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  1. yzia

    Will an A- affect my application?

    Ahh that's pretty cool! I wanted to get involved in some research with Prof. Madan, but he didn't have anything for undergrads unfortunately. It seems like you were there for a few days? April 07 was the end of my freshman year.
  2. yzia

    Will an A- affect my application?

    Haha yup! My alma mater :)
  3. yzia

    Will an A- affect my application?

    There are classes you can take in Economics that can be very difficult, speaking as an Economics/Physics major - well, I graduated. Advanced Macroeconomics was almost as WTF to me as Quantum Mechanics and required just as much work to both understand. Depending on the school/program you go to...
  4. yzia

    Will an A- affect my application?

    I think you need a lighten up a little man :) I know plenty of people who got into PhD/Masters programs at top schools with GPA's faaaar from a 4.0 You're GPA is one important aspect, yes, but there's a lot that goes with a grad application.
  5. yzia

    Advice for Undergraduates

    Sigh, I remember when I was young and naive (being only 23, I'm sure I'm still young and naive). Fact of the matter is, greed always breeds more greed.
  6. yzia

    How an undergraduate math exam in the US looks like?

    I'd say this were fairly lengthy for a 75 minute class, in 2 hours, I would say it's doable. What class is this for? Is it an upper level class? If it's an upper level class, I wouldn't say its difficult at all, but at a lower level, I would say it was fair.
  7. yzia

    Quants love poker?

    I curl at the national curling center.
  8. yzia

    Why you should cry for the intelligence of the human Race.

    Welcome to the internet, my friend ;)
  9. yzia

    Why you should cry for the intelligence of the human Race.

    this is exactly why it has become a meme on the internet. It's all about syntax and has led to a lot of discussions. It's really not a reason to cry for the human race. There are a ton of other reasons that are more pressing.
  10. yzia

    Anne Hathaway and Warren Buffett...?

    I'm starting a company called Rebecca Black Taylor Swift Lady Gaga Brad Pitt Matt Damon Charlie Sheen
  11. yzia

    Help Me Choose Where To Go For Undergrad

    And I've been going here full-time for 5 years. The competitions get put into the crappy buildings and I'm not sure what you mean by dirty. Some of the buildings are old, anything you'd deal with though is modernized. But to each their own :)
  12. yzia

    Help Me Choose Where To Go For Undergrad

    heh, I assure you its anything but gloomy but lol. and your pic doesnt work. but have fun at cmu - definitely a great school edit: ah your pic works. hahaha oh man, way to find a picture of a place in early early morning. i was at bagel place just now for a late lunch, most definitely not...
  13. yzia

    Help Me Choose Where To Go For Undergrad

    college park is a ghetto? news to me and i've lived here for five years. every college town is as unsafe or safe as you make it.
  14. yzia

    Help Me Choose Where To Go For Undergrad

    Undergrad STEM rankings typically go off of their graduate counterparts, at least in Math, Physics, and CS. http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-science-schools/mathematics-rankings/page+2 Maryland is at 20, CMU is at 36. CMU has the name recognition and...
  15. yzia

    University of Maryland undergraduate

    I did the entire Physics major in 2 years, and know a lot of people that did Math and {Econ || Finance} in 4. You will be fine. And by "pick up" I mean add the major
  16. yzia

    University of Maryland undergraduate

    Damn right its a fine place for undergrad! DUCK FUKE! Edsall was a terrible hire! (Currently in my fifth year there, graduating next semester with degrees in Physics and Econ) To be frank with you, don't do just a business/finance major there. The Smith school is elitist in their "holier than...
  17. yzia

    What features would you like to see on Quantnet ?

    Woah...is that an option? ABSOLUTELY! Wow, I'm gonna get a dream job AND an order of fries. This place delivers.
  18. yzia

    What features would you like to see on Quantnet ?

    A button that says "Get Job". When you click it, you're given your dream job. Get on it Andy.
  19. yzia

    Undergraduate Degrees

    6. Physics + Economics
  20. yzia

    U of Maryland to offer MS Financial Mathematics degree in Fall 2011

    Andy, there is a contact within the Statistics department that I have to find that can possibly be of more help. Once I get the contact info, I'll forward it to you.
  21. yzia

    Top 10 Overused Buzzwords to Avoid in Resume

    So I should probably take "I'm a motivated, team-playing problem solver with a proven track record of innovative ideas in a results-oriented, fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment" off my resume then?
  22. yzia

    Football season

  23. yzia


    I currently attend UMD - and I see you're in Wash DC. I'm majoring in Physics and Economics. If you have any questions, let me know!
  24. yzia

    Anyone trading a quantitative strategy here?

    Not true, I'm here. ;)
  25. yzia

    We are Wall Street ... we are smarter

    As the letter points out, everyone complains when something doesn't go there way. However, the letter itself is an embodiment of that as well.
  26. yzia

    Aspiring Quant - the math way or the econ/finance way?

    One thing of note: You said you went to a USNews Top 10 college and then you created a link to what school you go to. Not saying you did anything wrong, many people here are open about what school they go to, but as a point of continuum, if you're trying to keep something under wraps, don't...
  27. yzia

    Baseball season is up on us

    Just wait until Stephan Strassburg is called up. He's already won the Cy Young award for the next 10 years.
  28. yzia

    MFE chances straight out of undergrad?

    Unfortunately, it seems like we don't really know until we get there.
  29. yzia

    MFE chances straight out of undergrad?

    I come from a similar background as him (undergrad wanting to go directly to an MFE program), I guess it isn't so much "will we get in" as it is "are we barking up the right tree here". I remember when I first joined the site, I was under the (wrong) assumption that a few years of financial...
  30. yzia

    QuantNet Coding Project

    I think the goal then should be, how can you do it differently? What would be really cool is down the road, we get problems where optimization is key and we look at which one has the faster code.
  31. yzia

    QuantNet Coding Project

    Updated. And I lose, I like the python response better.
  32. yzia

    QuantNet Coding Project

    I already broke the rule and did it in Java. Two methods, I'm fairly certain second method would be correct public class Program { public static void main(String[] args) { int sum = 0; for (int i = 3; i < 1000; i++) { if (i % 3 == 0 ||...
  33. yzia

    Getting started

    Seconded. And I'm only adding this cause I need more than fifteen characters.
  34. yzia

    New QN font face does not look good

    Most likely. What don't you like about it?
  35. yzia

    The rise of Python!

    Heh, just a joke.
  36. yzia

    Retake Linear Algebra or take an Applications of Lin Al course?

    I'm asking around regarding the Applications course and it seems that there is a good bit of theory involved. I'll talk to a math adviser to see exactly how much though.
  37. yzia

    Retake Linear Algebra or take an Applications of Lin Al course?

    I took Linear Algebra over a year ago, back when I was an engineering major. The class that I took was Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers. Going into the final, I was borderline A/B with the knowledge that the final would be strictly practical (the professor said as much). It wasn't. It...
  38. yzia

    The rise of Python!

    Yeah the community is very friendly - too friendly if you ask me...;)
  39. yzia

    U of Maryland to offer MS Financial Mathematics degree in Fall 2011

    His work is primarily with dynamical systems, he may teach a math elective but I highly doubt he'll teach in the actual program.
  40. yzia

    UIUC-MS Finance

    If I recall correctly, you will be the first class to attend. The program is brand new.
  41. yzia

    New thin and light Windows based laptop

    Ninite Easy PC Setup - Download/Install Multiple Programs Fast Genius website that creates an install package for you containing things you'll need (based on what you choose). Keep that in mind when you reinstall.
  42. yzia

    Life of a quant

    (from the back row) EQUITIES IN DALLAS!
  43. yzia

    recommendation on workstation

    Agreed. The Tesla is expensive however, so only if you plan on coding for the GPU should you consider it. You can always add it in later. If you dont want to build it yourself, I'd go down the Dell Precision series route. Solid desktops there. What's your budget?
  44. yzia

    Quiz by Peter Carr: Are You a Trader or a Quant?

    Heh. I came up with 2 and saw that the correct answers were 1 and 3. I tried to figure out why I got it wrong and then I realized, I picked the one that was wrong - you posted the ones that were right. It seems I can do the harder things, but when it comes to adding 1 and 1, I try and take the...
  45. yzia

    Need a book recommendation to supplement my undergrad class

    If it makes a difference, here's what the class covers: 1.1) Elementary Probability, Events. 1.2) Conditional Probability, Independence. 1.3) Random Variables and Expectation. 1.4) Covariance and Correlation of Random Variables. 2.1) Continuous Random Variables. 2.2) The Normal Random Variable...
  46. yzia

    Need a book recommendation to supplement my undergrad class

    Yeah, I'm liking the Mathematics of Finance book. Do you happen to have this one? If so, would it fill-in as a great supplement to the Ross book?
  47. yzia

    Need a book recommendation to supplement my undergrad class

    I'm currently using Sheldon M. Ross's An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance: Options and Other Topics. And to say the least, it sucks. The questions have no solutions to see if you're right and they pertain very little to what you read in the chapter - its as if you read in depth...
  48. yzia

    Nvidia - Cuda Toolkit for options pricing

    A little bump action here. I got to tinker around with an nVidia Tesla machine earlier today (Tesla's are cards that are basically CUDA optimized GPU's, made specifically for GPU programming purposes). I made a simple program to calculate every prime number from 1 to 10 billion, add the numbers...
  49. yzia

    I dont' want to be a quant, but I choose MFE...am I right?

    Rather then create a new thread, I have a similar question that piggy-backs off of this (and yes, I just used the term "piggy-back" in a sentence on a forum :P ) I guess, my plan is to get an MFE after I'm done with undergrad. Would an MFE preclude me from trying my hand at Sales/Trading after...
  50. yzia

    When all else fails...

    You know, I'm thinking you're missing both the humor and the joke behind this, as well as the fact that this was advertised at Baruch - also an undergrad institution and not necessarily in the MFE department. Just saying...
  51. yzia

    hardest question I got in an interview!

    Is the answer: 24 <--- Highlight that, I didnt want to give the answer away.
  52. yzia

    Sledding and hot chocolate!

    I would totally find it helpful if I weren't in College Park, MD right now :\ But I'm willing to spend X amount of dollars driving up to NYC for free hot chocolate, I feel like that's worth it ;)
  53. yzia

    Rioting at NYU?

    Actually, the question on the table wasn't why are they asking for more money, no - the question was why is it so funny that they want scholarships for Gaza students. But your PM shows me why and I have a feeling that your viewpoint wont change.
  54. yzia

    Rioting at NYU?

    I don't want to get into poltics, but seeing your profile pic, what the hell is that supposed to mean? People in Gaza aren't allowed to be afforded a better ways to a mean to hopefully one day end the conflict there? Sorry man, but what your wrote followed by the incessent smilies reeks of...
  55. yzia

    DISCUSSION on second rated MFE programs

    Apparently JHU just launced a Masters in Fin Math as well - I was pleasantly surprised, it's also in the Engineering school there.
  56. yzia

    Trading Jobs. Entry Level and Summer Internships

    And are you looking for undergrads for summer internships?
  57. yzia

    Requirements for QUANT graduate programs?

    Sir. I'm speechless. Wow, just wow =D>
  58. yzia

    Math quant jokes

    Not From Concentrate - #205 haha, that comic was made by my friend actually, who had a strip going with the University of Maryland student newpaper.
  59. yzia

    Can Chemical Engineers become quants?

    I guess my definition of "theoretical" Econ courses is wrong. I'm taking the ones that have a lot math background in them. Our Econ department here at MD is very expansive in the sense that there are pure theory courses and then math courses. However, I am taking some pure theory courses, so...
  60. yzia

    Can Chemical Engineers become quants?

    I'm actually a Junior who, due to regulations in the ChemE department, has to dual-degree if I want to have Econ - thus, 150 credits = 5 years. I'm taking a very financial track in my Econ major, rather than a purely theoretical one. Further, I'm I've taken whatever Business courses I can (I...
  61. yzia

    Can Chemical Engineers become quants?

    So, I'm currently attending the University of Maryland with an expected graduation date in Spring 2011. I'm majoring in Chemical Engineering and Economics with a minor in Statistics. I have ample programming experience along with - what I think is - a great sense of logic. All my life I knew...