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    Is it me, or are derivatives used in sports?

    i tried doing arbitrage in sports once , this was b4 i got in quant finance. ..its almost impossible tho. I tried all the different combinations especially when you have the option of multi betting where the odds are multiplied by each other to produce bigger odds.. its hard tho, if its 2 team...
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    Yield in Black-Scholes

    there pricing options using the market?? so everythin i learnt in derivatives pricing BS comes down to BS( BullShit)...lol btw i thought when pricing vanilla options (excluding dividends) the rate is referring to the risk free rate of say a 30day government bill. ....unless you mean the...
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    How much time do you spend on Quantnet?

    can we put it on our resume that were members of quantnet.com?? lol on the interests section. perhaps saying your active in the quant community......if your not already working at least andy can anyway since he pretty much runs the show here
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    1m job losses a month?

    a million a month?? only 300 months then till its guaranteed the country is out of work, lol
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    Solutions Manual: Dan Stefanica's A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering

    Chapter 0, Supplemental Problem 3: Find the largest possible value of x > 0 with such that there exists a number b > 0 with (x^{x^{x^{.^{.^{.}}}}} = b). Also, what is the largest possible value of b? is the answer 1 for both x and b??
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    Math quant jokes

    haha funny....was skeptical why used y(0)=S.. now I think it kinda gives it away
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    Overworked quants?

    where'd you read that?? source?? I doubt thats gonna happen......and even if it did quant skills are transferable to any other industry. Can always go back to science and engineering or anything that requires the study of random variables which can mean a lot of things in this big uncertain...
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    Master reading list for Quants, MFE (Financial Engineering) students

    Anyone planning to buy this book?? It seems the first of its kind coming out December 10. It seems quant funds are the way to go than investment banking these days I think <iframe...
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    Cost of living in NYC- a break down

    or you can just do a PhD and everything is paid for.........:)
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    MIT MFin

    shutdown?? shutdown because there arent enough students who can handle the maths or is quant finance going to be extinct because finance is getting too complex heading to a recession and its better to keep it simple????
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    Master reading list for Quants, MFE (Financial Engineering) students

    should there be any books on risk management??? Not all quants here are pricing derivatives are they??? i suppose theres var and credit risk
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    Demand for quants?

    quant demand theory my theory is doesnt matter what happens in the market whether thier going booming or in recession, theres ALWAYS gonna be demand 4 quants.... people always wanna know how to make money regardless if the economy is going up or down.........can't say the same about other...
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    C++ Online Course?

    i taught myself c++ using teach yourself c++ in 21 days, downloaded visual studio. When I needed help i'd ask friends. I found learning programming was wway easier learning when you dont have to since thiers no pressure.. programming requires patience, if you do a course on it, it'll will...
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    CFA vs Quantitative Finance

    shocked as I am.........I actually went and did it....i've signed up, paid the cash and theres no way out now....can't believe what just happened!!!!....no refunds.....i'm hopeless at making financial decisions,.....I hope I'm a better quant than just shutting my eyes and just going 4...
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    CFA vs Quantitative Finance

    I read the bio's of the students and surprisingly there are quite a few students who are level 2 and level 3 candidates. There all studying towards there Masters in FE of course but many of them started their CFA before obviously and have had also careers before they started their masters in FE...
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    CFA vs Quantitative Finance

    I think your right, I'm better off doing both subjects simultaneously than wasting my time doing 1 subject and a CPA.....I guess I was just looking to be a quant with an edge. I had read about the new degree New York University is offering this yr. MBA/MS.........its a half management half...
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    CFA vs Quantitative Finance

    yeah sorry CFA not cpa.... thanks for the advice. I actually considered studying both simultaneously because after enrolling into stats 4 quant finance and stochastic calculus in finance I was a bit worried because stats 4 quant finance is a prerequisite for stochastic calculus especially in...
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    CFA vs Quantitative Finance

    Hi I was wondering if somebody could give me some advice.....do many quantitative analysts take their CFA, is it really worthing studying that after your while your studying towards a masters. I'm currently a new student enrolled into a Masters of Quantitative Finance (Part time, Sydney) -...
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    hey I'm glad I found this forum.....my other method to finding other quants around the world was searching for "quantitative analyst" in facebook and adding anybody as friends who showed up on that list :) Alright my name is George, pretty new to the quant field after studying physics and...