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  1. fixedincomenyc

    Hi: not a FE but thinking about it.

    Alot of these type of questions are answered at globalderivatives.com I guess I can answer your last question, about corporate culture. At the larger IT firms IBM/AMD/INTEL etc you know right away what your career path is. For example, after 2-3 years in, and maybe 10-15 years down the line...
  2. fixedincomenyc

    Alcohol use helps boost income: study

    oh i just noticed one thing, this is not a logitudinal study. so on the face of it, we have a behavior-link study with respect to income, not really career promotion over time.
  3. fixedincomenyc

    Alcohol use helps boost income: study

    I'd agree with Mike on this. However, there definately tends to be a abstain factor for desk-traders between Monday-Wednesday. Thursday the drinking begins, and friday trading is dead between 2-3pm, even for OTC products. Generally, a good job, a great salary & career is by no means...
  4. fixedincomenyc

    UBS Fixed Income informational sessions

    Gotcha. I'm currently employed - wouldn't want there to be a conflict of interest.
  5. fixedincomenyc

    Vista vs XP

    Ditto. Generally, Vista is uncharted territory as far as I am concerned.
  6. fixedincomenyc

    Relation between Credit Spread and Default Probability

    Mike, The major rating agencies: fitch, moodies, and s&p publish the default probabilities you speak of based on their proprietary models. They look at peer rating class, then evaluate historical credit-default loss experience. BBB is something like below investment grade is something like...
  7. fixedincomenyc

    Relation between Credit Spread and Default Probability

    The way your problem description is stated, I would think you were trying to derive a FTD-pricer of sorts, for a n-th to default structure. Which would make sense because the premium/spread pricing is a coupla probability to default calculation, and is similiar to what you have described...
  8. fixedincomenyc

    UBS Fixed Income informational sessions

    Hey Andy, Is this a Baruch or IAFE hosted event? Also is this a general open house to guests, MSc graduates, etc?
  9. fixedincomenyc

    Import data to Access

    Adam, nice post. This seems to be a recurring problem in finance involving access/excel imports and exports. There is a transferspreadsheet method as well, with acexport, acimport, aclink paramerters for directional data flow. These functions you probably won't know of unless you are a vba...
  10. fixedincomenyc

    Functional Languages

    I am not sure about these: OCaml, Haskell, F#, However, either one of these may be supported by .NET If this is the case you could easily interface with stored .NET/CLR/CLS routines coded in C++/VB at the firms that implement the more popular languages. So really, you need a list of...
  11. fixedincomenyc

    Stevens FE program?

    Hi Andy, Do we have any other active NJ princeton orrutgers folks on quantnet? I'd like to know more about MSc Fe, and ORFE respectively. Thanks
  12. fixedincomenyc

    Quantnet positions are now Open

    Hi Andy, et al, Excellent direction you have decided to take. I think it is clear that baruch, your department/director, andy, baraider, and the entire quantnet community has succeeded here. If there is anything I can do in the way of graphic design let me know. The quantnet website could...
  13. fixedincomenyc


    I think we've fixed it. Send me a screenshot if the problem persists. fyi to all, we will be launching our new domain soon. And there after, a partnership with a major trade magazine.
  14. fixedincomenyc


    Nice site, I've also included some valuable references at my site. You may find the link between CDS and subprime ABS CDS there.
  15. fixedincomenyc

    On Line Courses on Financial Engineering

    Well said. I just wanted to add that you may benefit from the networking opportunities available by doing an classroom cirriculum.
  16. fixedincomenyc

    The most enlightening calculus books

    reply Awesome topic. I actually thought this might be a 'trick' question on the word 'calculus'. Surprisingly, not many caught it. 'stochastic calculus' ehehhheeh I'm going to recommend some of my personal favs, which according to amazon are recommended by mark joshi. Stochastic...
  17. fixedincomenyc

    New Quantnet members say hi

    reply Actually, good point. Princeton is ORFE. Baruch is FE. Definately have to read the fine print. Thanks
  18. fixedincomenyc

    Baruch program - equity deriv VS credit deriv FOCUS?

    reply Andy, et al Thanks for the reply quantnet. Good point. I'm glad to know there's some flexibility within the cirriculum. I'm sure columbia/princeton has something to the likes of this as well. Just want to keep the options open - no pun intended! Thanks
  19. fixedincomenyc

    Baruch program - equity deriv VS credit deriv FOCUS?

    Hi all, I'm doing some long term planning. Basically I'm more or less a credit deriv guy, less interested in equities. I wanted to know how/what the cirriculum focus is geared toward at Baruch's MFE. Thanks
  20. fixedincomenyc

    New Quantnet members say hi

    Hi Andy Hi Andy, et al Just wanted to say hello - fine job you have done welcoming prospective students. I'll mostlikely apply within the next year or so after I wrap up short-term career goals. Between now and then I'll be a regular here. I'm planning to apply to four schools...