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    GPUs for Finance -- HPC & GPU Supercomputing Group of New York

    The HPC & GPU Supercomputing Group of New York is holding an event, "GPUs for Finance", on Monday, December 19, 2011 from 6PM-8:30PM. The event is free and will provide an overview of how GPUs are being used within the financial industry; we'll also discuss which algorithms work best on the GPU...
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    YCombinator (Startup Incubator/VC Fund) NYC Meetup

    YCombinator, a startup incubator / VC fund is having an event in NYC on September 26th. It's fairly rare for them to hold anything outside of Silicon Valley, so this is a great opportunity if you're interested in getting into, investing in, or just learning more about the startup scene. Space...
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    Programming / Technical Interview Questions

    I saw this posted today on a programming news site I frequent and thought it might be of interest to the other QN'ers; it's a StackExchange knock-off for programming/technical interview questions. http://xorswap.com/ There's only ~100 questions on there so far, but I think it's a fairly new site.