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  1. somya harjai

    COMPARE Columbia MathFin vs Gatech vs Chicago Finmath

    Hello everyone, I have admits from the aforementioned schools. For Chicago Fin math i have been offered 30 percent scholarship as well. Earlier i was pretty sure of joining Columbia Mathfin because of the Ivy league brand name and NY location but due to some financial constraints i am not sure...
  2. J

    MIT MFin Questions about MIT MFin

    Hi everyone! I am Jason from China, and I recently got admitted to the MIT MFin program. Currently, I intend to do quantitative research on buyside hedge fund in US after my graduation. I searched on Quantnet Forum and other Forums on the internet, and there are a few but not many reviews or...
  3. Omar Felix

    Columbia MAFN Some Information about Columbia MAFN

    I just finished my first two semesters in the MAFN program, and I'd like to share some information about the program. I am an international student, thus my information may not be that suitable if you are an American citizen. 1. Several things need to be updated. a. Thanks to the new director...
  4. A

    Columbia MAFN Why Columbia MAFN never share placement stats

    I am puzzled about the job placement in MAFN. MAFN do not disclose internship/full-time placement rates or percentages that international students find jobs in the U.S.. I once mailed the coordinator and the reply was they just do not have those statistical information. So what is the real...
  5. T

    Columbia MAFN Placement of Columbia MAFN

    Hello everyone! I am an applicant this year who has got an offer from MAFN and anther from QCF GaTech. I heard from someone that the full-time job rate of MAFN is "bad", which I don't really believe but somehow shook my faith in MAFN. 1)Could anyone from MAFN share some solid information of the...
  6. N

    Columbia University Mathematics of Finance MA program

    The Department of Mathematics at Columbia University offers a Master of Arts program in Mathematics with specialization in the Mathematics of Finance (MAFN). It is co-sponsored by the Department of Statistics, and it draws on the diverse strengths of the university in mathematics, statistics...
  7. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MAFN Changes at Columbia MAFN program

    Mikhail Smirnov is no longer director of the program. Lars Tyge Nielsen is the new director. The application deadline is now April 15 instead of May 31 previously.