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  1. DominiConnor

    Don't use non-western alphabets

    As you can imagine I have a pretty good spam filter and the majority of easily spotted crap contains Cyrillic and Chinese characters, so it often gets binned. If you're sending a resume to me or anoyne else you think might help get you a job, I would advise you only to use western (ie ASCII)...
  2. DominiConnor

    Taking Dell to court

    There was recently a thread on Quantnet about laptops for Quants and I mentioned that I just bought myself a nice 8 core Intel I7 & 17" LCD laptop from Dell, it's predecessor was of course famous for being the host of my C++ lectures that so many of you have watched. It doesn't work, keeps...
  3. DominiConnor

    Florida not a target school

    Just so you know, we now no longer regard Florida as a university, note I'm not saying good university, its leadership has decided to take up a position somewhere between a Bible college and the induction process given to cleaners at Disneyworld who to be fair are really quite good at their...
  4. DominiConnor

    Using an MFE for a different line of work

    One thing I don't yet have a good measure on is the "impressiveness" of an MFE if you bail out and do something else. By that I mean that if you do (say) a masters in history at Cambridge, employers will generally assume you are basically smarter than most grads and remember that many jobs...
  5. DominiConnor

    A video for MFEs

    I was sent this by a partner at a huge us law firm and whereas it's optimised with respect to lawyers it applies to MFEs just as well. http://www.rollonfriday.com/Blogs/ReadBlog/tabid/144/Id/861/Default.aspx
  6. DominiConnor

    The 7 Laws of Bonuses

    Here are 7 Rules of bonuses I have observed, there may be more, any suggestions ? Law Zero Everyone lies about their bonus First Law Your bonus is a function of how much they want you to stay based upon your performance and the market, and nothing else at all. It is not a reward. Second...
  7. DominiConnor

    Dealing with sexism in finance

    We've had a thread about the existence of sexism but to me it's not the issue we should discuss. I'm more interested in strategies in dealing with it because society is beyond my control but advising people is something I can do, but I do not feel the counseling I give on this topic is as good...
  8. DominiConnor

    Why your resume sucks...

    Stupid mistakes can kill your application Over at The Register I talk in terms of IT resumes, but as you'd expect much of it is the same for Quants. We are in interesting times and even in good times the best jobs are competed hard for and despite the skepticism I hear that "I'm a quant, not a...
  9. DominiConnor

    Quant Pay Survey Results coming out next week

    Collating all the results, cleaning the data took more of the summer than I expected so before we start the Herculean task of mailing PDFs to 120,000 people, I'm going to be streaming them on Google+ as they come off the production line and as they look interesting and trustworthy. If you want...
  10. DominiConnor

    Early results for quant pay survey, Quant Developers across America

    All figures are in $K and subject to some change as we get more numbers in. New York Base Bonus Non-Cash Benefits Total Comp 160, 111, 21, 292 California Base Bonus Non-Cash Benefits Total Comp 144,74,20, 238 Chicago Base Bonus Non-Cash Benefits Total Comp 136, 47, 20, 203 Average USA Base...
  11. DominiConnor

    Statistically happy quants, mostly, except maybe model validation

    Given that QN has a high % o students, I thought I'd share some results on how happy various types of quants are in their work, this is based upon 715 responses from our pay survey. Very Happy 11.3% Quite Happy 45.2% Neither 28.5% Quite unhappy 12.0% Very unhappy 2.9% For the job...
  12. DominiConnor

    Quant, Strat, Risk, Trading, Structruring Fund Management Pay Survey

    P&D are running a pay survey for people who use maths to make money, or at least stop money being lost in vast quantities. If you're working in that sort of job then you can go to http://bit.ly/koFj1Q to add your contribution.
  13. DominiConnor

    Thoughts on a Quant Programming Competition...

    I see on another thread a Quant Programming competition, and although we could debate how "quant" a matching engine problem might be, it's a good idea, and since I've personally written that sort of code, see it as a perfectly valid test. I have something of a following these days, so for the...
  14. DominiConnor

    Bankers Bonuses on the BBC radio

    I was recently interviewed by the BBC about bonuses, and used my connections to help them talk to bankers about their bonuses. I agreed to do this since for once, there were some journalists who actually doing the research wanting to talk to people who know what's going on. This was made...
  15. DominiConnor

    Why Computer Scientists find it hard to get jobs

    Although my views are a bit more nuanced than this article, it's all true and a bit sad. No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed • The Register
  16. DominiConnor

    Paul & Dominic's Guide to Quant Careers, Third Edition

    This is of course late, and so I've sworn a bloody oath to get this damned thing finished. However, since it's out soonish, we're holding back on shipping V2.
  17. DominiConnor

    Quants vs Traders at GS

    My blog points to the best thing written about quants on Wall Street I've seen this year. It's more than slightly cynical, but you do need to read this before you get a job.
  18. DominiConnor

    Math Prorgramming Interview Question

    Here's one to puzzle over given two numbers x,y I want to find out if their product is too large to work with the numeric type I'm using. Like all good interview questions, it scales... So given N numbers, how do I work out whether their product gets outside the range ?
  19. DominiConnor

    Entry Level Quant Roles available

    We have been asked by a large investment bank to find unusually talented entry level analysts for a unified quant group based out of NY, HK and London. The groups is responsible for analytics for trading, risk management, market making, algotrading and structuring across both the fixed income...
  20. DominiConnor

    How to Destroy a Bank

    In the UK, HBOS, one of the largest mortgage banks has been trashed, some blame short selling, which may or may notr be true. I share some thoughts about how you could do this on The Register: Bear squeeze blues: How to destroy a bank • The Register
  21. DominiConnor

    My Life as a Parasite

    As an homage to Emanuel Derman, I chose the title of "My life as a parasite" for an article I did for efinancial careers. Finance jobs, banking jobs, recruitment in investment banking & in the financial markets It is interesting to see how the response is quite different between candidates and...
  22. DominiConnor

    The Long, Flat, Seemingly Endless Bataan Death March To Version 3 of the Quant Careers Guide

    V3 will have change you can believe in. We will come together as one nation under a groove and cast out the discredited mistakes of the past. I'm actively looking for feedback, new sections you want to see, areas you think waste space, and where you think my creative interpretation of English...
  23. DominiConnor

    Quant C++ Developer Required Geogia

    We have a large investment bank looking to hire a very good quant who can bring to the role both C++ skills and an understandings of both pricing and risk management. The salaries will be pitched at a level to attract the necessary quality of QD. If you're interested, let me know...
  24. DominiConnor

    Quant Developers Required, North Carolina

    Contrary to what you may have been reading recently, some firms are still recruiting. Our client is a household name bank, expand and acquiring new business, and is looking to take on highly skilled quants with development skills in C++. If this sounds like you, drop a line to...
  25. DominiConnor

    Free Visual Studio 8 Professional Edition

    MS has been giving away Visual Studio Express for some time, but now students can get VS 2008, Expression,. SQL Server, Windows Server, and some other stuff free. It is however a big download. http://www.regdeveloper.co.uk/2008/02/21/free_microsoft_dev_tools/
  26. DominiConnor

    Death of VBA Greatly ExaggeratedIn

    On most of the popular tech websites there have been increasingly hysterical posts about Microsoft killing off VBA. Although not loved by quants (or anyone else), VBA in Excel is the glue that holds together a large % of financial markets. I always counsel newbies to get vaguely competent in...
  27. DominiConnor

    Paul & Dominic's Guide to Quant Careers Version 2.0 Now Available

    As promised we have totally rewritten and greatly expanded our Guide to Getting a Quant Job. Yes, it really is 137 pages this time, and yes it still is free. We have adjusted our advice to current market conditions. MY INTERVIEW IS IN TWO DAYS TIME...
  28. DominiConnor

    Paul & Dominic's Guide to Getting a Job in Quantitative Finance FAQ

    Paul & Dominic’s Guide to Getting a Job in Quantitative Finance FAQ Paul & Dominic's Guide to Getting a Job in Quantitative Finance FAQ FAQ 0: When is FAQ 2.0 coming out ? We don't know either. Our best estimate is in time for newbies starting courses in Autumn 2007. FAQ 1.x is still pretty...
  29. DominiConnor


    I'm interested in the % of MFE students who use Matlab, any ideas ?
  30. DominiConnor

    Quant Careers Day

    Are there any British Baruchers ?
  31. DominiConnor

    Two articles on C++

    I've done two pieces for The Registerwww.TheRegister.co.uk One is a review of the Herb Sutters Exceptional C++ books. They are in effect 90ish interview questions with answers. http://www.regdeveloper.co.uk/2006/10/26/exceptional_cplusplus_more/ The other is a skit on constness in C++...
  32. DominiConnor


    NNT is like that in like that in real life. He's not a consensus man, he thinks the quality of truth is basically a function of how hard you've tried to kick holes in it. When arguing with him, the third bottle of wine brought the insight that this was a like one of those exercise you do in...