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    Career Perspective at firms like Teza/Headlands/Eladian

    For entry-level quant position, how to compare the career perspectives of the following three categories: 1) famous hedge funds (e.g., Two Sigma/DEShaw/Citadel) 2) relatively established prop shops (e.g., Getco, Hudson River Trading, Jump Trading) 3) new shops (Eladian Partners, Teza...
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    Is headhunter's commission proportional to the offer?

    Or headhunter's commission is a fixed number for a certain level of candidates, *regardless* of the details in the final offer?
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    Do companies really contact every professor in our references?

    For students, most our references are from professors. For companies who ask reference contacts from us, will they really contact every professor we list as references? If 10 companies asked me about references, will each professor be contacted 10 times? This is kind of crazy ... professors...
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    What should a buy-side entry-level quant offer look like?

    Say, a real quant researcher or quant strategist offer. 90k ~ 150k base, and then ... Sign-on bonus? Guaranteed Bonus?
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    Use headhunders vs. apply by ourselves?

    For companies who already posted their openings on their websites, what are the benefits / risks of using headhunter (instead of applying by ourselves)? e.g., two sigma post all their openings on the website and also has a number of campus recruiting events, yet quite a few headhunters...
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    Anyone know the Hagan-Ricci Group (HRG)??

    Is this headhunter good? I got their call a few days ago. I went to their website, and found all their posted jobs have incredibly high salary. Any suggestion welcomed. Thanks!
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    Quants in Credit Risk Analysis/Modeling

    Usually when I google job posts, there are some junior quant positions related to "credit risk analysis", where the main function is to develop statistical models for credit ratings. This can be fun, just as developing statistical models to predict users' ratings on...
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    What will happen on the buy-side?

    Recently a lot of people are discussing GS/MS as a commercial bank and one of the possible result is the restriction on leverage. Then what happen is: less profit due to low leverage --> less bonus for everyone. But what will happen on buy-side firms such as hedge funds?
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    Do hedge funds or similar require citizenship for job application?

    It is said that only IBs will consider international students, while buy-side units such as hedge funds require citizenship and will not support international students. It that ture?
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    Seek beginner's book on equity research and portfolio management

    Anyone can recommend some material? Some possible choices are listed as follows. The third one is actually a financial economics book with concentration on stocks, so its table of contents looks pretty comprehensive. 1) Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management (McGraw-Hill Library of...
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    Several books about trading systems/strategies

    I'm looking for my first book on trading systems/quantitative trading strategies, here are some candidates: New Trading Systems and Methods (Wiley Trading) by Perry J. Kaufman (2005) The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies by Jeffrey Owen Katz and Donna L. McCormick (2000) Technical Analysis...
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    What knowledge is important for algo. trading or equity research?

    For a statistics/computer science guy to find a junior position in 1) algo. trading or 2) quantitative equity research (yes, I know they are two different positions, but both of them need statistics and programming to analyze large-scale data set), what knowledge/skills are important (in...
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    Two books about Econometrics

    1) A Guide to Econometrics (by Peter Kennedy) 2) Introductory Econometrics for Finance (by Chris Brooks) I want to choose one from the two books. Any comment on these two books? The first one is highly appraised as a general econometrics textbook, while the second one seems to be designed...
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    Find a job without internship experience?

    I'm a student from a top CS program, and will get a master degree in 2009 (but in fact this is a PhD program, the master is just a mid-way degree). My research is on machine learning and statistical data analysis. I'm considering the possibility of finding a quantitative finance job in 2009...
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    Quants in buy-side and sell-side

    Consider the following types of quants, if quant not only refers to type 3): 1) Quants in hedge funds, doing statistical arbitrage/high frequency trading 2) Quants in hedge funds, doing quantitative asset/portfolio management 3) Quants in front desks of IB, doing derivative pricing 4) Quants...
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    Is John Hull's book a must-read for quants not doing derivative pricing?

    e.g., for quants concentrating on quantitative portfolio optimization and management 3ks
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    MFE Programs for Asset Management/market microstructure???

    Somebody divides quants as two broad categories: one in derivatives pricing/risk management and the other in quantitative equity/Asset Management/market microstructure. These two kinds of quants use different skills: the first needs more Stochastic Calculus and the second relies more on...
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    PhD in CS VS. Master in CS + Master in Finance

    Which of the following two backgrounds is more competitive for a decent quantitative position at Wall Street (e.g., portfolio management or automatic trading)? 1) PhD in Computer Science from a good CS program, major in machine learning and statistical data analysis. 2) Master in Computer...