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    Trading Algorithm HELP please!

    Hey guys, i'm trying to learn VBA and just trading strategies in general. my background isn't strong in computing and i haven't written these types of things before. i do have some matlab experience but not enough :( so basically, i want to re-create an LTCM type trade. i want to execute a...
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    Calculating Total Return from yahoo data

    Ok, So i would like to know whether it is possible to calculate total return from Yahoo's data (be it for individual stocks, indices etc.) I currently subscribe to www.economagic.com for most of my data needs and they have a total return index for the S&P500 from 1970, monthly. the data...
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    2008 Trade Idea Thread...

    Hi Folks, first time reader, first time poster. I thought it would be fun to post your trade ideas in a centralized thread that you can come back to as time passes. I'll start with one idea i like at the moment: Short CDX.NA.IG spreads. Andy did a data cleaning that gave me a more...