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  1. kapil354

    Yet another attempt at MFE ranking

    Folks rankings do matter. Its just that who looks at it. Hiring managers- In India, hiring managers look at school rankings and also how hard are admissions to the school. I talked to a Wharton MBA few days back and she expressed opinion on similar lines about US. Novice students/ applicants...
  2. kapil354

    facing stiff competition

    'Indian IITs enjoy a good reputation, but the value of these is so subjective that managers vary a lot in how they weight them.' Thanks for your post... Need little elaboration on this. Not quite sure if I understand this
  3. kapil354

    OPT now for 29 months?

    Great news... NY will have some advantage over London now
  4. kapil354

    Are stocks cheap ?

    thanks for such a detailed response. i duly regard seasons as important - i was just trying to make a point that oil is more into the trading and political grip now. in Asia, Russia has reduced supply just to increase oil prices. look at how it has come down yesterday to 102 USD. my simple...
  5. kapil354

    Are stocks cheap ?

    Sir, I fully understand that fed has to cut rates for now. If you please pull up charts for what happened in 04-05? Fed increased rates 13 times. After rates bottom out - fed has to control inflation - else US will fall in stagflation for sure. And I am expecting such reversal in rates in...
  6. kapil354

    Are stocks cheap ?

    LEH is at 6 P/. Historically, in bad times good stocks have gone to 4 PEs as well. Though, selective buying can be done short term - yeasteday BSC closed at 8 PE and LEH at 4 - This much of gap can't be explained... Now...Therefore, I would long select stocks for very short time. Keep finding...
  7. kapil354

    Interview with Tim Grant

    That's nice ... does this mean that the banks are seeking mfe's as traders as well?
  8. kapil354

    Sub prime issue - a good article, must read

    i was talking to a frn in NY and she has a huge mortgage. she is amongst highly paid ones on street. really smart gurl. and she says she will renegotiate her mortgage. ppl are just renegotiating because they are getting a good deaal out it! i m surprised :)
  9. kapil354

    Why do you want to become a MFE?

    So yuo become a trader after MS finance?
  10. kapil354

    Hedge funds are hunting for US talents to work in Asia

    Thanks Andy for this information. As I am thinking of joining Fe / Fm . In a sub prime hit job market this seems as a silver lining for Asians. What you do you think, guys...
  11. kapil354

    Anyone using SAS ?

    Kool Andy, thanks a lot for the gyan...
  12. kapil354

    Where would you rank Baruch MFE with top programs ?

    I assume Baruch is having 'no class-size' as such. I think they take in as many good guys they find.
  13. kapil354

    Anyone using SAS ?

    Hey Andy, Will you be ok working with the SAS ACCESS. As to do a remote login from your windows you may need Connect. Any gyan on that?
  14. kapil354

    New 'kid' on the block

    So who said GD is the best forum ???[:)] tell me the name...
  15. kapil354

    Where does everyone work?

    I work for Fidelity Investments as an analyst. Will try for FE this year. I am placed in India.
  16. kapil354

    Anyone using SAS ?

    Yes you need to buy connect. If you don't use it then, you will have to write code in black box of UNIX.
  17. kapil354

    Why do you want to become a MFE?

    I agree,sir.
  18. kapil354

    Citigroup Warns of 60% Earnings Drop

    Thats good. But over long term also these guys very intelligently will use sub prime to wipe off the blood. Lehman has not done it. So my prediction is some bleeding for Lehman in Q4 07 or Q1 08
  19. kapil354

    Why do you want to become a MFE?

    Thanks guys for some very valuable points. I am not too sure if my point is in sync with the Thread heading. But I will make it. I believe education is just a 'risk averse' way of money making. As some one down below told story of a millionaire w/o any education. Such cases exist in every...
  20. kapil354

    Citigroup Warns of 60% Earnings Drop

    Nice... But nothing to fear most managements take advantage of the external factors (sub prime) as a reason to clean their house. I believe after Q3 these shocks will not be there as managements will be liberal in showing off wounds in Q3 itself
  21. kapil354

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday, buddy!
  22. kapil354

    Anyone using SAS ?

    You need this - C:\SAS\CONNECT\SASLINK\TCPUNIX.SCR Just chk on ur comp. if that is there use the following in sas editor OPTIONS REMOTE= vtaix; OPTIONS COMAMID= tcp; FILENAME RLINK "c:\sas\connect\saslink\tcpunix.scr" ; SIGNON ; RUN ;
  23. kapil354

    Cost of living in NYC- a break down

    Guys any idea on Indian food. On daily basis how much does it cost?
  24. kapil354

    What features would you like to see on Quantnet ?

    Thats great. Can we some how make chat rooms more active. I don't know the answer but this may help the 'knowing' faster. Kapil
  25. kapil354

    Why do you want to become a MFE?

    I agree 99 perc. But,if even after working for 2-3 years 'passion' remains evasive. What will you do? Jump into something which everyone is trying to take a bite of. So I believe many including myself try for an FE caz of being direction less. These are good people in search of what they...
  26. kapil354

    Where would you rank Baruch MFE with top programs ?

    Kool that is true; but 'me' just being curios - I know this from the forum - 1. The students who get into Baruch are having good profiles and GRE scores. 2. The fees is less. BUT I have never heard of the packages they come out with. And also the positions they launch themselves into! Help...
  27. kapil354

    Stock Analysis after FE

    Thanks a lot guys for the response. As name of the book 'Stochastic Portfolio Theory' was mentioned. Let me share that in Fidelity (i am an Analyst here) this has come into light and people are trying to figure out how to use stochastic in Portfolio theory. I need some more knowledge on this...
  28. kapil354

    Stock Analysis after FE

    Thanks for the responses. Are stochastic processes used in technical analysis. To do technical analysis is still 'charts' the only way. Kapil
  29. kapil354

    Stock Analysis after FE

    Hi Is it a realistic goal to aim for Stock analysis after FE? Will it actually help in any ways, if yes. I am not sure about this. I am not too sure how stochastic helps stock analysis. Definitely stock prices being a part of uncertain world, stochastic should be applicable. But are financial...