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    Wall Street rehires as bonds bounce back

    Hey Andy! Thanks for the info. A rather unrelated question: when you read financial news, do you check these different sites individually every single day, or is there some kind of composite website that tracks major news from all the major newswires?
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    is the FinMath Career Fair in nyc annual?

    Hey dear John and other senior quantneters: I heard that this year only full time jobs are offered through this event. Can people looking for internships also attend? What is the best time to start looking for an internship during the course of a MFE/MSMF program? Will firms only hire...
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    2009 Interactive Brokers Collegiate Trading Olympiad

    May non-Baruch students participate? The outside community might just as well be intersested and in a position to benefit from the Baruch expertise.
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    A new use for calculus

    haha you are way creative.
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    quant vs s/w engineer

    if you're considering a quant degree solely for the sake of money, you have come to the wrong place. people here do it out of a passion and flair for all things mathematical. Dont blasphmize the sanctity of this profession by asking such mercenary questions.
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    how to start???

    the best source of review for trigonometry is the first chapter in Princeton's GRE Math Subject book: In less than 20 pages, its very succint, and yet it offers the most lucid and relevant explanation of all the trig identities and function properties that you need to know, and which will in...
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    how to start???

    sanket, i just sent you a private message, could you please let me know if you recieved it? Thanks.
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    Foreign would-be quants and communication barrier

    by the way, i just watched a choppy short episode of Bang Theory on youtube and it was hilarious. I'm in love with the funny dorkiness and really feel for it through my years at MIT. Now, I can't wait for the BBT torrents to finish downloading. Let the fun begin.
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    Foreign would-be quants and communication barrier

    matt, are you serious? thats awesome. You are going to rutgers msmf right? Let's lift weights together. Let's get big. I've been slacking off though so i'm probably no where as jacked as you are.
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    PhD vs MFE for quant jobs

    Darn, the much dreaded for text message shorthands on this forum. As soon as you decide to use this kind of language, you're on your own. Now expect lots of flame in regards to your foreignness/cultural inadaptability/social maladjustment/frivolity of post content. lol.
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    Paul & Dominic's Guide to Quant Careers Version 2.0 Now Available

    has anyone received the guide before as promised?
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    Is Securitization Coming Back?

    john, i have trouble visualizing the difference between re-remics and CDOs. to me they both represent repackaging of mortgage-bonds and division into different tranches of seniority. Could you perhaps shed some light on this?
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    market microstructure

    thanks for sharing your view sameer. And I think the wiki definition is pretty good: Microstructure deals with issues of market structure and design, price formation and price discovery, transaction and timing cost, information and disclosure, and market maker and investor behavior. Market...
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    market microstructure

    hmmm.....doesn't seem like a topic that would pique a lot of interest eh? unless someone proves it wrong, my conclusion would then be that there is little gain to be made for career development from learning about market microstructure. yeah?
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    market microstructure

    It's a terminology used and abused by a lot of job descriptions on career boards. I never really fully understand it though. I have a vague felling about its being related to the study of transaction cost, bid-ask spread, execution efficienty etc. Can anyone offer some authority over its...
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    Sub GRE Math

    thanks for the detailed review of the book. in fact I just ordered a copy last week (what a coincidence), and since you seem to know this book very well, would you briefly point out maybe one or a couple examples of errors that it has? Are they of trivial and detectable nature? Otherwise, it...
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    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    whoa, whoa, whoa......dude, why you still got such hard feelings? People are entitled to their own opinions and you don't have to agree with everyone you meet. But as Andy pointed out, it doesn't mean you shouldn't treat people in a civilized and courteous manner. In a financial world where...
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    The Long, Flat, Seemingly Endless Bataan Death March To Version 3 of the Quant Careers Guide

    same situation here dear Dominic. I would be more than happy to assist you in the survey and provide relevant feedback to help the V3 writing process if I'm able to get my hands on a copy of v2 in the first place. zcheng@eden.rutgers.edu
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    Required vs Advantageous

    thanks bigbadwolf for sharing your views on the nature of the intense preparation required for MFE program. It's a good reality check here for those of us who have still not woken up to the fact that it will be a long winding journey that necessitates we do all we can while we can before...
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    Required vs Advantageous

    Sir Bigbadwolf, not everyone from this forum goes to Baruch, thus for these non-Baruchers would it suffice to just review Dr Stefanica's Primer book, to get up to speed on math skills? Anything in addition to that? also, how competent does one need to be in terms of the various skills...
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    Average salaries for quants

    do you guys all know each other in real life?
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    Average salaries for quants

    bigbadwolf, its fascinating how knowledgeable you are about the markets and the economics literature.=D>
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    Average salaries for quants

    MLBrandow, your exacting approach to upholding the high and lofty standards of this forum is sure for the benefit of the entire community. And for that, we offer you the Award of Excellence in Correcting People's Mannerisms. :D:dance:
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    interview questions

    Congrats mark! When will it become available on Amazon?
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    Average salaries for quants

    At the risk of oversimplifying things, is it reasonable to say that even if you live very tight, the most you can end up saving is around 20% of your salary, regardless of how much you make, living around nyc? or is it more like (20k + any excess salary over 100k). As the income level goes up...
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    How did you know about Quantnet

    random online research on quant degrees and info.
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    some additional info about rutgers for those interested FYI, I got this from the GD forum: "I am a current student at Rutgers Mathematical Finance .... i can answer most of your questions quite fairly .. i did post in other threads also if you would have used the search button you would have...
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    DISCUSSION on second rated MFE programs

    thanks. Wow, a lot of indian kids joining this program.
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    Crain's - More dark job forecasts for New York finance

    my uncle lost HIS job being a MD on the fixed income trading desk from BSC over its collapse.... we all have to fight harder for our own job securities man.
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    Portfolio management

    becoming a CFA holder might help along the way. I heard that it's highly valued by the investment management industry and also by traders. plentiful work experiences on the buyside with a successful track record?
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    nice. have you applied for campus housing yet? what is your plan going forward? I just read in another post that you got accepted to MQF at rutgers. or is it MSMF?
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    Help Required

    hey you coming to rutgers too? welcome to the club my friend. true, Rutgers MSMF does have a strong emphasis on math skills and prides itself on the math department expertise. but keep in mind it also has as part of its required core curriculum two programming classes in C++ implemenation...
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    is the FinMath Career Fair in nyc annual?

    I know the SIAM National FinMath Career Fair celebrated its seventh incarnation in 2007 and was held in NYU. But do we have one in 2008? How come I haven't seen or heard of anything/website related to it? :sos:
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    Average salaries for quants

    i really appreciate the invaluable lessons and experiences you guys so generously share. two thumps up for the great work!
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    Average salaries for quants

    alain, i did get to read the part about NBA players before it was deleted. the analogy was good so why? lol. just thought that was funny.
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    Baseball season is up on us

    team bashing and flame war, yay! lets get drunk.
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    Average salaries for quants

    The picture you guys are painting here definitely seems like an overpessimistic one. If, afterall, the pay is so unsatisfactory compared to these other career options you mentioned, then why would we come for a MFE in the first place, besides the attractiveness of the intellectual challenges and...
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    Summer 08 internship position at Citadel

    if they only look for "top phD level" candidates, wouldn't it make it irrelevant to most of people on this forum as the majority of us are masters students??
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    A Trader's Train to Wall Street, Connecticut

    both of my uncles live in Stamford :) thats why i've been there quite a few times and also i interviewed with UBS there. this is one rich small lush town!
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    Average salaries for quants

    could anybody elaborate on how much you can expect to save a year living in newyork, say for a 100k starting salary+bonus? 40k? assume renting a mid-priced apartment for oneself in or close to midtown manhattan.
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    new member hails from Rutgers MSMF Hi everybody! i have been a quiet follower of this forum for some time now, and i finally decided its time that I start to make myself heard and to contribute and feel more of a part of this community. I studied economics in boston as an undergrad and did...
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    DISCUSSION on second rated MFE programs

    on a second note, I'm really curious to know if anybody has any experience either direct or through some stories of somebody they know about the quality and placement records of the Rutgers MSMF program? anyone?
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    DISCUSSION on second rated MFE programs

    awesome thread. the insights you offered into the quality of Kent program will keep everybody in the right perspective when they enter their own program. I know it definitely will help me keep an eye out on for the potential nastinesss and kind of things my school will do as I go there...