big data

  1. Andy Nguyen

    MBA Programs move into Big Data realm

    An interesting article on NYTimes about the changing landscape of business schools where it's increasingly important to teach "skills like A/B testing, rapid prototyping and data-driven decision making, the bread and butter of Silicon Valley." According to the article, the study body at MBA...
  2. Andy Nguyen

    List of Big Data programs

    NYU Master of Science in Data Science Illinois Institute of Technology Master of Data Science CUNY Master degree on Data Analytics (online) Columbia University has a certificate in Data Sciences, a new master degree will open in 2014, followed by a PhD program UC Berkeley Master of Data Science...
  3. Bill Kantor

    Thoughts on why current analytical software constrains Big Data solutions for the financial industry

    Many organizations have realized significant competitive advantages with Big Data, but could do even more with new software paradigms. The financial industry in particular experiences limitations because it depends on complex analytics—particularly matrix math—which most Big Data architectures...
  4. M

    Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering at Columbia University

    Given the recent problems on Wall Street and in banking, looks like the world may be moving toward "Big Data" analytics. This will provide a new venue for MFE graduates to seek employment outside of finance. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger...
  5. D

    Advice: take some data mining/machine learning courses

    I know many MFE candidates are busy with stochastic calculus, PDE etc. for learning the theory of quant finance, but can I please advise MFEs to take a few data mining/machine learning courses within the stats/comp sci department? Few observations: 1) Not everyone can get that front office...
  6. Zeuge

    "MS in Data Science" the next MFE?

    Seeing as data science is the next big growth industry, do you see masters' programs catering to the new profession popping up in the near future? Do you think that they might take the place of MFE programs as job prospects for MFE continue to decline?