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    http://online.barrons.com/article/SB50001424052970203523604576188781715729822.html#articleTabs_panel_article%3D1 You might want to look at the link above. It's a very comprehensive review about most of the brokers on various parameters. Really, It helped me shortlist brokers according to my usage.
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    India's educational system

    No, i didn't considered.
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    India's educational system

    Hope you get a better college than GITM, Gurgaon this time.
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    India's educational system

    Once or Twice, if someone is caught vying for a place in IIT/IIM through illegitimate means, does not mean it's full of corrupt people in there. Unfortunately, there might have been a few, but you can not say in general. Did you study from an IIT/IIM? Of course not, You were not able to get into...
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    Thesis questionnaire [Algo Trading]

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    India's educational system

    @avinash: You are right, but I meant to say that, bbw is taking inferences from pakistan's education system to judge Indian system, which I'm sure, you know is mindless. The atrocities bbw suffered in his education doesn't necessarily apply to India's education system as well! @mcgruber, I...
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    India's educational system

    Strange, @bigbadwolf is from Pakistan , citing all examples/quotes from Pakistan's educational system, and is discussing about Indian Education system using those facts. I understand they might have good institutes but none of IIT's stature in Pakistan. There can be a lot of difference between...
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    Google stops censoring web for China

    Yea, that's what i was saying. You've got Baidu but what Google have got? Why would any company leave such a big market? The decision must either be temporary to see if some things work out, "or" else it must be painful for any organization to take such a step. Nothing patriotic, I was just...
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    Google stops censoring web for China

    I'm surprised to see so many comments by Chinese on blogs, relieved to bid Google a final goodbye. As, I believe Google has become a very integral part of the internet. I can't find any political motivation behind the extreme step google has taken. Since, 380 million user Chinese industry is...
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    Education advice for algo trading careers

    The obvious meaning for this statement I believe is that @Chival was unsuccessful to get admits from his/her desired programs.
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    What Role Did Mathematical Models Play in the Financial Crisis?

    Awesome article!!! the psychology of greed makes periodic crises unavoidable. That being the case, the prudent course would seem to be to prepare for them. Thanks a lot for sharing this Andy!