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  1. somya harjai

    COMPARE Columbia MathFin vs Gatech vs Chicago Finmath

    Hello everyone, I have admits from the aforementioned schools. For Chicago Fin math i have been offered 30 percent scholarship as well. Earlier i was pretty sure of joining Columbia Mathfin because of the Ivy league brand name and NY location but due to some financial constraints i am not sure...
  2. J

    COMPARE MIT MFin and UChicago MSMF

    Hi everyone, I just received an admission letter from UChi. I heard that the UChi program has a BAD reputation in its quality (mostly heard from its students) before the new director came, is there any improvement on the quality and settings of its curriculum, and on the career service? And...
  3. Kylin Yi

    Chicago MSFM Is Henri Berestycki still the director of Chicago MSFM?

    I am curious about who is the director of Chicago MSFM. It is said that it was once Prof. Henri Berestycki. However, I cannot find the detailed information about the director on the website of MSFM. I hope that some alumni could answer this question, and provide some placement infomation about...
  4. Francis Chan

    Chicago MSFM Anyone heard from Chicago MSFM?

  5. Q

    Chicago MSFM University of Chicago MathFin Job Placement Stats

    Many students were asking about the job placement stats for FinMath Chicago program. I asked the director of Career Development to share some employment stats for current class. I thought this is very valuable information for students considering this program, especially since the deadline is...
  6. M

    University of Chicago - Master of Science in Financial Mathematics

    Currently the Program offers 15 months of accelerated, integrated coursework that explores the deep-rooted relationship that exists between theoretical and applied mathematics and the ever-evolving world of finance. To assist our students with applying theory to practice, we offer Project Labs...
  7. Andy Nguyen

    Chicago MSFM Tim Weithers resigned from Chicago MSFM program

    The abrupt departure a few days back of Tim Weithers, an associate director at the University of Chicago’s MSFM program, remains something of a mystery. On Thursday, Nov 18th, it was announced that Mr. Weithers had resigned effective immediately. What makes his departure bizarre is that all...
  8. Andy Nguyen

    Chicago MSFM Seeking changes, Chicago MSFM fired founding director

    Last updated (5/18/10): We received a statement from Dean Robert Fefferman through the university's spokesman on May 18, 2010 in response to this article. A copy of the statement is appended after the original article. 15 years ago, Niels Nygaard, a professor in the department of mathematics at...
  9. T

    Chicago MSFM Unofficial review of Chicago MSMF program

    Saw this on GD. Maybe QN can ask that guy to submit an official review here. That would provide more credibility to what he said