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    Job description

    For those here who work in quant finance - I was just wondering, what exactly do you do? In what area of quant finance do you work? And what does your job entail?
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    Switching to BA Mathematics

    Well, I decided to switch programs. I transfered into BA Math, and I will be starting in September. My goal is obviously still to pursue a master's in quant finance. Here are some of the relevant courses I will be taking: AS/SC/MATH 1000 3.00 F Differential Calculus (Honours Version)...
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    Peter Carr

    I was just reading his bio, specifically his education background: PhD. Finance, University of California, Los Angeles, Sep 1989 M.B.A. Accounting/Finance, University of Toronto, Jun 1983 BCom., Accounting/Economics, University of Toronto, Jun 1981 It doesn't seem like a traditional...
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    Securitized Law Suits

    http://money.cnn.com/2009/05/04/magazines/fortune/demos_litigation.fortune/ Thoughts?
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    Economic Derivatives

    I'm aware of the existence of interest rate and inflation derivatives and the accompanying literature, but do GDP derivatives exist? Unemployment rate derivatives? Etc.? If so, does anyone know any books or online journal articles on how to price these kinds of derivatives? Using Black Scholes...
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    Financial Engineering Diploma

    I just came across this the other day. I was wondering what everyone thought about a Graduate Diploma in Financial Engineering from York University (in Toronto). It consists of only 5 courses. Is it worth it? Would it be of any significance to someone who wanted to apply for a quant/risk...
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    BA in International Economcis & Finance

    I'm currently studying International Economics & Finance but I am looking to pursue graduate studies in Quantitative Finance. I'm from Toronto and there's a very good MMF program at University of Toronto here, which I am thinking of applying to after graduation. I'm in my first semester. I will...