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  1. yzia

    Retake Linear Algebra or take an Applications of Lin Al course?

    I took Linear Algebra over a year ago, back when I was an engineering major. The class that I took was Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers. Going into the final, I was borderline A/B with the knowledge that the final would be strictly practical (the professor said as much). It wasn't. It...
  2. yzia

    Need a book recommendation to supplement my undergrad class

    I'm currently using Sheldon M. Ross's An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance: Options and Other Topics. And to say the least, it sucks. The questions have no solutions to see if you're right and they pertain very little to what you read in the chapter - its as if you read in depth...
  3. yzia

    Can Chemical Engineers become quants?

    So, I'm currently attending the University of Maryland with an expected graduation date in Spring 2011. I'm majoring in Chemical Engineering and Economics with a minor in Statistics. I have ample programming experience along with - what I think is - a great sense of logic. All my life I knew...