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    New 2010 Edition of Shreve's vol. 2

    I found on Amazon there is a new 2010 edition of Amazon.com: Stochastic Calculus for Finance II: Continuous-Time Models by Shreve. Do you guys know if this is just a re-print of 2004 edition or a new edition with fixes and additions. THX
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    Introduction to probability models by Ross, opinion pls.

    "Introduction to probability models" by Ross is the required textbook for my Intro to Stochastic Processes class. What do you think about this textbook? It is not highly rated on Amazon and I did not like Ross's "First course in probability". EDIT: I've just read the reviews on Amazon, and...
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    Asymptotic Statistics

    Is Asymptotic Statistics used in Financial Engineering? Thanks!
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    Finding job in difficult time by D. Connor pdf file is corrupted

    Could you upload it again. Thanks.
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    Large Hadron Collider runs on modifed Red Hat Linux

    That's impressive. If I remember correctly NYSE runs on RHEL. High-Energy Linux: Linux the Large Hadron Collider - Computerworld Blogs
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    Treasury may tighten grip on risky derivatives

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    Problem with FireFox

    I am having a problem viewing some posts in FireFox. If I open the following thread on the second post (by Andy) I see nothing. IE shows a link to Amazon. Could someone help. Thanks Book: Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives - QuantNetwork - Financial Engineering Forum
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    How to do the calculations in Excel?

    I would like to learn how to do the calculations in Excel. I am taking Adv. Calculus, Statistics, PDE courses in the Fall semester to fulfill requirements for MFE program. Right now I would like to learn to be able to do the homework in the Excel for those classes so I will be ready for the...
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    Need recommendation on Advanced Calculus books

    I am looking for the supplementary textbook(s) for the Advanced Calculus course. The required is Advanced Calculus by Patrick Fitzpatrick. Could someone recommend something else. What about Wilfred Kaplan, is it any good? THX!
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    Intro book on PDE

    Could someone recommend an introductory book on PDE. I am taking a PDE prereq course at my local univ. that has required book by Strauss. I need a supplementary book as I usually find it helpful to have a second book to consult with if I do not comprehend some of the concepts from the required...
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    Statistics for FE

    Could someone enlighten me on how Statistics is used and useful for Financial Engineering? I have a Computer Science background and predetermined to apply to MFE program. I am taking missing math classes at my local university; I am going to take PDE and Advanced Calculus courses in the Fall...
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    When is the next chat with Dr. Stefanica?

    Has it been scheduled yet? THX
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    Institutional and Department code for TOEFL & GRE

    Most of the schools do not provide Department code only Institutional code because the test results and application go to the Graduate school office, and not to department. But, when you register for TOEFL and GRE online, they _require_ you to enter Department code. How do you deal with it? I...