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  1. AWilliams

    Paid C# internship opportunity; NYC, Able to start immediately.

    Hi, I'm looking for about three interns with C# experience willing to start immediately. It is at a small start up company. The minimum requirements are: C#, Javascript, html/css. The recommended requirements are ASP.NET and ADO.NET. If you don't know both asp and ado.net, the company is...
  2. AWilliams

    The Descent of Mono

    When Miguel de Icaza founded the Mono project in 2004, he was ridiculed. No way would Microsoft allow an open source implementation of its .Net platform to exist, critics said. Even after Mono gained commercial backing from Novell, many assumed Microsoft would soon move to crush the project...
  3. AWilliams

    Rumor: Windows 8 Set for September Reveal

    The Windows 8 talk has really been heating up over the last week or so and today brings speculation about a possible release date for the OS. It’s been 18 months since Microsoft’s Windows 7 hit retailers’ shelves and if the latest reports are to be believed, the beta of the next version Windows...
  4. AWilliams

    To PhD, or not to PhD, that is the question

    Reading a paper by a Carnegie Mellon computer science professor about Ph.D's qualifications, it appears they only recruit candidates with deep interests in academic research; which is understandable. It also said a Ph.D is generally a waste of time if trying to enhance your job prospect. Again...
  5. AWilliams

    The Law of Large Numbers

    Isn't the law of large numbers just an alternative explination for the central limit theorem? Two me, both are the same exact phenomena. If so, why break it up into seperate theorems? Pardon my ignorance in advance.