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career advice

  1. M

    Thoughts on Masters? MFE, Stats, Analytics

    I am in the process of applying to several graduate schools and wanted some thoughts on what people thought the best masters was for my situation / goals. Generally, I want to be quantitative in ability but do not expect to be HEAVY in programming or mathematical analysis from a career...
  2. Max Nazar

    Part-time job for mathematician specialized in Stochastic Processes

    Dear QuantNet, I would like to hear your advice about my friend who want to have a part-time job. I can shortly describe him to help you understand his profile: - He completed Moscow State University, department of Functional Calculus - He is a really well-rounded mathematician. I have...
  3. A

    How should I choose where to get my PhD in Math to be a quantitative analyst later?

    I get offers from a few Math phd programs in the US and would like to study probability/stochastic calculus and become a quant later. One is a University of Washington on the West Coast (close to California) with lots of people working on probability. One is a Boston University on the East Coast...
  4. J

    20 year old undergrad in need of career path advice

    Hello QuantNet, Disclaimer: Correct me about any incorrect information because I am just an undergrad novice student that found all this information online. Who I am: I'm a 20 year old undergrad junior graduating in may of 2017 with a bachelor's of science in mathematical finance with relevant...
  5. A

    Dazed and confused.

    Hi Guys, I am a Computer Engineer from Mumbai University. My final year aggregate is 59% (3.0 GPA). I do have good work experience as an equity research analyst, which will be of 2 years coming September. My IELTS score is decent, 8/9 and GRE score is poor, 300/340; V: 146, Q:154. I have...
  6. T

    Need advice for en engineer looking to become a quant

    Greetings, I've recently decided to enroll in the CFA program and plan on completing all 3 levels eventually. My education consist of a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. Also recently completed a Data Science certificate through Coursera. I have 3 years of experience within the aerospace...
  7. E

    Career advice

    Hello community, I am second year in university studying Computer Science.What finance career(with programming language) should I chase, because I am former mathematics olympiad competitor for over 5 years at the highest international level (IMO,Putnam competitions etc.) in other words my...
  8. ShowMeTheLight

    Career switch for PhD: skills question

    I have a PhD in engineering/applied physics from a top (e.g. MIT/Stanford/Caltech) university. I'm currently a researcher at a national lab. Recruiters and employers seem very interested in me given my skills and background. However, it seems that many of them are looking for people with PhDs...
  9. D

    Quant Straight Out of Undergraduate

    I am starting my undergraduate degree in CS and Math tomorrow, and my intention is to become a quant straight out of ug. I've wanted to be a quant since middle school and since then I have worked on my own trading systems, studied machine learning, read all the latest quant research, worked with...
  10. L

    Passion and Communication

    I have recently received a bunch of emails from people from my old school that are struggling to get full time jobs, and since I was feeling sleepless last night, I decided to share a couple of things here. As Financial Engineering continues to become more and more mainstream, the competition...
  11. Andy Nguyen

    Ask Ellen - Job Hunting and Career Development Advice

    Questions about job-hunting, your career path, workplace issues, interview and review preparation, salary and benefits negotiation? Ask Ellen Reeves, one of the contributors to QuantNet 2012-2013 International Guide to Programs in Financial Engineering. Career and workplace advisor Ellen Gordon...