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    Firefox or IE or Opera ?

    altough i'm a open software fan i choose definetly opera. Strong code, fast render engine, very secure. Anyhow in six months will be out a new Firefox using webkit instead of gecko as render engine. It will be way better than anything before.
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    which master should i choose?

    I would definetly love to attend a PhD in math, but let's explain my situation: In europe university system in different: there's a 3 year bachelor and a 2 year master degree. I've started school one year before usual (i didn't like kindergarden :D:D). So if i attend the bachelor in math in...
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    which master should i choose?

    i was definetly sure that there was more behind the program... looking at the exiting student profile they looks all like elite students...
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    which master should i choose?

    I don't know yet wich is my career plan. I'm just looking around, asking to people to get an idea. Now i'm thinking about doing a bachelor in applied math (3 years), a master in finance and math (2 years) with eventually a year more of master in pure economics. I don't have any background in...
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    The most enlightening calculus books

    dude i absolutly quote you... When i've heard that someone doesn't mention delta and Epsilon while doing limits... i jump on the chair!!! anyhow i have to say a thing: many of rudin's books are a bit too hard and criptic... they are very good manuals or antology... but they aren't good at all...
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    which master should i choose?

    Hi, i'm an italian student of Applied math. I'm on the first year of bachelor degree and i'm now choosing a master to apply. I like very much maths, especially numerical math so i thought that maybe a MFE could feed my passion and put some bread on my plate :D:D Looking around on the...