1. Kevin Ramlal

    Profile Judgement

    Hey Everyone, I noticed every once in a while you folks provide feedback for hopeful MFE admittees, and I've been pretty worried lately about my overall profile, so I guess any feedback would be great. I'm in my penultimate year at UofT (Toronto) majoring in Statistics and Astrophysics...
  2. D

    Please help with determing my chances of getting into UCLA

    Hi Everyone, I took the GMAT and I got very apprehensive about my odds of getting into a top ranked school like UCLA. I have a degree in Economics (3.7/4.0) with the following math courses: ODE, Linear Algebra and Real Analysis. Additionally, I’m studying for the CFA exam. On the GMAT I got a...
  3. Wingdows

    Need advice on selecting FE programs

    I am currently a senior international undergraduate at UW-madison. I have finished my Econ major and been working towards Math major and Computer Science minor. While the courses I have taken include many stat and linear algebra class and, of course Java and matlab courses. I am planning on...
  4. R

    What are my chances? (EPFL MFE, ETH/UZH QF)

    What are my chances of getting into either EPFL MFE or ETH/UZH QF? both of which are in Switzerland. Regarding my background: I'm about to graduate with a BA in Economics from the University of St. Gallen. My grades haven't been perfect, but I think I will get about a 5/6 average...