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    Has anyone heard about University of London International Programme?

    I was wondering if anyone has heard about the University of London International Programme? Apparently it offers several distance learning degrees (you can complete the entire degree remotely) and one of the leading institutes (institutes that provide curriculum and learning materials) is LSE...
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    Yield calculation question?

    Hello everyone, I came up with a yield calculation question today. It does not seem to be hard but somehow I was stuck with it. Hope someone can shed a light on this. If you are given 2 bonds at different maturity dates and different coupon yields. Say, first bond matures on June 1, 2019, 3...
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    Poker training software/book?

    Hi, I recently learnt to play poker and I was wondering if there are any software/books that assit players to learn and improve their play? I know that practice like playing with others is important however, I get annoyed with social (free) poker sites because many guys play crazily. I tried...
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    Didn't they set stoploss?

    A while ago, I read "The Quants: How a New Breed of Math Whizzes Conquered Wall Street and Nearly Destroyed It" and I noticed that there was one chapter talking about when the market was moving against quant strats in 2007. At that time, funds managers had to give order to their trader to...
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    Is is possible to develop a strategy with EOD data?

    Hi guys, Since EOD data are (mostly) freely available so I can get most of instruments' EOD data and I want to try develop a strat. So I have a naive question: Is it possible to develop a profitable quant strategy with just EOD data?
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    How people evaluate your retaken courses?

    Hello everyone, I very interest in quantitative finance and I want to apply to a grad school for quantitative finance next year. The issue is I did not focus on the first 2 years so my overall gpa for the first 2 years was only 3 but the last 2 years I will get app 3.7+ overall. So my question...
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    Undergraduate study.

    Dear, I am a University 1 in Canada (I think they call it freshman in the US). I should declare my faculty as well major before the end of this month. Basically, my school is the University of Manitoba (a not well-known school among the world but it is not bad in Canada overall) I cannot find...