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  1. darth

    Rotterdam School of Management , Erasmus University Netherlands

    One of my friends has got admitted to the Masters in financial management programme at RSM. http://www.rsm.nl/home/master/Executive-Masters/mfm If anybody on the forum can comment on the reputation of Erasmus University and Rotterdam school of management or the experience of life in netherlands...
  2. darth

    BI Norwegian business school

    One of my friend has been selected to BI Norwegian business school Masters in Financial economics programme with100% scholarship(http://www.bi.no/en/Full-time/Masters/MSc-in-Financial-Economics/). Does any one has any idea about the reputation of the school and the programme.Any help will be...
  3. darth

    Quantitative Easing (QE2)

    Any Comments on whether this is going to work or not?
  4. darth

    Trade mogul (Trading competition)

    http://trademogul.futuresfirst.in/TM/Default.aspx You can trade S&P , Gold , T-notes and Cude and win very attractive prizes.
  5. darth

    LBS MFin

    How good is the LBS Mfin programme in terms of placement for International students and its recognition in US? Also I have an admit for CQF programme..I want to do a Masters in finance from a Top School..Does going for CQF hamper/brighten my prospects for a top school??