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  1. zyz

    LCR & NSFR

    Has anybody dealt with these measurements of Basel? I would appreciate any material that uses simple and to the point explanation.
  2. zyz

    30 Under 30

    Here is the full list: http://www.forbes.com/30under30/#/finance Pretty impressive. Especially the guy who is at Two Sigma. What do you guys think?
  3. zyz

    Profile evaluation: am I wasting my time?

    Hello Quantnet, I am currently contemplating applying for MFE/MFin programs and would like to know if I have a chance at all given my non-quant background. Profile: BSc Management from top Uni in no name country; MSc Risk Management from a Russell Group Uni in UK; Been working as a Market Risk...
  4. zyz

    A Goldman Sachs programmer was found guilty

    A Goldman Sachs programmer was found guilty on Friday of stealing high-speed trading software from his former employer. Goldman Sachs Programmer Found Guilty of Stealing Code | Threat Level | Wired.com