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  1. jimmycc

    Claudia, Do you have FRM marketing materials translated to Chinese? Thanks. Jimmy

    Claudia, Do you have FRM marketing materials translated to Chinese? Thanks. Jimmy
  2. jimmycc

    PHOTOS: Quantnet BBQ Party

    Mucho thanks to Woody for hosting the party in his place. It was loads of fun and good fellowship! Jimmy
  3. jimmycc

    The 8th Annual Traders Expo New York

    I'll be going
  4. jimmycc

    SOS, anybody online?

    Tony, Sorry that you are having so many problems. One Bernard Baruch Way does exist. Baruch does have multiple buildings (4 to be exact), and if it gets ot the East 2xx St, then thru interoffice mail, it will get to the proper office. Jimmy
  5. jimmycc

    Learning VBA during the Winter Break

    The campus is closed on 12/24 - 12/25. It does not say anything about 12/23. Double check with Cathy to see if it is open or not. Two years ago, Phat did a presentation on Excel VBA. It was wonderful. From that presentation, I grasped the essence of Excel VBA, and was able to code a...
  6. jimmycc

    Events (13 November - 17 November)

    1- Thursday, November 30th -Baruch College Fund Reception - THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT EVENT! - Faculty lounge (Room 760 in the Newman Conference Center (Library Building, 152 E. 25th Street) immediately following the meeting of the Trustees of the Baruch College Fund at 5 PM. The...
  7. jimmycc

    Events (13 November - 17 November)

    Zicklin Graduate Leadership Speaker Series ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello Everyone, Our next Zicklin Graduate Leadership Speaker Series event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 29th, from 12:15 - 1:30 PM in VC14-220. We invite you to join us to welcome our prominent...
  8. jimmycc

    Events (13 November - 17 November)

    Thank you!!
  9. jimmycc

    Events (From 11/6 - 11/10)

    Congressman Charles Rangel will do a "Post-election Interview on Policy and Politics." Date: Monday, 11/8/2006 Time: 8 - 10 AM Location: Newman Conference Center, 151 East 25th St, 7th Floor Please RSVP at spa_conferences@baruch.cuny.edu or (646) 660-6851. Space is Limited. Thank...
  10. jimmycc

    Events (From 11/6 - 11/10)

    Thank you, William, for your help! Jimmy
  11. jimmycc

    MFE- A suggestion

    I am a student who has completed a capstone project, and can offer a perspective that many of the students do not have yet. A capstone project is an intellectual endeavor; one creates a framework out of nothingness. That is a remarkable achievement. And it does hold value. A student can talk...
  12. jimmycc

    Summer Analyst Panel Discussion on Thursday, October 19

    Also, we may be competing with the MBA in certain areas. One example would be structured finance. Jimmy
  13. jimmycc

    structured finance internship opportunity

    I got this in the mail: ================================== Sr. PROGRAMMING ANALYST About GSC Partners: GSC Partners is a registered investment advisor with $14.7 billion of assets under management, as of June 30, 2006. The Firm specializes in credit-based alternative investment...
  14. jimmycc

    Remembering 9/11

    Where were you on 9/11? Jimmy
  15. jimmycc

    Sign up for Study Group

    Meeting place? I suggest the Library. There are study rooms in the Library as well. You may also borrow laptops and/or use the desktops in the Library/ Jimmy
  16. jimmycc

    Required textbooks for Fall 2006 courses

    Another good place is www.campusi.com I'm selling my Numerical Linear Algebra textbook. Let me know if you are interested. Jimmy
  17. jimmycc


    Yep. That's correct. After this initial registration, everything is done online. Jimmy
  18. jimmycc

    International students: Getting to know NY

    The shopping areas in Elmhurst are on Broadway and on Queens Blvd. Broadway has all the mom and pop stores, restaurants and Chinese supermarkets. Queens Blvd has the chain stores and malls. Jimmy
  19. jimmycc

    Integrate C++ program into VBA

    I had researched into using .NET to create components for Excel earlier this year (Jan 2006). Here is what I found: 1) Debugging problems is quite tedious. Is the problem in your Excel code, .NET code, or an environmental issue? When .NET code bombs out, the error does not surface. 2) The...
  20. jimmycc

    Housing info for international students

    I live very close to that community; so, I know it very well. It's a large Chinese community. Banks ----------- 3 HSBC's clustered in the same area 1 Citibank China Trust Asia Bank North Fork Chase Subway ----------------------- Grand Ave/Newtown R or V trains Supermarket (All Chinese)...
  21. jimmycc

    Required textbooks for Fall 2006 courses

    Greg, This is what I heard from previous years: Interest Rates: The teacher uses handouts. Advanced Computational: Principles of Financial Engineering (Academic Press Advanced Finance) (Hardcover) by Salih N. Neftci Jimmy
  22. jimmycc

    International students: Getting to know NY

    Sangroid, Congrats!!!!!! You'll be living in my neighborhood! Jimmy
  23. jimmycc

    How do you take care of your personal finance?

    The 60%/40% is too conservative. At least for my taste. For quality mutual fund companies, we have Vanguard, Fidelity, and T. Rowe Price. Jimmy
  24. jimmycc

    How do you take care of your personal finance?

    I use North Fork Bank. Like any other bank in NYC, it tries to rip people off. I bank with them because as a union member, I do not have to pay many fees. For convenience, I would the following banks because they have many branches: 1) Citibank 2) HSBC 3) Chase 4) Commerce 5) North Fork Jimmy
  25. jimmycc

    Official start of the MS MFE Program

    Sangroid, Taking refresher courses is considered to be pre - marticulation. The firsy day of classes is, as Andy posted, Aug 30 Jimmy
  26. jimmycc

    PRMIA event

    Best Practices Risk Management & Credit Risk Presenters David Bushnell, Senior Risk Officer, Citigroup Sharon Lee, Director, Credit Portfolio Strategy, Global Fixed Income, Citigroup Jun 13, 2006 5:30 PM Citigroup Auditorium, 399 Park Avenue, New York City For a full...
  27. jimmycc

    International students: Getting to know NY

    Registration process for the first time ============================= 1) It's going to be a long line. 2) It happens on orientation. Basically, you fill out some form Cathy gives you, and you bring it to the Registrar. The Registrar will then enroll you in the classes. 3) Bring the form the...
  28. jimmycc

    International students: Getting to know NY

    Do all the health requirement forms way ahead of time, and follow up with the Health Office. When I registered, I forgot to submit my Meningococcal Meningitis form, I did not get the OK to register. Luckily, I called the Admissions Office 2 weeks before registration, and I got everything...
  29. jimmycc

    Housing info for international students

    Banking in NYC --------------------- Banking here can be an experience. There are many, many hidden fees which banks will slap on you. For example, if your balance goes below a certain amt, a $10 fee is charged; another example is if you want a money order, it is a very hefty fee, etc. We...
  30. jimmycc

    Housing info for international students

    Just to give an idea about living expenses in NYC - DSL - $20 per month Cable TV - don't have it, so don't know Electric - $30 per month Cell phone - $30 - $40 per month depending on plan Gas (most places include gas and heating in the rent) - $30 per month Gasoline - $3 per gallon
  31. jimmycc

    Is laptop a must-have item to study in the program?

    There are many computer labs in Baruch. We also have a math computer lab which is very nice; it has MATLAB, MAPLE, Visual C++, BloodShed C++ etc. The main one is open till very late, but the rest of the computer labs close around 7:30 pm. If the math lab is needed after hours, one can find...
  32. jimmycc

    Required textbooks for Fall 2006 courses

    Don't forget the following sites: www.half.com www.abebooks.com Since you have time, see if you may buy these books from overseas. ========================== If you are severely limited on funds, and need to help to prioritize, then this list may be helpful MOST IMPORTANT...
  33. jimmycc

    Is laptop a must-have item to study in the program?

    Are laptops required? Not really. But you need a computer at home. There is alot of coding involved especially in the first year, Numerical Linear Algebra and PDE. Jimmy