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    Who is going to win the election and will it affect job market for quants?

    Do most people think that if Romney wins, there will be more jobs on Wall Street and more demand for quants?
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    Facial Hair and Interviewing: Can the two go together?

    There is a long standing debate whether facial hair is a taboo or whether it's OK to have it. If a person has a beard, Facial Hair Etiquette During Job Interviews by David Montoya, Demand Media Always neatly groom your facial hair before interviews. Job interviews are all about first...
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    High-Frequency Trading article in the NYT

    This stricle on high frequency trading was in the New York Times a couple of days ago. I couple of point snde by the auhtor are rather inetetersting. It;s good to see a loner view once in a while. This an excerpt. To avoid copyrigh violation, I put onkly part of the article here. The full...
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    Quantgossip: Chelsea Clinton Married a Guy Working for G3 Capital Hedge Fund

    Is this a semi-quant hedge fund? I remember a fund with this or similar name that used quant strategies. I think it was a multi-strategy fund but I may be thinking about a wrong fund. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and longtime beau Marc Mezvinsky were wed Saturday "in a beautiful...
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    Cat Bonds and Other Insurance-Linked Securities Book

    This is more specialized than most books in Recommended Reading that are listed here, but I can’t resist since cat bonds is one of my favorite topics. It is not the most favorite but is close there. The analytical issues are fascinating for a quant because everything is so different from options...