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  1. PatM

    [Oct 26, 2013] Modeling competition 10/26/13 (New York, NY)

    www.modeloff.com Perhaps too simple for MFEs, but first place is $30k.
  2. PatM

    general comments on MFEs in buy side mag

  3. PatM

    new quant fin critique - Lecturing Birds on Flying by Pablo Triana

    Lecturing Birds on Flying by Pablo Triana. I just looked at this over the weekend at Barnes and Noble - it looks like it was just released. This is a good summary of the case currently circulating out there against quantitative financial modeling. It is written by a follower of Taleb...
  4. PatM

    Sage software?

    www.sagemath.org Has anyone ever used this Sage software - do you have any feedback on it, good/bad, etc? It looks like an open source alternative to Mathematica?
  5. PatM

    free NY computational fin seminar w/ R

  6. PatM

    Kiyoshi Ito died last week

    Renowned math wiz Ito, 93, dies | The Japan Times Online
  7. PatM

    nice QF link

    External Resources
  8. PatM

    Fortran and C++?

    Does anyone know both Fortran and C++ well? I have Fortran code that I am trying to read and translate into C++, and I have some questions. It's not something that can be posted here - it is detailed, line by line, and would take a while. Does anyone know how I might begin to seek assistance...
  9. PatM

    another IAFE event 5/12

    I thought the name was funny: The International Association of Financial Engineers is pleased to invite you to: America's Next Top Pricing Model Monday, May 12th PricewaterhouseCoopers 300 Madison Avenue New York 5:00 Registration 5:30 Program Begins 7:00 Reception Panelists: Michael...
  10. PatM

    has anyone ever used this?

    interesting wiki? www.financialmathematics.com
  11. PatM

    NY Academy of Science

    has quant finance meetings: www.nyas.org/channels/index.asp?channelID=63
  12. PatM

    another free spreadsheet download

    www.kerryback.net I know this finance prof., and he is really solid...
  13. PatM

    another networking event

    http://www.qwafafew.org/?q=new-york-meeting-20070417 this group is very laid back, but good for networking...
  14. PatM

    more free web brainteasers

    www.madandmoonly.com/doctormatt/mathematics/mathematics.htm on a link there called "Dice Problems" I saw this on Wilmott -- looks good, but some of the dice problems are hard.