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  1. helpteye

    7.8 Morgan Stanley Interview

    If you do a phone interview and the interviewer asks you how did you arrive at your answer, does that mean your answer was correct? Out of 5 or 6 questions, I know I got one wrong because I said I can not solve it. If you get one wrong, does that disqualify you?
  2. helpteye

    Hiring increase for finance jobs expected in 4th quarter

    Executives Ready to Hire Finance Pros in Q4 - Finance and Accounting Jobs News and Advice
  3. helpteye

    Artificial Intelligence Textbooks?

    Any Recommendations on a good Artificial Intelligence text? This is my final year of my PHD so I am reluctant to take the AI course being offered because I need to work on my dissertation; however, I have been studying a lot of C++ recently, and after completing a chapter on pointers, function...