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  1. J

    Oil Trading Book

    Anyone knows of a good book on Oil Trading? Specifically, topics on Contango/Backwardation Curve, Transport, Storage Costs, Spread options, hedging strategies, etc. Thanks!
  2. J

    Columbia MSOR Columbia MSOR alumnus

    i found this on BarCap website the other day. The guy went to Columbia for MSOR and is now trading fixed income options at BarCap. I now have a firm believe that Columbia MSOR will open a lot of doors for me and it will be up to me to capitalize on those opportunities. Barclays Capital - Campus...
  3. J

    COMPARE Columbia MSOR vs. BU MSFM vs. Rutgers-MQF vs. Claremont MFE

    So far, I have admits to all these schools. Which would be the best choice for me? My goal is to work in NYC in any finance position, from IBD to trading to quant. Right now, I am leaning towards Columbia MSOR. Any input is appreciated!
  4. J

    Columbia MSOR Columbia MSOR

    just got admit to Columbia. Will mostly be going here. Anyone else got admit and looking to join Columbia?
  5. J

    Duke University Master's in Engineering Management

    Hey guys, I just got admitted into this program. Anyone knows anything about it? I dont think the program is quantitative enough for quant positions because it is a more "technical" version of MBA. But, on their website, many of their graduates went onto work for bulge bracket firm in...
  6. J

    Rutgers-Newark MQF

    I just got accepted into Rutgers-Newark MQF program. I saw a bunch of posts on MSMF program but not MQF. It would be great if someone can shed some light on the job/internship placements, courses, etc. Thanks!!
  7. J

    PhD in Finance vs. M.S. in Financial Engineering/Math Finance

    So what are the differences between PhD in Finance and M.S. in Financial Engineering/Math Finance? I know that PhD requires a thesis but M.S. doesnt. I am wondering about which one is more mathematically rigorous? I dont think Finance PhD curriculum has courses like Stochastic Calculus, Monte...
  8. J

    new BU math fin curriculum

    I just got my BU acceptance package in the mail and saw that BU is coming out with a new curriculum for Fall 2010. This info is not yet updated on their website so I just wanna share it with you guys. The main difference between the old and new curriculum is that the program is now 16-month...
  9. J

    COMPARE BU vs. Rutgers vs. Claremont vs. UMich

    I just got accepted to BU math fin program and am still waiting to hear back from the top schools (Columbia, NYU, CMU, Baruch). I am thinking of apply to more "2nd tier" programs just in case. Can someone please rank the following programs in terms of prestige on the Street/job placement? - BU...
  10. J

    quants and investment management firms

    So I know that traditionally, quants work for the sales and trading division of ibanks to price derivatives and model complicated financial instruments. However, what do quants do exactly in investment management firms (mutual funds, portfolio management, etc.)? Are they still involved in...
  11. J

    online C++ course

    where can i enroll in a solid online C++ course? I can def learn this stuff by myself but Baruch (and several other mfe programs) requires that I take a formal class. Since I am working now, the only way I can fulfill this requirement is to do it online. So which online C++ course is the best...
  12. J

    CMU MSCF CMU NYC and Pitt campus

    So I understand that CMU program has two campuses, one in NYC and another in Pitt. What are the pros/cons of each campus? Please shed some light on student life, job/recruiting opportunities, accessibility to Professors for extra help, etc. Thanks!
  13. J

    Just took my GRE

    hey so I just took my GRE today. I got 770 on quant and 590 on verbal. Is this competitive for top MSFE programs? I am an econ major and my undergrad GPA is 3.61 from one of the top 15 schools in the US. I have already taken all the math prereq classes for MSFE program. I am only aiming at top...
  14. J

    UCB MFE online C++ and Math for FE offered by UC Berkeley

    So UC Berkeley offers online courses called C++ for Financial Engineers and Math Foundations for Financial Engineers. These courses are geared towards preparing ppl who want to do MSFE program, both at Berkeley and other schools. Since I haven't taken any programming classes in undergrad and the...
  15. J

    which recommendation should i use?

    so for the three letter of recs that are required by MSFE program, I am think of having my current supervisor and a prof i know from undergrad write the letter. As for the last one, is it ok to use a rec wrote by a college coach for varsity athletic team? He will be the one who knows me the best...
  16. J

    Best GRE prep book for math section

    So I took the math section of the GRE yesterday and got 710 without studying. I know I need at least 800 to be competitive for MS in financial engineering. How did u guys study for GRE Math section? Which books did u guys use to get 800? thanks!
  17. J

    How do intl students in NYC MS programs (NYU, Columbia, Baruch) do in terms of job placement?

    So I have decided that I would apply to all the MS programs in NYC to increase my chances. The question is do intl students (non-Canadian) do well in terms of job placement after graduation? I am an international student and went to Johns Hopkins University as an undergraduate student, graduated...
  18. J

    UK Msc Programs or US MS in Financial Engineering/Math Finance programs?

    Hey, I am thinking of applying to several Masters program in UK (LSE Msc in Finance and Economics, OXford MSc in Finance) and several Masters program in US (Columbia MS in Financial Engineering, NYU MS in Math Finance, etc.). My goal is so that I can get a job with a consulting/ibank. Which...
  19. J

    Columbia MS Programs

    Hey, I am new to this forum so I have a few questions to ask. I graduated from Johns Hopkins in 2008 with an Econ degree (premed concentration) and a GPA of 3.61. I received between A/A- in all quantitative classes (micro theory, macro theory, econometrics, prob/stats, etc.). The thing is I have...
  20. J

    Applying to Masters in Finance programs

    Hey, I am new to this forum so I have a few questions to ask. I graduated from Johns Hopkins in 2008 with an Econ degree (premed concentration) and a GPA of 3.61. I received between A/A- in all quantitative classes (micro theory, macro theory, econometrics, prob/stats, etc.). The thing is I have...