    Would you go work in Asia?

    With asian countries developping, I think some of the financial "attention" will shift to asia over the next decades. I'd love to be there when that happens.
  72. D

    The top female quants

    Nicole El Karoui of Polytechnique X Paris. One of the best schools in France. Many of their graduates end up in top US schools and biggest banks / hedge funds. She's well known for her many contributions to mathematical finance - derivatives pricing techniques, etc. personal website : Nicole EL...
  73. D

    What are the big quantatitive finance conferences?

    Here's one site : Conferences - Risk.net , there are many more. Look for risk management journals or for finance journals. You might find some conference listed there.
  74. D

    What sort of educational track should I persue if I want to become a quant?

    MBA degrees and master's in computational finance are two very different things. To have a quant kind of job, a master's degree is almost a necessity now. To do real quant work, people usually hire phds.
  75. D

    Which would help my admissions more?

    I agree with Andy. I've always like programming and mathematics, but I've also had an interest in Finance. Before preparing for the MFE applications, i've decided to take some finance classes at a nearby university - just to make sure finance was really an interest I wanted to make a living out of.
  76. D

    Which would help my admissions more?

    k go for maths, but you should def. check out if there's a way to take finance classes on the side without prereqs. I've been able to do that...
  77. D

    Which would help my admissions more?

    I don't think accounting is really relevant. I would definitely try and get some math classes and maybe a general finance class. Also, don't forget, programming classes are also a must.
  78. D

    career switch - Mechical Engineer To quantitative analyst(Singapore)

    I believe your stock trading experience is not really relevant when applying for quantitative jobs. Have you developped any models ? Or some sort of methdology ?
  79. D

    Dual Screen Setup

    Hi guys, i'm looking to install a dual screen setup for my computer. I've seen many options, such as : dual output dvi graphic cards, DVI cable splitters, etc.. I need your advice on what kind of setup is the best in your opinion ? Thank you,
  80. D

    IT setup when starting MFE program?

    I was about to start a similar thread... My choice of laptop is a Thinkpad T series, I'm not sure if i'll go with the T410 or the T510. - I'm lucky to be able to benefit from the employee rebate ;). I'll be using two os : win 7 pro 64 and a linux distro ( I havent made my mind - i'll need to...
  81. D

    Commodity Short Hedge

    Thanks, thats the kind of answer I was looking for.
  82. D

    Commodity Short Hedge

    Hi guys, I've got a basic question about commodity futures and producers. I've read this article : FT Press: Basic Training: A Futures Primer > A hedging example which has got me a bit confused. I thought that commodity future were settled with the future. From what i've been reading in the...
  83. D

    Pricing ABX index for Newbies

    Very helpful! Thank you Andy
  84. D

    VAR Conditional Forecast S+/Matlab

    Hi guys, so I'm trying to program a function that will do conditional forecasts on a var (Vector autoregression). Basically I have two variables (100 data of each), and I've computed my parameters for my VAR with a lag of 3. Now, I would like to fix my forecast for one variable and then...
  85. D

    Seeking Advice - Research vs Internship?

    I chose the internship.
  86. D

    Average salaries for quants

    I totally agree with Andy.
  87. D

    Greed is good

    Money never sleeps looks bad... nothing will ever replace the original. I've bought my 1st gekko shirt today !
  88. D

    na.rm command in R

    Hi guys, is there an equivalent command to na.rm when summing in MATLAB ? Thank you. ---------- Post added at 02:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:45 PM ---------- I believe i've found my answer. command nansum() works fines. Thank you.
  89. D

    NEW MFE Rankings ???

    Taking into schools in Asia would be a good idea. I was myself, considering NTU Singapore in my choice of programs. Asia's financial hubs will undoubtedly gain popularity in the next couple of years.
  90. D

    What do you guys think about those trading companies that require capital ontribution ?

    Yeah, can't you just get your own trading platform at home ?
  91. D

    NEW MFE Rankings ???

    I'll have to agree with niski on this one. I do not see how this ranking can be so objective ? Choosing a MFE program should be something very personel, and people should put more effort in choosing one. There are already many rankings of program, and student reviews, etc. and even with all...
  92. D

    “Hot Girls” Still Love Wall Street

    The brokers from JT MARLIN will be there !! http://www.pocketchangenyc.com/fmf/viewPhoto.php?imgID=7144
  93. D

    Quantitative Interview questions and answers

    Well, angular velocity and linear velocity are related. Angular velocity is the speed of an object in relation to his center of rotation (center of the circle). So the human is moving at x radians / seconds. Now if you want to get his linear speed, which is distance / time, you need to multiply...
  94. D

    Quantitative Interview questions and answers

    I don't think it does. It's got to do with linear velocity (the speed at which the humanoid walks on the circumference). Does the chicken only walks in a straight line from the center to the circumference ? or can it change strategies ?
  95. D

    Hedge Fund Data

    To complete alexandre's post, there is also a section on the hedge fund database's biases in the reading #73 of the CFA Level 1 curriculum.
  96. D

    Movie Futures Trading?

    lol ! long iron man 2.
  97. D

    Q Equational Programming Language

    Yes, this person with whom I've been in contact works on high frequency trading. I've read the information the site, apparently this language is perfect for handling time series data and such, hence, the utilisation in HFT.
  98. D

    Q Equational Programming Language

    I've googled it up before. I was actually asking for user comments/inputs on this language.
  99. D

    Q Equational Programming Language

    Hey guys, I've been talking with some person I know that works at a major bank in London. He's been talking to me about Q which is a programming language I've never heard of before. Any of you guys had any experience using Q ?
  100. D

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    @cfish, i don't think so. Work on those math classes.
  101. D

    CMU MSCF CMU Undergraduate Computational Finance

    My personal opinion : CMU's program is probably the best one in this field. If you would like to become a quant. I don't think you can go wrong with CMU !! Congrats on the admin.
  102. D

    Research Papers on use of Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

    Find the research papers, contact the authors.
  103. D

    hey there, we've started a facebook group for UofT's MMF students. Incompatible Browser | Facebook

    hey there, we've started a facebook group for UofT's MMF students. Incompatible Browser | Facebook
  104. D


    Thats a good idea Joy, but I think you might wanna push people to use this format in the application tracker. If you take a look at my application in the tracker, you'll notice I've tried to put in as much information as I could in the "comments" section.
  105. D

    UCB MFE What is the possibility of me getting into Berkeley MFE?

    @HorryC, no, the CFA is usually not a prereq to most MFEs. Some of them can ask you to take if, if they believe your finance knowledge is not up to the level.
  106. D

    The Story of the CDO Market Meltdown

    She posts on the seekingalpha.com , hold on, here's the post : The Dummies Guide to Valuing a CDO: Reference Barnett-Hart’s Thesis -- Seeking Alpha If you're registered, I believe you can send a PM.
  107. D

    The Story of the CDO Market Meltdown

    http://twitter.com/akbarnetthart boom. pay me!
  108. D

    NYU MSMF NYU Mathematics in Finance!!

    Congratulations ! Which university will you accept now ?
  109. D

    R using quant firms

    Don't mean to highjack this thread, some portion of their code is in S+ and some is in R, they're looking to change all that into Matlab.
  110. D

    R using quant firms

    I don't mean to disappoint, but i'll be working to transfer all R code to MATLAB this summer at a firm..
  111. D

    LHC achieves something...

    Man.. I can't wait to hear abour their results. I've recently read this book that largely talked about the LHC's experiments. Amazon.com: Why Does E=mc2?: (And Why Should We Care?) (9780306817588): Brian Cox, Jeff Forshaw: Books
  112. D

    Recruiters for Internships?

    I've found this : Finance Internships Anyone knows what its worth ?
  113. D

    iPad, do you iWant?

    I've read somewhere that the iPad doesn't support multitasking. Wouldn't that be a necessary feature ?
  114. D

    Transition from R to MATLAB

    Can you guys comment on speed of these two languages ? I'm quite unfamiliar with S+/R
  115. D

    Transition from R to MATLAB

    and the answer was..... 1) They only have one coder left that uses S+ .. so you guys were partly right ! 2) Speed, they said some of their routines MATLAB computes in 15s can take much more longer in S+ As for my interview : I think it went pretty well, not too technical questions and...
  116. D

    Toronto MathFin UofT MMF Students

    Students for 2010-2011 : Manifest yourselves!
  117. D

    Transition from R to MATLAB

    Hi guys, I'll be interviewing for an internship with a big firm tommorow, one of the tasks i'll have to perform includes reprogramming certain S+ and R code into MATLAB code. I have not yet been able to ask about why they were switching (I certainly plan on it tommorow). In the meantime, do...
  118. D

    MFE Advice

    I think 2.3 gpa is quite low, you're going to have to ace your math classes. As for the programming, some schools will require you take classes. I suggest you take them, they'll give you more than what books have to offer.
  119. D

    Learning Python together

    Yeah i knew that. I was talking about numpy/scipy. I've installed on python 2.6, works like a charm.
  120. D

    Learning Python together

    Should I go with Python 2 or Python 3 ?
  121. D

    Learning Python together

    Has anyone installed on OSX?
  122. D

    Learning Python together

    that would be a great initiative andy. I'm in.
  123. D

    PS3 supercomputer

    Thats insane, how do these compare with GPU computing ?
  124. D

    PS3 supercomputer

    Astrophysicist Replaces Supercomputer with a Cluster of Eight PlayStation 3s
  125. D

    Question about CFA Level 1

    48 hours until you get an answer. I've contacted them concerning a typo I found in the curriculum. They have replied within that timeframe.
  126. D

    Question about CFA Level 1

    The best way to know if to give the CFA staff a call, or e-mail.
  127. D

    Internships and other Summer Activities

    I'm currently looking for internships in the commodities sector. Risk management for oil companies. I've got a big cocktail on monday. Let's hope it all goes well.
  128. D

    Hey! which school will you decide to attend ?

    Hey! which school will you decide to attend ?
  129. D

    Hey ubc, did you accept UofT, do you mind asking me your profile ?

    Hey ubc, did you accept UofT, do you mind asking me your profile ?
  130. D

    Hi seth, I see that you've been accepted at UofT. Do you plan on accepting ? What's your...

    Hi seth, I see that you've been accepted at UofT. Do you plan on accepting ? What's your background ?
  131. D

    Smartphone Opinions Needed

    I've had a samsung omnia for the past year, and I really think it's crap. The windows mobile OS is crap, and also the touch keyboard is crap. I've installed the spb skin which makes a lot of the touch features more intuitive. Also the spb keyboard makes it a little less painful to type. But...
  132. D

    What is an entry-level trader's annual salary supposed to be?

    To how many places did you apply ? You're always talking that you apply to different places. Are you getting any results back ?
  133. D

    Don't Be Normal

    Yeah, very interesting.
  134. D

    Fast-Track Preparation

    impressive. I think you'll make a very competitive candidate.
  135. D

    Fast-Track Preparation

    First of all, I would make sure this is what YOU really want, and are not only interested in this because your teacher mentionned it. Now, if you really want to go into an MFE, start working now towards getting your Calculs/Probability/Other relevant math classes/Programming classes right now...
  136. D

    New to the Field - Q:Re Career Track

    All these questions should be asked before applying to grad schools.. I really wonder what you've wrote in your SOP...
  137. D

    NYU B.S./M.S. 5 Year Program?

    I think it is a big disadvantage if you don't have any programming exp. Most of the schools I've applied to had an explicit requirements for prog. classes. You could ask your school if it is possible for you to take a prog classes as an elective without having done the prereqs. You just need to...
  138. D

    Baruch MFE Application Criteria

    For the MFE, the most important readings will be on derivatives, swaps, futures, etc. But, it would also be a good idea to read about general finance aka, the broad environment where FE takes place. I'm reading Paul Wilmott introduces Quantitative Finance, which I think is good for starters...
  139. D

    Baruch MFE Application Criteria

    Basic finance ? Or more derivatives oriented ? You should check out the Master Reading List that Andy has prepared. Master reading list for Quants, MFE - QuantNetwork - Financial Engineering Forum For derivatives, there is Hull's Book - Options, Futures and Other Derivatives.
  140. D

    NYU B.S./M.S. 5 Year Program?

    Any chances you could take a programming classe as an elective? If you like to pursue in the quant field it will be necessary. C++ is widely used.
  141. D

    Work ft or apply immediately after undergrad

    Well there's no clear answer to that question. First of all I think it really depends on you and your motivations. If you would like to pursue your education afterwards I think that working as a research assistant is very good. Also, if it is well explained in your SOP, then you will be scoring...
  142. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    Yeah, well since i'm not from the GTA, my interview had to be conducted over the phone. It was mainly questions about why I applied to the MMF, my future career goals, why UofT, etc.. I had my interview last tuesday (23/02/2010). Keep us updated on your results, and please, use the QN tracker!
  143. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    hey pathak5 ! that's detroit -- not chicago!!
  144. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    Thank you guys! @ DanM, yes i'm from Montreal. So i'll be reppin' the Canadiens in TO!
  145. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    I got acceptance today. My profile is on the tracker. I plan on accepting!
  146. D

    How much does GPA matter in MFE admissions

    Do these people have prior work exp ? or they go directly to an MBA?
  147. D

    How much does GPA matter in MFE admissions

    What do most Indian MBA graduates end up doing ?
  148. D

    How much does GPA matter in MFE admissions

    I'm curious, why would you like to switch to a MFE after having finished your MBA ?
  149. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    There is a thread on global derivatives on this subject, some guy who is currently in the program gives some good info!
  150. D

    interview follow-up question

    How would you react if ? Would you consider that "intrusion" ?
  151. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    I got the call from UofT today for an interview! It was very basic for me, I don't know if they were just "screening" the applicants. It was only a few question long, why the MMF, why UofT, etc.. Maybe this sort of interview is also for outside applicants, as I am not living in toronto.
  152. D

    Regarde tes PMs

    Regarde tes PMs
  153. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    Hmm I haven't received the call yet !! I hope it's coming!
  154. D

    MFE Programs in Canada

    Andy, you are missing HEC's MFE. HEC Montréal | M. Sc.l | Financial Engineering
  155. D

    Advice from previous MFE/Mfin Students on April to August Timeline

    I'd like to travel -- but as I will need to make a loan to pay for my studies, I think my best option would be to work!! So now, I'm trying to look for internships in the field (more general finance oriented - or risk mngmt). I'll also be looking at books and review my probability/statistics...
  156. D

    MFE Programs in Canada

    HEC has a financial engineering program. (2 year program -- MsC) Ecole Polytechnique does NOT have a financial engineering program. But they do offer masters program in Operational Research. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask, I attend this school.
  157. D

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Mechanical Engineering :Ecole Polytechnique Montreal I've also decided to take some finance classes @ HEC Montreal Undergrad GPA : 3.93/4 GRE : 780Q, 320V, 4/6 A Math Classes : 2 multivariable calcl , 1 linear algebrea, 1 statistics, 1 numerical analysis, 1 Diff Eq (w/ a portion about PDEs) Econ...
  158. D

    Baruch MFE TOEFL requirements

    Hi guys, I'm currently finishing my baruch application. I've read somewhere that the TOEFL was no longer necessary, but i cannot remember if it is only for students who have attended US schools. I am from Quebec, and I went to a french school. Question is : Do i need to send in my TOEFL...
  159. D

    Superbowl XLIV prediction

    perhaps : this
  160. D

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Can you please elaboratore on your GRE scores and the schools you are aiming for ?
  161. D

    Anyone successful at transitioning from EE to FE?

    Here's something that might give you a clue about the transition from engineering to FE. Take a look at Baruch's admission statistics. Masters in Financial Engineering (MFE) - Baruch College By taking a quick look i'd say from year to year, almost a quarter of applicants are from the...
  162. D

    Lost phone, new one probably in 3 weeks

    can they really do that ? doesn't it violate a couple of laws ?
  163. D

    Lost phone, new one probably in 3 weeks

    You could get a skype phone number. If not, any possibilities of getting a phone sooner ?
  164. D

    What are the GPA and GRE 50% range at various schools?

    Yeah but again, from what I hear, most of these reports are based on the number of publications of a school / graduate-student related activites. Do you think this really represents the competitivity at the undergraduate level ? And aren't non-english school misrepresented by these rankings ?
  165. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    from the mmf website. Evaluation starting: Beginning of February
  166. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    From what I understood, students that have graduated from a canadian school are exempted from the GRE. As for the online application. You had to submit SOP, Resumes and references online. TOEFL (if applicable) and send your transcripts by regular mail. Check your status on SGS, it should say...
  167. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    Here are two threads from GD. MMF utoronto MMF UToronto 2009-2010 Applicants They give out a few detailed profiles of accepted people. They also talk about the interview process. Some people had a very brief phone interview (mostly to test comm skills & english level), while some others had a...
  168. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    From the website, it says that in early march they will start sending out invitations. I'm a bit disappointed in their website, they should give out more admission statistics or info. Oh well. Anyone else applying to UofT ?
  169. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    Mechanical Engineering : École Polytechnique Montréal I've also decided to take some finance classes @ HEC Montreal Undergrad GPA : 3.93/4 Work exp : two internships , one was to model thermal expansion of a radial sel other was towards developping automated KPIs. Extracurricular : winner of...
  170. D

    Toronto MathFin Applicants for U of Toronto and York

    I've applied at UofT , i've got baruch / nyu / NTU syngapore coming this week. What is your background/info ?
  171. D

    So how much does a master's GPA matter?

    And what exactly are your criterias to saying a job will make you miss your homerun? You can never predict what will happen. I think at this point, you should just try and settle with a job that makes you happy and put the idea of a "dream job" aside. And don't forget, this will be your first...
  172. D

    Any hope to enter 2nd round of CMU? the deadline for 2nd round has already passed

    I think CMU would be pretty strict on that. I'm sure they receive massive amounts of applications. If yours is late... then that's just too bad.
  173. D

    MFE degrees in Quebec (Canada)

    Do you know how competitive the program @ UofT is ? I've just applied to UofT and i would have to say I am a bit scared of the outcome. I'm studying in Mechanical Engineering, my GPA is 3.93/4 and i've got many extra-curricular activities. I've also enrolled in finance classes @ HEC in order to...
  174. D

    Toronto MathFin

    Phone interview : basic questions, why MFE, why this school ? what is your programming background, etc.. Profile : Mechanical Engineering :Ecole Polytechnique Montreal I've also decided to take some finance classes @ HEC Montreal Undergrad GPA : 3.93/4 GRE : 780Q, 320V, 4/6 A Math Classes : 2...