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    I build and want to Maintain an EC2 ubuntu image for solely QUANT usage! Pls help.

    Hi All, I have an idea to build and maintain a quant image on EC2 for quant usage, a linux, with all the tools a quant ever needs to perform any quant-related work you want - A dedicated intance for every quant at fingertip when you have an quant idea and want to try it or test it. Any...
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    Practical way to quickly develop C++ skills

    Hi, I am looking for a practical way to develop genuine C++ skills. How can I possibly do this on my own? Get a book from the master reading list, and read all pages and do all examples? Pls ,any idea, plan, agenda, schedule are appreciated. I've just done below so I am good to go: 1...
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    An iphone app for quantnet

    Hi everyone, Has anyone think of making a forum app to read and write quantnet thread on idevice? Since I bet we have many people over qualified here.
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    MSc Fin Math graduated, lookin for PHD or another MS? Where can I get in?

    Hey, this is Hao. I just graduated this summer, and currently working for UBS as an offshore operational risk analyst. However, I still want to do a PHD or something else. Please feel free to give your evaluation and recommendations, because Im not quite sure what's best for me. (i.e. which PHD...
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    Current mathematical finance student seek help for further education advise

    Hi, all. This is Hao. Let me briefly introduce myself. I am currently a Msc mathematical finance student studying at university of Exeter in the UK. I graduated from university of plymouth with first class degree in finance. First class degree is equivalent 3.7 GPA in the US according to...