1. P

    Quant MFE starting salary vs Undergrad salary in S&T at bulge bracket

    Hello, I am wondering about the difference in compensation between quants vs traders. Given that quite a bit of quants comes from MFE programs or above, while there are traders going in at the undergraduate level (ie: into fixed income / currency / commodity into investment banks), is there a...
  2. A

    How should I choose where to get my PhD in Math to be a quantitative analyst later?

    I get offers from a few Math phd programs in the US and would like to study probability/stochastic calculus and become a quant later. One is a University of Washington on the West Coast (close to California) with lots of people working on probability. One is a Boston University on the East Coast...
  3. P

    COMPARE UC Berkeley MFE vs NYU maths in finance

    Hello everyone, so I have an offer from Berkeley for financial engineering and an offer from NYU for mathematics in finance, also waiting to hear back for Columbia MFE. I'm having a tough time deciding between Berkeley and NYU so would like to see what other people think. Here's how I see it...
  4. K

    I'm not a math genius. Do I have a shot?

    Some background: current junior undergraduate at a top 50 school (not ivy league), econ major, high 3s GPA. Tl;dr at bottom if you don't want to read all this. I've recently become interested in quant finance as a career but I'm not confident in my prospects for mastering the mathematics. I've...
  5. D

    Quant Straight Out of Undergraduate

    I am starting my undergraduate degree in CS and Math tomorrow, and my intention is to become a quant straight out of ug. I've wanted to be a quant since middle school and since then I have worked on my own trading systems, studied machine learning, read all the latest quant research, worked with...
  6. Dylan Brown

    Please provide advice for a prospective quant

    I'm almost certainly a significant amount younger than everyone on this thread, as I'm going into my senior year in high school in the United States. I'm also fully aware that many of you will not take me seriously because of that, that's okay. I'm asking for some of the more experienced...