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  1. J

    So I created this software...

    Ah how I missed this site :D If I could get 30% monthly returns, the only thing you would see changing is my IP address from Canada to somewhere out in the tropics and a display picture of my gold plated yacht. This message would have also been typed by my gold plated parrot assistant ;)
  2. J

    Best book for self-learning C++?

    I got Prata's C & C++ Primer Plus books, thought they were both fantastic and I got them for about $20 each. :)
  3. J

    The Worlds First Ultraportable 15.6" Laptop!!??

    I bought the XPS 15 LX-502 for my back-to-school top. I'm hoping it will last me the 2 years I have left and hopefully into grad school :D The outer shell looks pretty plain and boring but the inside is sweet and delicious.
  4. J

    Need help! Economics student apply for mfe

    Maybe my post was misinterpretted, I wasn't trying to say I'd be covering stochastic calc. Point I was trying to make: at my school, before they came out with this wonderful combo degree, there was barely any math required of econ students aside from half year of calc/linear algebra + 1 year of...
  5. J

    Need help! Economics student apply for mfe

    I guess I'm lucky my Quantitative and Mathematical Economics (with minor in comp sci) covers alot of math and stats, including real analysis, stochastic processes, ODE, Linear algebra and so on. Just in time for back to school for me too :D Hurray for this wonderful forum, keeping me focused...
  6. J

    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    I'm in the same boat, my 1st 2 years were spent flipping back and forth on what I wanted to do... that wsa about 7 years ago, now I'm finally going back, just in time for my school to have a Quantitative and Mathematical Economics degree, hooray! Also makes more sense to look at the last 2...
  7. J

    God's laptop

    As far as drivers in Linux, I got my Crossfire'd 5770's working fine in Linux 64-bit and all within 5 minutes. :)
  8. J

    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    Its the last 2 years or the 3rd/4th year courses you take, so taking first year fluff courses to boost your average probably wouldnt help :D
  9. J

    God's laptop

    $5K is silly. Maybe its just me but I don't care if my laptop weighs 2.5 lbs or 6.5 lbs. It's definitely not worth the apparent pile of money. I just bought a Dell XPS 15 lappy, with the quadcore i7 2720QM, same 8 gigs'o'ram, Nvidia 540m 2GB graphics, 750 GB 7200RPM HDD, cost me $1500, sure I...
  10. J

    Commanding Heights

    Also available as a book, which I have, haven't read it in ages, sounds like I'll have to read it again
  11. J

    Ubuntu netbooks

    Never tried the netbook, but I have the desktop version and its fantastic :D So much faster booting up and logging in. Lots of support for ubuntu too if you run into problems.
  12. J

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    Or without, if you have it suck the money out of your chequing account :D
  13. J

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    I don't think I'd be worried about getting my money back, more concerned about how fast I can get my money there ;) :D
  14. J

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    If my car burns to the ground before then it wouldn't be a problem :D Any word on payment methods that will be used?
  15. J

    Montreal Quants

    I'm in the middle of TO and Montreal, in parliament town :)
  16. J

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    Sweet! Just in time for my quarterly bonus :D
  17. J

    What books are you currently reading?

    Running Linux 5th ed Understanding the Linux Kernel Waiting on: C++ Primer Plus Programming F#
  18. J

    What phone do you have?

    Samsung Nexus S, 8320 is old beans :P
  19. J

    What books are you currently reading?

    Linux in a Nutshell Learning the BASH Shell Just finished The Quants, nice fun read.
  20. J

    Dual Monitor Delight

    Got myself a second monitor today, a sweet delicious Asus, and have no idea how I ever coded without one. Especially considering I have a books24x7 subscription through my company, alt-tabbing was such a pain, I dont know how I've dealth with one monitor for so long after a couple hours with two...
  21. J

    Need for needles

    :D This site sucked up almost all my reading time last night/this morning :| Thanks!
  22. J

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    :D Not many C++ programming courses at my uni, 95% of them are Java. I heard theres a list of fancy books too, that will help in building that C++ skill and applying it to quanting ;)
  23. J

    C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    Would be interested in this as well, around here the only C++ courses I have seem to only be "Tying your shoes in C++" which I don't think will get me into any MFE or MMF programs ;)
  24. J

    U of T MMF : Looking for a place to stay?

    I was thinking of going to U of T for this program would be curious to see how it was, please tell me you're writing this from a yacht with money raining on you like a monsoon. Will settle for the truth though ;)
  25. J

    4-Profit University

    So very true :D Wonder if I can get a masters in finanz engineering there... wool street here I come!
  26. J

    best c ++ compiler?

    I personally use Visual Studio 2010 (ultimate edition because I'm awesome like that), used earlier versions in university and got used to it. I've tried using eclipse but I'm too used to VS, and perhaps too lazy to change. I would just stick to whatever you're most comfortable with and focus on...
  27. J

    My study experience, MFE internship and job offers

    I may be the only one who cares about this... Joy, you're from Canada?
  28. J

    Which phone are you using?

    Only problem with WP7 is lack of device level encryption. Well that and the lack of multitasking, support for HTML5 and so on... kind of funny that it wont work using Exchange activesynch as that requires device level encryption in order to gain access. A big disappointment for sure. At least...