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    COMPARE UIUC FE vs BOSTON MSMF (Urgent help Required)

    Hey guys I have received my admits from UIUC as well as BOSTON and would really like to receive help from experts to help me choose the appropriate course for me.I am a computer science undergrad from India and i am in a real dilemma to choose between the two.I have heard both good and bad...
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    Boston MSMF BU Employment Report

    Hello everyone, The new employment report from BU has been released recently: To be honest, I find the domestic total comp pretty low, especially if compared to the figures reported by, for example, Columbia's...
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    Boston University Mathematical Finance program

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    Review of Boston University Mathematical Finance program

    Some really positive things mentioned here. Thanks. I have been admitted to this program and am looking forward to it now. It would be really nice to get some more info regarding the summer internships and placement statistics of the class and also the quality of students coming to BU. Thanks.