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  1. K

    MFE after CA

    I asked this question before but did not receive an answer. However, I'll just throw it there and you may want to try it. The University of London International Programme offers BSc degree in Math and Econ (Mathematics and Economics (BSc) | University of London International Programmes). I...
  2. K

    What more do I need

    Many good universities in Canada are not well-known in the US. That can be somewhat a disadvantage when you apply to US schools. If your goal is a top school in the states, you should try to get a couple of years of work experience, and improve your programming skills. Are you from UM?
  3. K

    Any extra input on Waterloo MQF?

    You can find some current MQF students or MQF alumni on linkedin and shoot them an email. I have talked to 3 of them and they were extremely helpful and friendly.
  4. K

    Risk Management to Sales and Trading, Help!

    Sorry I do not work specifically in risk department, so I cannot tell you what you will be required as an intern. However, I came across some informative risk management threads on this forum so you can look them up and start from here. Another way is go on Linkedin, find alumni/students in your...
  5. K

    Risk Management to Sales and Trading, Help!

    Yeah I was about to say what Ken said. Bay Street is very small, if someone reads this and wants to find out who you are, they will find out in 5 mins. You do not want to show up first day at work and get mocked by people. To be honest, I automatically do not like you if you happen to be my...
  6. K

    Has anyone heard about University of London International Programme?

    I was wondering if anyone has heard about the University of London International Programme? Apparently it offers several distance learning degrees (you can complete the entire degree remotely) and one of the leading institutes (institutes that provide curriculum and learning materials) is LSE...
  7. K

    Self-Study Outline

    Thanks. That type of work would definitely require some high level of math. I am not sure if I know you but I work in real estate and real estate structured products (cmbs, and direct real estate debt)
  8. K

    Self-Study Outline

    I was curious about quant strategist role. Is that the role that you make suggestions of how the fund should allocate its capital? For example: Let say you work for an international equities fund and your models suggest that Japanese economy will outperform Canadian economy. Hence your fund...
  9. K

    GS developer vs Barclays Capital quant

    Assuming the developer job is an IT job then take the quant job if you wanna be a quant. Don't chase prestige, at the end of the day, prestige does not mean anything. Most people outside of finance don't know the different between the two anyway. People in finance may be impressed by GS more...
  10. K

    Yield calculation question?

    JulianT: yeah thats what I do too, I quote a comparable yield of government bond then add the spread to get the interest rate for clients. There are usually bonds with the same (or close to be the same) structure with small gap between the two maturity date for us to calculate a comparable...
  11. K

    Yield calculation question?

    Thanks Julian, I did the same thing as well. I was just wondering if it is a good way to solve this problem. So they use the same technique on trading desk if 2 bonds have the same (or close to be the same) structure? I also thought about this: Calculate the forward rate R of the entire time...
  12. K

    Yield calculation question?

    Hello everyone, I came up with a yield calculation question today. It does not seem to be hard but somehow I was stuck with it. Hope someone can shed a light on this. If you are given 2 bonds at different maturity dates and different coupon yields. Say, first bond matures on June 1, 2019, 3...
  13. K

    quant corporate finance?

    I talked to an acturial consultant before and IIRC his job is fit into what you have described. He reviews company expansion plan, model cashflows and determine whether the company uses its assets efficiently. He also determines risk level associated to the project. After all, he works woth...
  14. K

    Accounting Undergrad requesting information about MFE

    Cool, make sure you read other suggestion/advice on quantnet how to strengthen your application besides taking many math/programming course. Good luck :)
  15. K

    Accounting Undergrad requesting information about MFE

    Of course, given that you have a good technical background. Most programs ask you to have at least calculus 3 and calculus based probability. Remember, it is at least. If you want to be competitive for good programs, you need to have more than that.
  16. K

    Accounting Undergrad requesting information about MFE

    Thats why you need to take more maths courses. You are not gonna get admission based on accounting background, but maths background.
  17. K

    Expected Value of 540MM MegaMillions

    off topic: is it possible to buy tickets online if I am from Canada? :P
  18. K

    Poker training software/book?

    Hi, I recently learnt to play poker and I was wondering if there are any software/books that assit players to learn and improve their play? I know that practice like playing with others is important however, I get annoyed with social (free) poker sites because many guys play crazily. I tried...
  19. K

    Quant internships in Canada.

    Yeah they do exist. You can check placements of toronto MMF or waterloo MQF to see firms that hire quants. I know for sure Big 5 hire quants, insurance companies like sun life or manulife do hire quants for their modelling work. CPP investment board does hire quants. There are some more however...
  20. K

    MIT MFin MIT MFin grad looking for job in CNNMoney video

    What is the your province ? This is the first time i hear that a intl student in canada has problem with visa and sponsorship. Isnt intl students in canada allowed to stay up to 6 months to find job? (It is 1 year in some provinces). Also there are many provincial sponsorship program which you...
  21. K

    Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs

    I was wondering why now? Why not 2007-2008 or even after "a good year" 2009?
  22. K

    How can I get Started?

    Have you got any job offers yet or you are still looking for one? If you dont have one now, you should think about spending some more time in school to pick up math and programming or get a second degree in math/cs? You can take some online courses too but in my opinion, it is gonna be hard if...
  23. K

    Are MFE programs only for rich kids?

    Yes and no. There are always rich applicants and normal (or even poor???) applicants. Some international applications can take a loan from their home country banks or they get sponsorship by a company or their government.
  24. K

    Why are there so many international MFE/MFin students?

    Yeah its true but especially in countries where most people solely judge you on the car you drive, the house you live, the money you make, it is something different.
  25. K

    Why are there so many international MFE/MFin students?

    In my humble opinion, quick rich and social status are two important reasons that a lot of student from Asia want to pursue this degree. In an emerging countries, there is a significant wealth gap and you tend to see thousands of people live in 10 mill house, have a rolls royce and a super car...
  26. K

    Trading vs. Quant Research

    Sorry for my naive question: if quant models/strats work (ie: it can predict market direction or it can make money), why would we need traders?
  27. K

    Didn't they set stoploss?

    A while ago, I read "The Quants: How a New Breed of Math Whizzes Conquered Wall Street and Nearly Destroyed It" and I noticed that there was one chapter talking about when the market was moving against quant strats in 2007. At that time, funds managers had to give order to their trader to...
  28. K

    Is is possible to develop a strategy with EOD data?

    I have some strats that are quite profitable with technical analysis already so I just want to know if I can use eod data to develop any other types of strats (ie: stat, ...)?
  29. K

    Is is possible to develop a strategy with EOD data?

    Hi guys, Since EOD data are (mostly) freely available so I can get most of instruments' EOD data and I want to try develop a strat. So I have a naive question: Is it possible to develop a profitable quant strategy with just EOD data?
  30. K

    Job prospects for MFE vs for CA

    Well actually I just checked the TD recruitment calendar and it seems like they don't recruit at Guelph http://www.tdsecurities.com/tds/resource/Summer-Calendar-2012.pdf?language=en_CA. So I am not sure if any bank recruits there, you should better check with career service center or try...
  31. K

    Job prospects for MFE vs for CA

    If you really want to work in IB, you should consider Nelson's advice. All the big 5 recruit directly at Ivey, and almost all BB recruit directly there too. You can check there undergrad employment report here: http://www.ivey.uwo.ca/hba/career-planning/index.htm I agree that Ivey's tuition is...
  32. K

    Job prospects for MFE vs for CA

    I guess T.H. is from Canada and here, there are some sort of prerequisites (ie: courses taken) in order to get admission to a CA program. Since you still have 2 more years ahead, why don't you try to get some internships in both field and determine what is a better fit for you? I think big 5's...
  33. K

    Engineers break into Investment Banking (IB)

    I think what Ken mentioned are what you have during the second round interview. You may be asked a lot of technical and fit questions during the first round/phone interview. You should be familiar with accounting concepts, at least at an intro to financial accounting course, and finance, you...
  34. K

    Background for Stochastic Calculus?

    Was asking some people here and answer were mostly "measure theory". I also google and see this guide: "According to J. Michael Steele, professor of stochastic calculus for the world-renowned Wharton School of Business, the minimum prerequisites for his class are probability theory...
  35. K

    Anyone else snag an HP touchpad for ~$100?

    I got my order confirmation from Bestbuy 4 days ago but still "in progress" and not yet shipped.
  36. K

    Double-Major B.S in Math & Finance?

    I do not agree with you because every school differs. My business faculty offers at least 4 courses that are quantitative: Mathematical Finance, Option and Futures, Derivatives, Fixed income analysis. The prerequisites for Math Finance is Cal 3 and 1 courses in Series. You must pass this one...
  37. K

    Newby,Please help !

    Since Andy mentioned about "a few programs", I would ask if you can list some other programs that offer that option besides UCB please. @Omar: How were your math classes' GPA?
  38. K

    Financial Engineer or Chartered Accountant

    Hey Abdel, If you consider other canadian programs then you will have some more choices such as toronto or waterloo. Waterloo is way cheaper than toronto (13k vs 40k+) however I know alot of waterloo grads landed the same position as toronto grads in the same company with about the same salary...
  39. K

    So, what's more now?

    Yes, its true that Verbal score is not as important as Quant score. However, it is more likely that the one with better communication skills (interview, verbal score?) will have more chance to get in; assuming that both have the similar technical strength. I have talked to some MFE students and...
  40. K

    So, what's more now?

    with your profile and target schools (especially Stanford), 800Q is a must!!!??? I heard from people that 620+ is okay for V. I am not sure about A :)
  41. K


    Sorry for posting in your thread but I am wondering if UCLA grads can compete with UCB grads in getting jobs in the West coast?
  42. K

    How people evaluate your retaken courses?

    Thanks guy, As for programming, I did not have work experience. What I do is making an automated trading for retail traders (it does not contain alot of programming complex work thou) based on some available strategies. Anyway i wanna play safe so I guess I should take some programming classes...
  43. K

    How people evaluate your retaken courses?

    Hello everyone, I very interest in quantitative finance and I want to apply to a grad school for quantitative finance next year. The issue is I did not focus on the first 2 years so my overall gpa for the first 2 years was only 3 but the last 2 years I will get app 3.7+ overall. So my question...
  44. K

    Undergraduate study.

    But why many firm hire quants? Is it because of quants using scientific method to determine a trade?
  45. K

    Undergraduate study.

    Thanks for your reply My issue is I want to be a trader in the financial market but I am not sure that I will depend on the quantitative method or using the traditional fundamental and technical analyst. Therefore I just want to learn about the three methods (greedy:P) and combine them for the...
  46. K

    Undergraduate study.

    Dear, I am a University 1 in Canada (I think they call it freshman in the US). I should declare my faculty as well major before the end of this month. Basically, my school is the University of Manitoba (a not well-known school among the world but it is not bad in Canada overall) I cannot find...