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  1. enthusiast

    Financial Econometrics & Excel Books Recommendation

    Econometrics: Wooldridge. decent intro book. Excel: Issac Gottlieb. This is a general Excel book not one specific to Econometrics. Covers Regression, Statistical tools and lot more about excel in general.
  2. enthusiast

    Stop Working More Than 40 Hours a Week

    That is a load of bull. I think productivity tails off way north of 40 hrs / week. If u want to be a valuable and productive employee, it takes more than the bare minimum. Work hard n party harder.
  3. enthusiast

    Choice between Time Series courses

    The first one. I am taking one that is like the fist one listed but has more to it. The 2nd one seems to be geared to EE. Is this a Bachelors level course?
  4. enthusiast

    Good econometrics book ?

    Introductory Econometerics ... by Wooldridge
  5. enthusiast

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    The previous posts were refering to tuition rates not being up to date. I was refering to that. In addition, the courses have changed, the entire website is new. As a prospective applicant, the courses being offered and tuition would be of interest to me. Agreed, placement stats and student...
  6. enthusiast

    some questions about Kent state University and Temple University

    The Temple MSFE website has been recently updated. The MSFE program is undergoing changes (2012 onwards - More geared towards FRM).
  7. enthusiast

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    The website has been finally updated. The MSFE program is undergoing changes (2012 onwards - More geared towards FRM).
  8. enthusiast

    Quant - Statistics/Econometrics vs Stochastics Calculus

    Econometrics - Wooldridge Time Series - William Wei
  9. enthusiast

    Quant - Statistics/Econometrics vs Stochastics Calculus

    Optimization - Wayne Winston
  10. enthusiast

    Quant - Statistics/Econometrics vs Stochastics Calculus

    Some of the topics that you might want to study are: 1. Optimization 2. Econometrics 3. Time Series 4. Risk Management If you don't want to go back to school, try to get good books. I can give you a few names if needed.
  11. enthusiast

    The Economist : Don't do MBA

    Well....Do what you believe in...Pursue your passion . You will do well in life! 'There is room for you to succeed in any field. Just be good at it (don't be happy with average).
  12. enthusiast

    A way to get MS Computer Science for FREE

    R u serious! Why even bother with MS or PhD. U should just get into politics. Your parents must be so proud.
  13. enthusiast

    A way to get MS Computer Science for FREE

    The problems I see are 1. Its not ethical. 2. Like Ohad said you will not get good recommendation from your advisor. 3. You may have to explain why you started a PhD program and dropped out. Meaning, Do you give up on other things mid way also?
  14. enthusiast

    Salary History

    Cost of living is much higher in Cali. Don't forget to take that into account and use it as a bargaining chip. From what I had heard last something like 20%. Try n sell all your strengths and justify a higher salary that way (easier said than done). From what I have seen, companies do pay you...
  15. enthusiast

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    Sure, I will suggest it. 2011-2012 tuition rates r not out yet due to the PA budget issues and the PA funding cut to Temple. I think I should aslo suggest getting rid of the info session (geared for MBA program), if they don't provide additional information compared to website.
  16. enthusiast

    Looking Busy

    Lets just hope he is still an undergrad n not working for your firm.
  17. enthusiast

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    GRE Quant scores are too low. Other parts of your application need to be exceptional to get in. I recommend re-taking GRE.
  18. enthusiast

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    Sounds like a case of - attempted to get information but could not. The program was newish 3 years ago. Those informations sessions at Temple are pretty much for MBA students. Its worthless going to them. Best chance to get information is to arrange a meeting with the Director, sit in a class...
  19. enthusiast

    Looking Busy

    This is hilarious. FYI: I am checking this from home.
  20. enthusiast

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    Just curious how you reached the conclusion that the Temple MSFE is "not really reputable"? Was it a lack of information or something bad you heard? I can understand asking the director about placements, but you asked the director about the program's reputation?
  21. enthusiast

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    A Temple CS grad works at SIG who also teaches C++ for Temple MSFE students. For the SIG Quants, I have heard that they only hire PhD's. The only jobs you can be considered for at SIG are programmers or trader.
  22. enthusiast

    Attending Fox School of Business for MSFE, Fall 2011

    I hear 30 students have accepted. this does not mean class size will be 30. If prospective students get admission offers from higher target schools, they may most likely accept those. U r better off contacting current students or alumini. PM me any questions.
  23. enthusiast

    "Fooled by Randomness" and Quant Finance

    Its funny I had a similar discussion with someone from NYU (a non hard sciences major). Her statement was that the quant models are wrong beacause they are modeled by people in the "hard sciences". My response was - you have to use some math to perform quantitative analysis. I asked her if she...
  24. enthusiast

    The college bubble

    Disclaimer: I love education and it is why I am doing a second MS (MSFE). The universities in the US have a lot of fluff. What I mean by "fluff" is, all the other stuff that is not required for learning (purpose of going to university or college). For example, lavish buildings, stadiums, insane...
  25. enthusiast


    Location alone does not determine the ranking. NCSU is a top 20 Engineering School. The stats dept is also very good.
  26. enthusiast


    See which curriculum you like better . Pick based on that. if there is a tie pick IIT for better location.
  27. enthusiast


    If Alice chooses 5, and Bob decide to populate B and C prior to D then Alice would chose 4 as the 3rd digit. Hence we get 955 499 or 455 000 and difference is 456 or 455.
  28. enthusiast


    If Alice choses 5 and Bob populates E and F, then you get 500 055 OR 999 555. The difference would be 445 or 444 which is not good for Bob. So 400 wins here. If Alice choses 4 and Bob populates E and F, then you get 500 044 OR 999 544. The difference would be 456 or 455 which is not good for...
  29. enthusiast


    I believe the answer is 400. PerfectSeek is on the right track with 4 or 5. If Alice would chose 4, then Bob should place 4 in A. 400 000. Difference is 400. If Alice starts by picking 5. Bob has to pick D to maximize his chances. Alice then picks 9's. 999 599. Difference is 400. As you can...
  30. enthusiast

    Best books of 2011

    Joy, Have you purchased any text books on the kindle? I was just wondering if the kindle would be appropriate for reading textbooks. Some people say that its not easy to read a text book on kindle or ereaders in general.
  31. enthusiast

    COMPARE Final Decision- Columbia MSOR or BU MSMF?

    Sounds like you have not done your homework. Why do a MFE if you don't want to do quantish type of a job? Why not do a MBA instead?
  32. enthusiast

    MIT MFin Oversubscribed, MIT MFin offers admitted students $8K to defer

    Someone who got admitted to MIT and CMU or NYU (for example) could take the 8k and run!
  33. enthusiast

    Why am i getting american option prices lower than european prices?

    This is not true. With no dividend, american option price >= European price. This tells me you have not read chapter 9. Yu, Pricing American options is not as easy as it appears. Trust me, I thought so during my first implementation of FDM. Read Chapter 9. After reading chapter 9 it will take...
  34. enthusiast

    Why am i getting american option prices lower than european prices?

    Yu, Code: stock(i, j) = s0 * Exp((r - d - (v ^ 2) / 2) * t * j / 12 + v * ((t * j / 12) ^ 0.5) * normalnum) I am not familar with VBA but this does not look correct. Looks like your code will generate non-connected stock paths i.e., discontinuous stock paths. Try plotting stock (I,j) for small...
  35. enthusiast

    Why am i getting american option prices lower than european prices?

    Firstly American call option prices are always greater than or equal to European call prices when there is no dividend. See Hull (Chapter 9) for further details. Hull also explains even with dividend. Please pay extra attention to this chapter. The (boundary) conditions for american options are...
  36. enthusiast

    jump model vs. BS model

    Also consider a simple jump model using Poisson Distrution. What λ and h are u going to use. You output will be as good as your input. The more complex stochastic volatility models als have additional parameters you need to input. These better models (Stochastic VOL etc) are better if you give...
  37. enthusiast

    Advice for quant job seekers

    Congrats Ilya n keep up the good work!
  38. enthusiast

    Why is there a lot of international students pursuing mfe?

    My mom was a high school teaher (outside the US) and made the scrappy salary. She did this for about 42 years. Yet we were comfortable. My dad ofcourse made more, but not huge deal more. She taught becasue thats what she wanted to do! Back in 2001-2002, I made $12,000 a year and survived as a...
  39. enthusiast

    Why is there a lot of international students pursuing mfe?

    I believe that the fundamental reasons for this are; The standard of Math taught in school/high school in countries like China, India, Russia, etc is higher than in the US. As far as high school is concerned US does better in other things like Practical aspects of science (Labs), English...
  40. enthusiast

    COMPARE CMU MSCF vs Berkeley MFE

    Sounds like you know what is a better fit for you (which is great). Both programs are excellent and you can't go wrong selecting any one.
  41. enthusiast

    Question on courses recommended for MFin or MFE?

    1. I would recommend PDE. Like BBW said you need to know ODE's to start with. 2. I would definitely recommend C++ if you want to do MFE. It will be more efficient if you take C++ course than learning it yourself. Professors know what material to cover and help out when you have questions. If you...
  42. enthusiast

    C++ course (community college)?

    Also, compare C++ courses offered in a few colleges / universities in your area before you select one. Time is money! FYI: The instructor that was teaching the C++ course at the community college had more than 10 years of industry experience programming in C++. He was good.
  43. enthusiast

    C++ course (community college)?

    I took a C++ course at Community College to refresh my C++ skills. It was OOP C++ (second is series of C++ courses) and was pretty good for a refresher. I was impressed. I'm sure the quality of teaching varies at different colleges. Make sure you look closely at what they teach before signing...
  44. enthusiast

    Comparing Binomial and Monte Carlo with Black Scholes

    Like mentioned above - American options - Cannot be priced using BS. Can be priced using Binomial / Trinomial and Finite Difference Methods. Also for exotics options (Asian, Lookback, etc) numerical methods such as Monte Carlo, Finite Differences etc are required. There is an advantage to...
  45. enthusiast

    John Hull Chapter 12

    Consider ln ST - ln So ~ φ [(μ - σ^2/2)T, σ T^1/2] Ln (S0) is a constant since S0 is known. When you add (or subtract) a constant from a normal distribution only the mean will shift. There is no impact on the SD of the normal distribution. A constant A1, has normal distribution with mean A1...
  46. enthusiast

    Fundings for the MFE master programs

    Last I checked Private loans these days are about 3.5-4% APR (**variable rate). Looks good now, but if and when rates go up this could be a different story. Plus I heard that private loans are protected by regulations, meaning they do not (or are very difficult to get rid of) go away (even in...
  47. enthusiast

    Join Temple Fox School of Business or wait for IIT Stuart?

    As far as I know there are no Research Assitantships in MSFE. The MSFE classes also do not have any TAs. There may be other classes / departments which require TAs - say like Math or Engineering undergrad classes. Please contact the program director for information. The MSFE program provides...
  48. enthusiast

    Join Temple Fox School of Business or wait for IIT Stuart?

    1. Part time vs Full time. If you are already on say H1 visa (or US citizen / permanent resident) then you can study part time. If you are on F1 visa then you have to study full time. If you look at the website there is a part time schedule listed. 2. There are no refresher courses at Temple...
  49. enthusiast

    Monte Carlo Simulation Test

    It all depends on what you are simulating. If an analytic solution exists, you can compare it to that. If not, compare it to some other numerical solution. If no known solution exists, then for example you can fit it to a normal distribution and find out the confidence intervals. You can then...
  50. enthusiast

    Join Temple Fox School of Business or wait for IIT Stuart?

    I am a current Temple MSFE student and can answer some of your questions. 1. 10 month course- (9 classes + 1 project). You can do the course part time (if possible) giving you enough time to digest the material and supplement (extra reading/research) what is being taught in class. If you don't...
  51. enthusiast

    Math grades, confused and depressed:(

    There are no guarantees of admission, but it will help. Also make sure that you do well on the remaining math courses. That way you can establish a trend of improvement.
  52. enthusiast

    2011 Gadgets Wishlist

    Has anyone tried reading / using an e-book (Kindle, iPad etc) for quant material? Just wanted to know if ebooks are appropriate for using with textbooks.
  53. enthusiast

    2011 Gadgets Wishlist

    I want an iPad. Its pretty pricy though!
  54. enthusiast

    Math grades, confused and depressed:(

    Consider preparing for the GRE Subject test (Math) and ace it. This is one way you can make up for your low grades. Also, review the topics in which you got low grades. Some of the top schools interview candidates they are interested in and you may have the opprotunity to prove yourself there.
  55. enthusiast

    Math grades, confused and depressed:(

    Did u reflect on what mistakes u made in the exams and why? Make sure u know how to work the problems even though u did not do well in the exams. Learn from your mistakes.
  56. enthusiast

    Mathematical Modeling (relevant for finance)

    You will find a few books on the master reading list (link below). Pick your programming language of interest though. http://www.quantnet.com/forum/threads/master-reading-list-for-quants-mfe-financial-engineering-students.535/
  57. enthusiast

    gre score

    U need to retake the GRE unless your other credentials are sparkling