boost c++

  1. Felix Kotey

    Tutorial: QuantLib Boost Installation in Visual Studio 2012

    These are step-by-step instructions to install QuantLib and Boost on the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 IDE These instructions are for MS Visual C++ 2012 only. If you have earlier versions of this IDE (2008, 2005...) then have a look at this page. Before using QuantLib you need to install the Boost...
  2. Daniel Duffy

    C++ Multithreading in Boost

    This is a preview of Chapter 18 An Introduction to Thread in the upcoming book From: Introduction to the C++ Boost Libraries – Volume I – Foundations. 18.1. Introduction and Objectives In this chapter we discuss how to create C++ code that make use of multi-core processors. In particular, we...
  3. Daniel Duffy

    C++ Statistical Distributions in Boost

    In this blog we give an overview of the statistical univariate distributions in the Boost Math Toolkit. We discuss the functionality in the Toolkit, some examples of use and applications to computational finance. The Math Toolkit has many applications and is easy to understand and to apply in...
  4. D

    TUTORIAL: Boost 1.37.0 + QuantLib 0.9.6 and Visual Studio 2008

    I am about 12 years past my last programming (full-time) adventures. Then it was in C and I am looking to jump into Boost ( QuantLib ( using the MS Visual C++ Express Edition 2008. I am using this on a Vista machine and have run into some linking issues. I...