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  1. M

    Thoughts on Masters? MFE, Stats, Analytics

    I am in the process of applying to several graduate schools and wanted some thoughts on what people thought the best masters was for my situation / goals. Generally, I want to be quantitative in ability but do not expect to be HEAVY in programming or mathematical analysis from a career...
  2. The Spartan Guy

    What are some second tier banks with quant roles in Asia Pacific?

    I am finishing my Ph.D. in Computer engineering and need to get my feet in the door. Not being from a top ten university, I don't think my profile meets the expectation of giants like J. P. M, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank etc. However, I am interested to know what are some other banks which have...
  3. P

    Senior undergraduate need advice

    Hi, I am expecting this post will make upright fellows consider me as another ignorant undergraduate posting question asking about the life universe and everything else and I am more than happy to listen for all kinds of advice you would like to give, while some of them I might not understand...
  4. W

    Should I start my career in a small hedge fund?

    Hi all, I would like to have some professional career advice as I am worrying I do a wrong choice for my career path. I am a PhD student in computer science in machine learning field in NTU, one of universities in Singapore. I am expected to submit my thesis mid of next year. I have been...