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  1. claudewang

    Hedge Fund's money management...

    I think nowadays the annual return rate 20% for any hedge fund will be an excellent performance. But one thing always puzzled me is that if I give 100$ to a hedge fund, how much on average will they actually invest for me? For example if a hedge fund only risks 20% of their money, their trading...
  2. claudewang

    Is a fund company managing 25 billion Swiss Francs a big company?

    There is a Swiss firm "Partners Group" managing asset over 25 billion CHF. Is such company a big one with reputation? I am a newbie in the job market. Thanks for your reply. Claude.
  3. claudewang

    Quants and Trader?

    Hi, everyone: I am a newbie here. I know here is mainly about "Quants" jobs and related stuff. How about "Trader" jobs? Especially those need to share some similar quants background. Or if here is not the right place, can someone please recommend me some right links? Thank you very much & best...